Oh they do. You know, it’s something I’ve had to learn to live with. You know, even going back to earlier when I was talking about in college, the decisions I was making, I was working 78 hours, 70 to 80 hours a week. I was missing out on a lot of parties and my buddies were like, Oh man, you’re, you’re boring. You don’t have fun. So, um, you know, but I didn’t really care. I knew what my goals were in life. I knew I wanted to be, I was working out and healthy myself obviously for top Personal Training Tulsa.

And so even now it’s like I don’t really worry about what other people think about me. I’m setting a good example. Um, and obviously I, for my industry, how I look is part of my business card. So obviously I want to walk the walk. I have ethics and morals and values. So I practice what I preach. And again, not to say that I’d never eat anything bad or you know, I don’t much, but it’s a fact of moderation to offer Personal Training Tulsa.

And getting back to what your goals are and what’s important to you as a, as a Tulsa personal trainer who’s been in the industry now for 18 years, I explained to us the answer to a frequently frequent, frequently asked question number five, why can’t I eat late at night? Cause you know everybody, like it’s like nine o’clock and going, Ooh, that ice cream is calling me.

And it’s a weird thing cause the ice creams talking to you. So you’re talking about ice cream, you’re going, Oh, ice cream, come on. And your wife says, who are you talking to? Nobody. Ice cream. Here’s the deal. You and I could snuggle up at 10, 15 or 11 or 2:00 AM because most people they talk about eating, eating at night. Do you ever struggle with this? Why can’t people eat at night? Yeah, for sure you need to get great Personal Training Tulsa offers now.

So I mean, again it gets back to the total calories as I mentioned earlier, but they have done a lot of studies and looked at people’s eating patterns and what they found is people that eat late at night, typically it’s just, it’s another meal that you’re adding to your day. So typically they do eat too many calories throughout the day. Um, it does affect your sleep patterns. There’s a lot of science now research on it can affect your cause you’re digesting that food while you’re sleeping.

So we know the quality of sleep is so important. Um, so that’s a big one. And then, yeah, so you just want to look in there. And also I study a lot of on longevity and anti-aging and now there really is a lot of research on fasting and doing like a 12 hour fast just so your organs can relax so fast. Well like, so say 12 hours is easy. That’s what I do. So if I don’t eat, say if I eat dinner at seven o’clock at night, then the next morning I’m not going to eat breakfast. So you know, I get up early like you do. But yeah, I don’t eat until like mid morning. So, um, yeah. So you just, but again, it goes back to really to the, the quality of food that you’re eating. I think most people, they’re eating a lot of processed foods and they’re not getting the satiety so tired. That’s such a tired. So they’re still hungry. If you’re out there seeking satiety, we’re not cause you took, gain the weed, make sure that you have chicken, broccoli and water for amazing Personal Training Tulsa benifits. The protein, the produce an Agua. This just to, yeah.

Okay. And a big one too is water. Most people are just chronically dehydrated and we know that thirst. It turns on the hunger mechanism in your body. So a lot of times people, they get hungry, but really they’re just dehydrated. Their brain thinks they need food so they just drink some water. I want to get into this real quick because, um, this is, uh, I, I see people doing this. I do a lot of work with the hub gym and broken arrow and uh, helping them grow their company. And I went there the other day, um, pretty early to meet up with the, with the founder just to kind of observe the workflow in there, you know, to figure out what machines are being utilized, which ones are not. And I saw a thing that blew my mind, but I want to get your take on this at our next Personal Training Tulsa event.

A Clint, there was a guy who was drinking, um, what appeared to be a mountain Dew while on a treadmill. Now the person next to him was rocking a monster drink while on the treadmill. Oh no, please explain to me. Can somebody, why should everybody out there not drink monster energy drinks or, or any type of, or do you believe people should be? Not abstaining from pre-workouts and that kind of thing. Yeah, I mean again, those things have chemicals. Mountain dude. Yeah, they’re trying to get caffeine probably also from the mountain Dew.

But um, you know, so caffeine is proven to give more energy. You get is a great pre-workout. Um, I tell people just to drink a coffee you get back to earlier, just playing coffee’s a great. Um, there are some pre workouts that are, they’re decent quality, definitely not the monsters and the all the drinks from. So you tell people, you would tell people don’t drink monsters. I would say not to know, just cause there’s chemicals and those things have probably too much caffeine. I don’t drink them for great Personal Training Tulsa offers.

But what happens to somebody metabolic rate if they drink bang energy drinks or other energy drinks or monsters or whatever. Yeah, bank’s a big one. Now. Um, again, I mean, you’re going to have more energy, but again, it gets back to you don’t know what all chemicals are in there. So I tell people, look at the, at the label on the back of it.