Oh that’s an orange whip. Orange whip, orange whip, three orange whips. You don’t want to get that kind of stuff at Starbucks cause it makes you fat. Am I correct? Does it does if you go there, just, just drink there. They’re just plain coffee. Yeah. Now let’s talk about the things we can drink. Cause we talked about meat, vegetables and water. And someone says, I need a little flavor in my life. Or just, I see adults to get like this though, right? I’ll hold my daughter a little, my freaking darn, I hate my diet when it comes to Personal Training Tulsa because I have to be stern.

I love that I’m losing weight, but I want some, I need some flair. He said flyby. I’m just sort of like try to figure out what can I do? Is there any kind of flavoring device? Can somebody add Stevia to something? Can somebody have, um, you know, could someone have a, a pre-workout drink? Could someone have, what can someone do if they want for Personal Training Tulsa?

Yeah, I get that all the time. So, uh, one of the first things I tell people because people say, Oh, water’s boring on it. You know, I don’t like water, but, um, put, putting lemon in, it is a gripping account of a fruit. Like you’ll see if you go into a high end, like a high end hotel or somewhere, they’ll have infused like water in the front with like fruit, strawberries. But, um, Lemon’s a good one just kind of gives it a little bit of flavor. Um, you know, you don’t really want to drink pops even there’s so much research now, even on dot pops are not good for you. Um, green tea. I’m not a tea drinker, but there’s a lot of benefits in green tea, but I’m really just, I mean, I tell people just drink water. I mean, really just drink it for all my Personal Training Tulsa needs.

Now let’s talk about this for a second. Um, artificial sweeteners a lot of times are in these or not a lot of times. Every single time you drink a, you know, a, a calorie-free, a carbonated beverage, there is something in it known as an artificial sweetener. Now, this one is truly impressive here. Aspartame is an artificial non saccharide sweetener 200 times sweeter than sucrose, and it’s commonly used as a sugar substitute and foods and beverages. Rumor has it, it’s really bad for you. Uh, it’s been many people believe it causes cancer and depression. Um, do you agree with that? Clint? Is, is there enough research out there where someone could say, do not drink aspartame?

Yes, I agree. And you know, we tell people, you know, moderation is a main thing. You know, it’s hard to go through your whole entire life without getting artificial sweeteners, but it’s no doubt if you’re putting chemicals in your body, your body can’t metabolize all that. So certainly, I mean, you look like cancer is a big one nowadays. If you look at it, uh, they’re saying, I think now predicting one in two people are wanting three people have cancer in their lifetime. So there’s Frick. This shows it took, it went really went negative, it went dark. Now let’s talk about this for a second. You have kids. I do. Uh, how old are your kids? I have two girls. Seven and 12. Seven and 12. Uh, are they each seven and 12 for great Personal Training Tulsa?

One of the seven. I want to see what, Oh man, I just want to see, that’s that four 46 humor. Humor. You’re not going to get on other podcasts. So with your, your kids, you know, it is your kids go to school and all the kids that go to school with have a birthday the day of their birth. So the average class has, what? 25 kids, 20 kids, 30 kids, whatever. And they all have a birthday. Like every week they go to incredible pizza, trampoline world. There’s a cheer event somewhere where by the way, I paid $25 yesterday for six minutes of ecstasy to watch cheer for amazing Personal Training Tulsa.

I did too. I paid $25 I literally timed it. So I would only watch just my kids perform $25 for six minutes. That’s that right there baby. That’s dedication. Now the thing is everybody at these cheer events, I’m gonna just role play. This is a scenario. You’ve got dads in there, you got moms, moms are rocking yoga pants, dads are wearing their jeans. Dads usually have like a college themed hoodie on. It’s like, Oh, you are a wish you K state that uses Personal Training Tulsa.

You know, women get the yoga pants on. They got some sort of Lulu lemon vibe going on. That’s what’s, that’s, that’s what’s happening. And all of them are eating like a pretzel or they’re having like, it’s Karen’s birthday today. And by the way, there’s no kids today named Karen. It’d be like, it’s true. It’s Madison’s birth.

Yeah. And it’s woo. It’s Skyler’s birthday. Woo. It’s Infinity’s birthday. Woo. And drag it. These, these, these nice young whippersnapper named themed birthday parties and the everyone’s having cake. You know what I mean? Everyone’s having a Clint, you want that cake? You want that kid? Cause I’ve got get some, I got cake over here and then this is what they did. This is what is what they do. Cause I trust me, I’ve only been to like 707 of these. At the end of them you go, do you guys want to take the cake home with you? Come on Clark use us for all the great Personal Training Tulsa.

See if a lot of kids, you’re like, no, I don’t want that freaking cake. And I view cake as the enemy. I hate the enemy of cake. But man, kick. So talk to me about if somebody is eating meat, right? [inaudible] vegetables and water and then they have cake, how does that slow down? Their arresting metabolic rate, the rate at which their body burns calories while they’re doing nothing, how does that slow it down and how long does it take for them to get back into a state where their body can burn fat again, when they have just a little kick, it just will go this little cupcake and be like 30% frosting .