That guy knows his stuff. But when I suggested to record this podcast at four, do you know why I did that? Jason, do you know why I mean seriously, what I mean obviously we have Dr Breck and Braxton on today and I wanted to make sure, make sure there’s time, but why would I do that? Well, in my opinion just to see if somebody would, no, no, no, no, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. You get the box fan. I hate the box. You get the loop box fan noise. Okay. You can try again for a Personal Training Tulsa. Try again.

You try again. Why do you think I suggested for, for Clint Howard what? Cause trainers should get up that early. That’s what time he gets up already. Like you’re already off then. Right? I am not a big stretch to go. Hey, why don’t we record it for cause for to you is like saying to the average person, Hey, let’s meet at 8:00 AM exactly the average person, 8:00 AM they’re like, Hey am Hey, are you sure? I mean seriously, this is if you’re, if you’re a player employee 8:00 AM feels like this. Sure 8:00 AM let’s meet if you’re a C player employee, 8:00 AM feels like this with a Personal Training Tulsa.

Hey God, I’m going to finish watching the voice until 2:00 AM man, I got the reruns guy. If you’re a, if you’re an a player entrepreneur, 4:00 AM or 5:00 AM feels like, sure, let’s do it. Yeah. And then if you’re a B player entrepreneur, it’s like, ah, 5:00 AM God, I’m boring se. And so again, I knew it wouldn’t be that big of a deal because we’re already up that way. We’re already up at that time anyway. And a lot of that to get your dad instilled that in you and you, you, uh, started doing that in college as well. Yes. Talk to me about, um, how you went out there and got your first 10 customers. So we know you’re a, a diligent guy. We know you’re a routine guy. Now we know you’re a guy who is proactive about organizing your day. Talk to us about how you went out and got your first 10 customers when you opened up your own facility for Personal Training Tulsa.

Yeah, exactly. So, so yeah, so I worked there at the, uh, the health club all through college and I knew I wanted to own my own business, you know, and do something different. So when I finished graduate school, this is 2004, it was kind of a bam, bam. So I graduated in may. I had met my, my now wife. Um, we’d been dating, she graduated, um, her doctor’s degree. We, we both graduated in may. Uh, we got married in August and then opened my own first business in October within about a six month timeframe. So we didn’t waste any time.

And then, so, so as far as my first business, like I wanted something different. So we opened up at like a boutique personal training Tulsa studio, one-on-one, which is much different than the Hull club. So I had some clients that I had obviously had with me already. So we had a few clients and then we started, it was kind of funny because, um, all I’ve friends with all the trainers there at the health club, I’d been there for four years and um, yeah, they all thought I was going to fail. You know, they were all like a, you know, what’s Clint doing? He’s leaving here, he’s going to open up a facility. They were kind of [inaudible] you can’t possibly pop up this [inaudible].

So yeah. So it was kind of a interesting, because I was hearing all of these things they were saying behind my back, you know, he’d be back in the health club in a few months. He’s gonna, you know, cause none of them had ever opened their own business. They had no dreams. You got to know Jason real quick. Um, because is my job this morning to help our listeners get in great shape and to help our listeners improve their lives. I want you to try to sound like a negative, uh, gym person who’s cynical about his success.

If you could get into your inner Arnold, Arnold Schwarzenegger, I will try as well. So we want to, we want to imitate the crowd of negativity. He can’t possibly do it. He kinds of pump is the opposite. He’s not able to do anything that your turn, try it again. Okay. Here we go. Got it. Got it. This is, you always put me on the spot. You’re getting so good, you’ll never going to make it on your own. You just got commit. You never go into Megan’s on y’all. You don’t have these guys where they all checked for a Personal Training Tulsa.

too much. I mean they were pretty normal. Like it wasn’t, the gym I was at was a more of an upper scale and a nice part of town. So it wasn’t a lot of like meathead bodybuilders more like they didn’t look like Arnold, but uh, that’s pretty good. So anyways, so you know, that really motivated me even more is that I was here and they were talking trash behind my back and like, um, you know, he said I was going to fail. And so, um, yeah, it’s interesting. So we have common theme, that lady gym owner guy or the gym, your boss guy, he didn’t think you’d make it.

No, the trainers didn’t think he’d make it. And this served as motivation for you? Oh yeah, for sure. I’m out. I was already motivated, but that just fueled the fire even more, you know? And so yeah. So we uh, opened up my facility and um, you know what was crazy is we, it was all one on one training, but we made our rapes almost twice as much as what everyone was charging their to hell club. So we raised our rates and people started hearing all, they’re charging all this money for personal training Tulsa.