So then they started talking trash even more. Oh, he can only train the rich people. He can’t go there. He showed the poppy food train the bar people, this homeless guy outside right now, he’s not training him. No. It’s a poor homeless. Mr homeless. Wake up. You bring your coffee with you. I train you right now. You bring a, you bring your box with you. You bring it to the, to the 10th through the tens with you. It’s a shopping cart. He brings this shopping cart to your tent and you could sleep. You said you willed for food, I will train you to serve others with great Personal Training Tulsa.

Oh man, that’s good now. But we were, we were providing a different experience in a different, a different environment, different results. So we were, you know, we were charging, cause we were providing something different. But what’s crazy is actually it made people want to come even more and check it out. Cause they were, they were spreading rumors though. They’re charging so much money, you can’t go there. And all that did was actually create curiosity. So more people were coming in wanting to see, Hey we’re, they’re charging that much. There’s a perceived, um, you know, there’s a perception that Hey, they must be better, you know, so it actually worked in our favor. How did you get your first 10 clients that you didn’t know? Yeah, so you know what’s funny is certainly we got some referrals, but uh, actually we did some direct response marketing today for Personal Training Tulsa.

If you studied Dan Kennedy at all, he was kind of pick at Kennedy. Really? So yeah. So we actually did do some sales letters, which is not something I really do anymore, but we could target, we could buy by name list and really target the certain income and a certain radius. And we were sending out like direct response, um, marketing led like sales letters and it really worked. You know, we were charging big ticket, big packages, so it didn’t take a lot of clients. Uh, so if we got one client off of a safe, we did a nameless of a thousand people, we get a four or five, $6,000 package, you know, so you really got to know your numbers obviously when you’re spending money like that marketing.

But that was the first thing we did was a this themselves letters like a two, three step campaigns and then an hour study. And I was studying marketing, uh, but not the marketing out of studying at college. It was actually direct response and copywriting. Marketing. It works exactly. Actually marketing that works. Testimonials, Dan, Dan Kennedy, the book, the ultimate sales letter. Would you endorse that book? Yes, pretty much anything. Dan Kennedy, he’s written a lot of books and, and um, they’re all great with top Personal Training Tulsa.

But yeah, the ultimate sales letter. I’ve got that on my shelf. I’ve got about six of his books. Great guy. He, a lot of the guys nowadays I’ve learned under Dan candy people. I love what I love, what I love and no one loves it, but I love it and I know you love it but no one else loves it.

Uh, there’s like, um, I love that in America today there are 330 million people. Wow. You love, you love picking up pers. Yeah, I love that. I also love that there’s 16 million people who classify themselves right now as being self employed. I love that, that there’s only like 5% of our population that that goes for it. But I like cause getting nine out of 10 startups fail. So I really like that half a percent of the American population that puts their pride over here and then their grind right in front of them and they just do it. I love. I just talked to a guy on Saturday who this is how he gets his clients. Jason, I’ll role play for Personal Training Tulsa.

Are you ready? Yup. Pretend you’re a snooty guy who has a very nice lawn and you live in a wealthy part of Dallas. Done. This is how he gets his business. Hello. Hi. Who are you? I am your local a landscaping guru. I, I’ll just take 10 seconds of your time. I’d like to mow your lawn for free whenever you get a chance. And because I want to earn your business. So here’s a card and whenever you need a free lawn service, just call me. I’ll mow it. I’ll blow it. I’ll do the whole thing on. Edge it up. It’ll look nice and I’d love to earn your business, sir.

Oh, I would gladly take your card. That’s what he does this all day. This is his entire move. Wow. He’s never, he’s never got to the part of the business yet where he can do the turnkey marketing because he’s so good at that guerrilla marketing and he’s reaching out to us to learn how to do the turnkey marketing, which is different. It’s where when you start off the gorilla marketing’s where you exchange your time for leads, right? You exchange your, your personal time, uh, for leads.

And in turnkey is where you exchange your money for leads. And that’s where a business gets to eventually where you’re spending money on advertising and that kind of thing. But this book right here, the ultimate sales letter, it is a great book for anybody out there. That one. Is there any other books you’d recommend that are kind of marketing? Did you read a gorilla marketing back in the day? Did you like that book with amazing Personal Training Tulsa?

I did. Yeah. I read, you know, I read a lot of marketing books and sales books. I’m the ultimate sales machine by Chet Holmes. Kamaz is hot, one of my favorites, but really like more to me, sales, like I did really a lot of sales books. But, um, I just, we learned sales just really how you’re just helping people solve a problem. And so I think sales is, um, you know, you can read some books on it, but to me it’s not not that difficult if you really believe in your product and know how to build rapport and communicate with people and to solve their problem. But, uh, yeah, I studied a lot, a lot of marketing and sales there. My first couple of years in business of personal training Tulsa.