The warmer summer weather is already here in full force! I love it!

It seems that most people associate weight gain with wintertime and
the holiday season and summertime as the season of bikini bodies
and being more active.

But recent studies have now found that summertime weight gain is very
common and many people gain more weight in the summer than they
do during the winter holiday season!

3 common reasons for summer weight gain are-
1. Vacations
2. Less regimented workout routines
3. Increased alcohol and bad food consumption

I was just recently a guest on FOX 23 News sharing 3 ways to help avoid summer weight gain. Check out the video clip and tips at the link below-

One good way to definitely help avoid any summertime weight gain is doing our fat-blasting metabolic workouts at Tulsa Fitness Systems!

But be sure and check out the clip for the other tips as well!