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Getting fit doesn’t have to be boring like some health clubs are, so come on in to Tulsa Fitness Systems. Join today to enjoy the many benefits of the best health club in Tulsa!

Tulsa Fitness Systems training sessions are designed to enrich and enhance the lives of all who use our fitness facility. All the many things we provide will help you with good fitness, better health and weight loss. Start incorporating exercise into your lifestyle today with our fitness staff available to help you.

How We Help You Get Fit

Tulsa Fitness Systems offers many session times to fit your busy schedule. This helps you fit exercising into your day. We are doing what we can to help you reach your goals and feel better. Our friendly staff is always close during our exercise sessions so if you ever have a question or need some assistance we are here. We understand your time is precious. Many times working out with family or friends is a great motivator. At Tulsa Fitness Systems your first session is always free! So bring your friends and loved ones and get fit together. Having someone with you helps you continue on your fitness path and frequent our premier facility as many times a week as you have scheduled. Your scheduled time will keep you accountable and motivate you more than just going to a health club on your own time.

Flexible, Fun and Customized Workout Programs For A Healthier You!

If you decide you would benefit best from a personal trainer we have a program to assist you. Our personal training staff will create a fitness program for you and guide you through the program. During the program your personal trainer will be right beside you teaching you how to do every exercise correctly and motivating you to keep up the great work. We can also help you with nutritional habits. Our certified nutritionist will help you learn how to start a healthy diet that will not leave you hungry, just leaves the pounds behind.

You are in charge of your program and we are here to help. We have a printed schedule of what is being offered at Tulsa Fitness Systems and encourage to you take a few for you and your friends! Our exercise session content changes monthly and the schedule will help you plan your monthly fitness schedule.
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Contact us today at (918) 296-7418 to learn more!