All right. If I go over, I lose all my mega points. All right. Are we gonna be, I think there are 6,402 people that live in Idabel. Are you looking at a screener and you have so many, it’s hard to tell. So 6,842 yup. Oh, you’re so close. It’s 6,879 did I go over? No. You closest dot going over. Yes. Yes. That’s totally random. That is impressive. Okay, so now, um, sports, you did the whole baseball thing. I did. Yeah. I played basketball, baseball, baseball was my main sport and I was really good at that. I went to college to play baseball and then I just got burned out and quit playing without Personal Training Tulsa.

But um, and, and obviously sports, you learned a lot of the lessons, a lot of discipline. What does what, what position did you play a pitcher mostly? Could you throw the ball pretty hard? Uh, through very hard in the 90s, which is really in high school. Yes, the peak in the 1992 or 97 and 91 really, which still really fast and you hurt your arm in playing college. I know and actually never, you know, knock on wood, I never got injured really playing sports well.

Okay, so now, okay, so macro economics, you said a second that you didn’t like macro economics and I just want to help all the listeners out there. If you are listening out there and you do not like macro economics, then you are probably an entrepreneur, which is an irony because in college you’re, you, you, you, you think you’re going there to learn a business about Personal Training Tulsa.

That’s why you enroll in business and then the things they teach you are the things you’d never use, which is interesting. So macro economics is the part of the economics concerned with the large scale or general economic factors such as interest rates and national productivity? Unless you’re a dictator or the head of something that you probably don’t care about that if there’s lot, unless you’re like a a dictator, I’m sure you could care about the large scale productivity, a national or if you are a investor with millions and millions of dollars. But for the average person out there looking to start a company, you do not need to know these things with top Personal Training Tulsa.

Um, what are other classes that you had in school? Uh, cause you’re a very educated guy that, that relate to business that don’t apply at all. Is there any other classes you had, Clint, where you go, man, I had a lot of classes about this aspect of business and I’ve never used it. Yeah, exactly. You know, Personal Training Tulsa is really the way to go to lose weight and gain tons of muscle.

he’s only in business for a bit cause uh, it was, yeah, the first semester I remember was a macro economics. It was a business computer application, business, computer applications and then a [inaudible] cell or word or, yeah, it was just basic computer programming. Again, nothing that you would probably use. You know, I have yet to program computers. Have you? I have not. And I don’t want to. Jason, have you ever programmed a computer? No. Interesting. Okay. So, um, so you decided that you found your passion or something that you liked in the fitness space? Yes sir. Now you have your MBA. I correct you. I have a bachelor’s in exercise science. I have a master’s degree in X, masters, masters. Next just physiology.

Okay. And what does that mean? [inaudible]? Uh, basically, I mean it’s just a deeper level. Like when I got into my degree, I really, I fell in love with it. I had a really good grades. I just, I loved, um, kinesiology and a Nat human anatomy, physiology, nutrition, a lot of laboratory testing, metabolic testing and still a master’s degree is exercise physiology. It’s really getting deeper level body composition and endocrinology, just learning more about the body, how it moves, testing protocols, uh, just kinda becoming a lab rat with Personal Training Tulsa.

But you know, I actually liked that cause it was the human body and how the human body performs. And, um, yeah, just really enjoyed it. So I kept going to college. I was working, which we’ll get into here too, but I’m sure I was working about 70 to 80 hours a week all through my last year of undergrad and graduate school. Um, jobs. Yes. So, um, the first, one of the first things I did when I was in college that really shaped me a lot was actually getting in a sales position at Cutco knives. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. It’s great. Entrepreneurship training.

Oh, it was awesome. You know, and that’s, so that was so out of my comfort zone. I had no idea. I was just, I was on campus. Oh, you and I saw a little flyer and I was, um, going through a breakup with a girlfriend and I, you know, I just, you know, I was just, I wanted something to do. I was just, you know, I was going to class, but, um, so went in for this meeting and they don’t really tell you what it is. At first, they just tell you it’s a sale position or marketing. And um, yeah, it was great. I did that. And did it had a lot of success with Personal Training Tulsa.

And you know, if you ever had a cell’s, um, sales position or selling something, it really teaches you a lot. Um, as far as just getting thick skin and how to close, how to sell, how to build rapport. So I learned, I learned a ton from the Esalen Cutco of not, I feel like if you want to become an entrepreneur and they’re going to offer an entrepreneurship class at a local university, one of the classes they don’t ever teach. I’ve never seen someone come out of college with this, with this education. Even though people have degrees in entrepreneurship, they never teach sales. Nope. But yet I feel like they should have you do that.