How am I gone? How have I gone this far in the game of life? I’m over halfway through the game of life. How have I not learned the word satiety? Did you know the word satiety? Yeah. Yeah. Crap. Satiate. Satiates a tidy, I’m going to just let this sink in. We’ll cook so tidy. Well, how do you spell society? In my defense, I didn’t know it until I took a nutrition class and my professor kept saying it and I’m like, what are you, I thought he was mispronouncing society. Tyler. Okay, so tidy. The quality or state of being fed or gratified to or beyond capacity? Fullness? No. Jason, have I ever told you about my, uh, sexual society for you and your great options in Personal Training Tulsa?

No. Remind me not to remind me not to go in the context of marriage. I can talk a lot about it, but like, I’m not going to, right. I don’t try to bait me into it. Don’t say, can you tell me no, I know. And by the way, I’m a mind reader and you are sick. I’m moving on. Okay. So freely as question number eight, I start it because your mind sent it to me via ESP. I was able to process it and my satiety, I was, I was too full intellectually. So I said I rebuke it. So now a frequently asked question number three, if I cut salt out of my diet, will I look thinner? I have a lot of my clients I work with who are celebrities who are successful and celebrity people they’re on, they like photo shoots and they’ll say something like, you know, clay, I’m not gonna eat any, uh, those right there for you when it comes to Personal Training Tulsa.

I’m not gonna eat that because I’ve got a photo shoot in 10 days and I’m like, I don’t understand what you’re doing right now. What is that truth to that? Yeah, so salt or sodium it, it causes water retention so you will, if you eat too much salt then you can get bloated and like for people probably about their face getting bloated and so versa. You want to drink a lot of water that obviously pushes and pushes out the sodium, but it’s recommended to help you with great Personal Training Tulsa.

I think 2300 milligrams a day is a recommendation of of a sodium. But yeah, if you’re eating, again, it goes back to eating a lot of processed foods, eating out a lot. There’s going to be added sodium in those foods. Sodium everywhere. Yeah, so you got to go to Brahms, get that chicken. Just the only thing with that is not, you’re not gaining fat, it’s just you’re just bloating.

You’re retaining water if you’re getting too much sodium. So frequently asked question number four, why we’ll go into Starbucks every day for sure caused me to get fat because I see this all the time. Jason, I see this all the time. Uh, employees will go to Starbucks every single day and then at a certain point I’ll see them like disappearing again. You’re getting really thin. And I’ll say, uh, to the person, I’ll say, where’s the Starbucks? I’ve had this conversation, I don’t know, probably 10 times with Personal Training Tulsa.

I’ll say, cause you know, you see people to get to Starbucks every single day, Jason, every single day. Right. And then they quit bringing the Starbucks to work. I said, where’s the Starbucks? They said, Oh, you know, I met with this nutritionist guy and he met with that guy that had some blood work and did some, a detailed blood work with my doctor, you know, and, and uh, they told me I can’t go to Starbucks. And I was thinking, surely you can’t be serious.

But then they, they seriously, they get to a place where they recognize, I don’t know why I don’t know much, but I know that I can’t go to Starbucks because it’s caused me to gain weight. What about Starbucks? Is it the word star bucks? Is it, is it the food they’re getting? Is it the muffins? Is it the whole thing? What’s causing what? When people get a Starbucks drink every day, why does it cause people to gain weight?

Yeah, well, they’re ordering the wrong thing. So if you ever look at Starbucks marketing, they really don’t market just plain black coffee. They market the drinks, the frappuccinos and the lattes and cappuccinos and all those things. Um, I be something I can drink at Starbucks, so I can go to Starbucks. I don’t go every, every day, but I like Starbucks because it goes well with Personal Training Tulsa.

I just get a black coffee. And if anything, I’ll put a little bit of creamer, like a, just a little splash, probably 10 or 15 calories. Um, and that’s it. I don’t, I don’t get the, uh, drinks that have all the sugar. So if you look at those, uh, big drinks that people order, and I don’t even know what all of them are. Cappuccinos, get an orange mocha frappuccino with extra hot tone. But if you look at those, they’re obviously, they’re loaded in sugar. And you know, again, there’s, back to this a tatty word, there’s no flow. So you’re getting liquid calories for Personal Training Tulsa.

So you’re getting no really nutritional value. Um, you know, you’re just getting a bunch of sugar, a lot of sugar and really not that nutrition. Jason, I’ve got audio of you going to Starbucks. This was last Thursday night, I believe. Now again, this might not be the right audio clip, but I never know. You told me you wouldn’t play this for people. Well I’m just going to cue it up and when I said that to you, uh, it was a joke, right? Like, like Hey Jason, I won’t, I definitely won’t play that on the show. So we queue it up here. Let me play the audio here. There’s a lot of cheering there at that Starbucks. Yeah.