Uh, I get up now before 4:30 AM it used to be three 30 for about 18 years. So now I’m sleeping in a little bit until four, four 30, four, four o’clock. Um, so get up early and I, I plan my day out. Then on Sundays I plan my week out and then the day before the night before I plan out my next day. So I know what I’ve got to get accomplished every day. I don’t just wake up and go in reaction mode. I go get up every day and I know what I need to get done. That’s a big thing. I peak peak people just wake up and they just kind of respond to things all day long at a Personal Training Tulsa. True.

So, uh, yeah, so certainly I get up early. Um, of course in our industry, what I do, we start early, so our hours are long. But, um, I know when I’m going to work out every day, so I have that planned on my schedule. Um, and in my eating certainly, you know, I think a lot of people don’t plan what they’re going to eat for the day, so they get hungry and they go grab fast food or something that’s quick.

Um, you know, and just something that’s doesn’t take a lot of thought. So certainly you want to plan out your meals if you’re food prepping or if you have food at the office and then, yeah, just work off of a, you know, a calendar, get things done, know what you gotta do every day and be productive for great Personal Training Tulsa.

So, uh, let, let’s, let’s ask you about this. What, what are some of your daily habits that have allowed you to become successful? Do you think it’s, it’s the getting up everyday and planning your day as it relates to your food, your workout, and your business. Is that, is that the tip or what’s a, what’s a habit you do every day?

Yeah, a lot of it, there’s no doubt that if you’re healthier and you’re eating better, you’re going to have more energy, you’re going to be more productive, you’re going to fail better, have more confidence. So I’ll tell a lot of being able to make money and be successful and to be, and use your work ethic and being healthy and have an energy, uh, not getting sick with Personal Training Tulsa. There’s a lot of, you know, benefits to be unhealthy besides how you look.

I got on the verge of getting sick by going to that Metro football game of the day. I seriously, I went there, this beast starts at like seven o’clock at night’s outside and uh, you know, you feel like you’re on the verge of getting sick and you have to rebuke that things. I don’t do sick days, you know what I mean? Ever. So it’s like nine 30 at night and it is cold as we’re, we’re up 56 to three metros at 56 to three and a half time. And I’m going, I’m cold. I’ve got to get back in because I, I, my rhythm is, I go to bed at nine and I wake up at three and if I don’t get those six hours, I just, I got to sleep six hours. And I think a lot of our listeners, entrepreneurs tend to undersleep and I’d say non entrepreneurs tend to oversleep now before you get to judge in Personal Training Tulsa, people say, Oh, you’re a workaholic.

I see people who are a lazy, a halach true sleep. A holics sleep, a holics. That’s the thing. I’m serious. So I see a lot of adults. Not you, not you, mr listener. No, no, not you, mrs. listener and not the people you know, just other people twice removed from you. I see them on a Saturday sleeping until 11 that’s crazy. I know. All the time. All day. All the time. All the time. I meet people, they go, they look like 11 o’clock they got that crazy scientist here. They just woke up. You see them at Walmart looking around for breakfast cake, cinnamon rolls and you’re like, well I just woke up. God side says darken. It’s a Brighton hair. Why is so bright? It’s 11, Carl. It’s 11. It’s 10 55. Just let me slate. You know, you see that a lot. Yeah. Um, talk to me about that here. How much sleep does the average person need? Glenn Howard?

Yeah, so and so this is one thing that I probably say that I struggle with is getting enough sleep. So it’s recommended if you, if you do a lot of research on that seven to eight hours, seven to eight minutes. Um, I don’t always get that my sets to one area that just, again, just in my profession and what we do, we get up so early and I know you as well. But yeah, definitely it’s getting quality of sleep, but seven to eight hours. Um, it’s recommended some people, you know, sleep, sleep too much and there’s people nowadays that actually don’t sleep enough. And so you can look at it both ways, but not getting quality of sleep with Personal Training Tulsa.

What is a, a tip you would give your younger self as it relates to business? Maybe a tip that you would give a younger version of yourself. There’s probably personal trainers out there listening, business owners out there listening, uh, who could, who could really benefit from this. What’s a, what’s a tip you’d give your younger self for Personal Training Tulsa?

Yeah, so I think one thing like, you know, I don’t regret things that I’ve, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and we, we could do a full podcast on things I’ve done that didn’t work or they failed. But, uh, I think the big one that people like us struggle with is balance. Um, when you, when I first started opening my first businesses, you, I didn’t have kids, I’d just got married. But then when kids come in the picture, it changes the dynamics completely. It changes everything. And so, you know, the first few years, our first or modus daughter, you know, I was, I was not home as much and so I’ve really had to, you know, figure out how to balance things out. So when I’m home, I’m home, I’m, I’m plugged in, I’m present with my phone family.