So they did change one or two small habits when they start out, let’s say a woman comes into your program and um, she, let’s say she weighs 30 pounds more than she wants to and you make her come, you’ll make somebody. But if somebody commits and they go, Oh, I’m going to do is eat, produce the, produce the protein in the water or, or meat, vegetables and water, um, do they lose weight? Yeah, for sure. No, there’s no question that Personal Training Tulsa works!

What kind of results do you see in the first 30 days when somebody makes that change? If they will change their nutrition, they’ll lose, you know, at least, you know, obviously we’re talking about losing body fat waterway can fluctuate eight to eight to 10 pounds in a month just by making that change. Yeah. Or if not, if not more now if, okay, good, cool. Question number two.

If somebody eats a diet that entirely consists of wheat, sweets and alcohol, why will they gain weight? Yeah. So most people know that alcohol is not good for you as far as alcohol, like we tell clients, look, I mean, if you’re going to drink, definitely you need to cut back. And in moderation, alcohol inhibits the fat burning process. So when you drink alcohol, your body’s metabolizing the alcohol and not metabolizing fat. So alcohol and inhibits the body’s ability to burn fat when you use Personal Training Tulsa.

Yes sir. Wow. It stops it. It’s like man can’t, can’t, can’t do it. It slows your test. It lowers your testosterone, your hormone levels. It makes you hungry. So then people, you know, obviously they get, they, they eat after they’re drinking guilds. It lowers your inhibitions, your decision making. Uh, it has seven calories per gram, so it adds up if you’re drinking a lot, the calorie intake.

So really not much good about alcohol. So let’s go back to meat. If I give question number one, if I only eat meat, vegetables and water, I’ll get up. I’m making this very actionable for somebody out there. Um, if somebody just eats, you know, chicken, uh, broccoli and water, is that cool or is there a certain kind of meat? We say it has to be organic meat. Could it be any kind of meat? Could it be pork? Could it be steak? What kind of meat? If someone’s getting hung up on this idea, right. Yeah, for sure. I mean certainly, I mean organic is better as far as meat. We know that just in today’s society, a lot of the cows and the, and even the chickens are getting fed with antibiotics hormones. So it is better to get to get organic. A lot of the, the uh, lunch meat has nitrates and so there are good quality lunch meats that don’t have additives and nitrate and nitrate.

There’s adding chemicals basically. Well, that’s good. I still offer a lot of them. Even meats have chemicals and have, have, you know, getting hormones, antibiotics. So you have to be careful with what meat you’re getting. You want quality, you don’t wanna get cancer either. You can, you can, you know, eat to lose weight and then increase your risk of getting cancer, carcinogens or get, yes, organic meat, water, obviously water’s great. We always tell people to drink more of water and then the vegetables you want to, it’s better to get a variety of Personal Training Tulsa.

The green vegetables. Let’s do this. Let’s get the bag of chicken out of the fridge right now and let’s have Clint examine. Examine this bag of chicken and tell us if this is complete crap. He’s a physicist. You’re right here, my friend. You’re eating the nitrate and machine. This right here is the worst possible thing for Personal Training Tulsa.

Or he might say, this is a great thing. This is something you should eat. This is a purchase from a Brahms, the local grocery store. There you got a bag of meat there. Tell me about this meat. What makes this meat good or bad? Let’s see. Okay, so this actually looks pretty good. It says, um, no hormones or steroids added. Oh, nice. So I’m going to pop into, excuse me. Excuse me, ma’am. Do you have any chicken that has steroids and nitrates out and I want to bump it so that that doesn’t, it’s pretty good right there. That’s pretty decent. Yes, it’s pretty decent. Okay, and then what? Can you tell us how much proteins in that thing? Just the listeners. This is a bag of chicken I bought buddy. That’s like a $3 bag of chicken from a Brahms. And then how much Personal Training Tulsa do you use? Um, yes.

So one serving is 19 grams, which is good if you’re getting 10 to 20, 30 grams of protein per serving, that’s good. And that’s what we really try to get personal training clients to understand too. It’s protein. Your muscles are made up of basically amino acids, which is a derivative of protein and protein has more fullness, a Thai T than eating sugar. What does that word mean? Like fullness. Like you fall in that you actually feel you can satiety. People eat cookies and crackers and chips. This show provides our listeners with endless intellectual satiety. So vegetables, you’re not going to probably eat too many chicken breasts or overeat on apples, things like that for great Personal Training Tulsa.

So if you’re eating snacks and processed foods, you could probably eat them in, never get full. So that’s a big thing. It’s a Tati and fullness. Satiety, that’s it. Satiety. I have a vision of a of a society where people, and I’m no, I mean society. I mean Jason, we’ve got to use this word more to put this on the show notes. No matter what happens throughout the rest of the show, Jason, we will talk about intellectual satiety. No matter what we will, we will give ourselves mega points throughout the show because we’re going to teach the listeners a new word and it starts by teaching me a new word for all my Personal Training Tulsa.