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Golf Training at Tulsa Fitness Systems in our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) golf program will kick you into shape and get you fit enough for a fantastic golf game!

This is not your typical golf boot camp! Tulsa Fitness System’s golf training program is all about golf including the game of golf to the fitness needed to develop a great technique. When you participate in our TPI golf fitness program you will gain energy, strength, flexibility, injury prevention and consistency.

Tulsa Golf Fitness at Tulsa Fitness Systems provides a program that is made up of a combination of different effective exercises. We give you detailed instruction so you understand every element of the program. You will know how to do the exercises step-by-step to prevent injury and increase your results. Our personal training staff facilitates a program that is geared to improve your golf game and your fitness. Strength is important when playing golf and there are exercises that can focus on your strength. The strength exercises utilized in our program help to prevent the shoulder and elbow injuries that frequent golfers.

Exercising your muscles regularly will help to prevent these types of injuries. We are sure that these exercises as well as other important exercises are done to help you improve your golf game. These elements include Circuit Training, Resistance Training, Functional Training, Endurance Training, Interval Training, Mobility Training, Plyometrics, Core Work and Cardiovascular Exercise.

Within our Titleist Performance Institute Golf Program at Tulsa Fitness Systems, we pay close attention to details and technique.

We set up our golf fitness sessions to be small groups. This way we can help you individually. If you have any medical condition, such as asthma, we can adjust the routine to help you. This will be done so you can also maximize your results, but do so safely. Our time together will also allow us to guide you through any problem areas you may need to fix. If you are doing an exercise incorrectly we will align your body correctly.

Our program is different because we will talk with those participating and do an assessment. We will consider your fitness level, golf goals and your medical history. After talking to each client the routines will be created.

Golfers will work together to create results to improve your game and improve your fitness. We will create exercises that will produce results for you, but they will also be enjoyable. It will be a fantastic time for you and then when you play your golf game again you will notice an improvement. It is the best of both worlds – good game, good fitness.

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