And then it’s like, and they’re excited about that. The competition goes for two days. So it’s like, you know, they’ll, they’ll be sitting in the bleachers. Oh, what time did are the awards? Oh good. It’s at six. That’s great. So we won’t even get home till 10 I’m going to try to call in a cause that’s like, I am supposed to be at work at six on Monday and my boss is a tyrant and just put dad’s Ajay and I don’t, I don’t get it when it comes to Personal Training Tulsa.

I don’t understand why people seek to do nothing. I don’t understand that idea at all. I don’t, I thought in the middle, I don’t grasp the idea of these sorts of things, but I think a lot of people are normal, probably are, or they come from the world where they are used to working five days a week and because of a Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his fair labor standards act there, they have 38 hours a week.

I mean, back in the day, if you were a farmer, we’ll go back to the 17 hundreds if you worked 38 hours a day, Jason, or 38 hours a week, what would happen if you were a farmer who worked 38 hours a week back in the 17 hundreds you would potentially fail at being a farmer. You’d be dead a lot after Personal Training Tulsa. Yeah, you’d be dead. I mean, if you were like a blacksmith back in the day and you worked 38 hours a week, you’d be dead a lot.

But through modern society, through the production of food specialization of skills, now people have a ton of downtime, a ton of downtime. People have, people, don’t realize that most people are working 38 hours a week, 36 hours a week, and they’re just going home and eating. Yeah. I mean that’s all they’re doing all day is eating, eating, eating, eating, and then eating and then doing nothing in eating. And then what, looking at video games and, and so talk to me about the physical activity. How many times per week does somebody need to work out and for how long? Yeah, so it depends on what your goals are, certainly. But, um, it’s recommended working out at least three to five times a week. And there’s a lot of research on even just exercising for 10 to 20 minutes a day. It’s heart health benefits. So if someone’s just really just trying to be healthy and live longer, so there’s no excuse, you can at least walk or do something for 10 or 15, 20 minutes.

Um, now certainly we wanna incorporate Personal Training Tulsa. So that’s a big thing that I see a lot of people aren’t doing. They’re not lifting weights, they’re just, they’re just walking or getting started. But anything’s better than nothing. But really we tell people you should be working out at least three to five hours per week. I’m going to take some action out of this chase and a good, some good actions tips. So let’s put notes on the show notes about this.

I’m hearing so far, I’m hearing three action steps and maybe I’m getting it wrong here. Action step number one, eat meat, vegetables, and water only for the next 30 days to lose some weight. Just just commit to getting the get in the habit. Am I, is that correct? Yes. Okay. Step two, move your body. Do some weights and physical weights. Do some exercises at your next Personal Training Tulsa session.

Three days a week minimum. Yes. Alright. And then, uh, this, this next action item, I want to make sure I’m getting this here is a, avoid these things. Avoid these things. Um, avoid energy drinks. Is this correct? Yes. Okay. Avoid bangs. Monsters. Red poles. Mountain Dew. Yes. Starbucks. Avoid cake. Uh, avoid donuts. Avoid, um, you know, things that are essentially derivatives of cake. Like a, you have a, a, one of the SOPA P as those are cake CLIA processed. Uh, what’s the kind of a bread where they put some kind of frosting on it? Cake. There’s cinnamon rolls, but there’s another kind of bread and the pastry section that people have all the time. And it’s like a, it’s like a bread that’s like a sweet bread. Oh. Oh God. Um, people bring it to parties all the time. Like, Oh, here’s the carrot bread. Or is it carrot bread?

I’m making that up, but something low. If I can’t think of what it is, you’ll stay away from this something alone. Stay away from it. Okay. So, and then again, I’m just trying to make sure there’s, there’s things to avoid. You know, the energy drinks, the soda, the donuts, the cake, the what are ridiculous. Alcohol, alcohol. We avoid alcohol, avoid alcohol. What are other things we need to avoid? Just avoid it. Stay away. Stay back. Shutting down. Yeah. Really anything processed. I mean, it gets back to the sugar. So if it’s not something that was swimming, crawling, if it was not something that was once alive that he probably maybe shouldn’t be eating it not before your Personal Training Tulsa class.

Okay. Now. Okay, so let, let’s say this here. Um, you now, um, are a guy who’s had a lot of success and you have kind of a daily routine and I’m sure our listeners want to know because it’s, it’s one thing to be in shape. It’s one thing to be a successful entrepreneur. And just so we’re clear about how hard it is to be successfully unemployed as an not declaring bankruptcy for eight consecutive years, consider this fact Jason, Jason, consider this fact for a second, 330 million Americans are now living in this country that we know about 330 million Americans, just 16 million Americans start a company. Nine out of 10 businesses fail every year, nine out a 10 startups fail every year because they do not use Personal Training Tulsa.

So Clint is in this statistical probability of less than a half, a percent less than half a percent likely that you will be self-employed and you will be solvent and be profitable or not going out of business for as long as you have. I mean, it’s just on. You are a definitely a statistical anomaly. So, so what time do you typically wake up and how do you determine what you’re going to eat every day? Yeah, so for sure we’ve, we’ve waking up early, early bird gets the worm.