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Tulsa Fitness Systems offers fitness boot camps that provide a perfect atmosphere and plenty motivation for you. Feel better and get fit at Tulsa Fitness Systems boot camp style workouts. We are better than your average boot camp or gym!

Learn fun and effective fitness routines, new ways to have a healthy diet and start a new lifestyle with help from the group fitness training sessions at Tulsa Fitness Systems. Our coaches are the best in Tulsa at motivating and encouraging you in  our boot camp style TEAM training and small group personal training sessions. The knowledge you gain from Tulsa Fitness Systems group fitness training will apply to your everyday life.

Personal Attention with Group Setting Motivation

We will perform a baseline fitness assessment before you begin our program. Our knowledgeable staff will continue to monitor your physical condition throughout the program. You will be improving and regular assessments will be one way to track this. Our boot camp style sessions are small allowing you to get personal attention even when working within a motivating group environment. We vary the workout each session, but since we have assessed everyone we are able to create a program that works for each person in the session. We are also known to adjust our workouts to accommodate those that need it. If you have a health issue, such as asthma or diabetes we know you can do the workouts. We will help you. If you have mobility issues that could hinder you we will help as well as every fitness level. Working with a group will help you stay motivated and push yourself to your next level. We also teach you the proper way to do the exercises. You’ll notice you are feeling better and have more endurance as well within the first few weeks. We have the best clients in Tulsa ranging from your elite athlete to your deconditioned ex-athlete to your 65 year old grandmother with a knee replacement.

The Ultimate Fitness Program

Our boot camp staff at Tulsa Fitness Systems has the knowledge to provide you with the ultimate fitness program. We provide cardiovascular endurance to help get the heart healthier giving the muscles oxygen. This will help you exercise longer and have more time where you are breathing easily. Another important part of our program is muscular strength. We work your muscles to help them to become strong and toned. There is also muscular endurance which gives your muscles the power needed to continue exercises during each routine. Then there is the important element of flexibility or range of motion. This is how you perform during the actual act of exercising. You might start not being able to touch your toes, but at the end of the program you’ll notice a difference.  Our facility offers the best Team Fitness Training in Tulsa. Tulsa Fitness Systems is cutting-edge and there is nothing else like it in Tulsa. We are better than your average boot camp, gym, or Cross Fit or pilates by taking the best parts of these programs and creating our own unique style. You will gain energy, be more toned, lose body fat while developing lean muscle as well as a healthier body overall.

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