2 ways to combat this:
1. Faith. Not just faith in God. But faith in yourself. You need faith with your Tulsa Personal Trainer.

2. Take ACTION. NOW! Say yes to what you do want, even when you don’t know all the answers, and you will figure it out along the way.

Instead of living by the mantra “Ready…AIM…AIM…AIM…” and never even firing, I have a different mantra I live by…


Get yourself ready, prepare like a mad man, and then start FIRING. That is called ACTION. And ACTION leads to MO-MENTUM.

And MO-MENTUM leads to MO health, MO money, MO happiness, MO harmony, MO everything good!

So get MO in your life and watch what happens.

Much love… and much MO.

Me and my fitness coaching team here at TFS are here to help you, hold you accountable, give you some tough love and a swift kick in the butt occasionally if needed, whatever it takes to get your momentum… and results, and be all that you can be!
Let me know if you’re needing any extra help, accountability, etc

Clint Howard, your Tulsa Personal Trainer expert

Healthy Holidays

What an amazing time of the year with the holidays in full swing and Christmas next week! Yikes! I still need to do some shopping!

It’s such a fun yet crazy time of year!
I’ve come up with 5 things we all need to do to “survive & thrive” during the holidays. It’s too busy and too hectic to not focus on these…

3. DO LESS (of the unimportant stuff)
5. WORKOUT!!! (DUH!)

These 5 things can help you have a more enjoyable holiday. Less stress, less anxiety, less worry, and more JOY.

And here’s a Christmas holiday nutrition tip… and song if you will get a Tulsa Personal Trainer-

“You better watch out, You better not let Starbucks make you cry, You better not pout, because I’m telling you why…avoid this drink!”

Would you eat 13 candy canes at one time? Of course not! So why would you drink something that contains the same amount of sugar?

Starbucks is being naughty again this holiday season and is trying to fill your stomach with too many calories and 54 grams of sugar in a new drink, as well as some of their other sugar-filled drinks.

A Grande (16oz) version of the peppermint mocha coffee (made with 2% milk) contains 410 calories, 15 grams of fat and 63 grams of carbohydrates. Yikes! That’s almost 3x as many calories as one of their chewy chocolate chunk cookies. If you want a treat, go with a mint tea or skinny latte, or better yet, a black coffee with half & half and one of our Quest protein bars from a Tulsa Personal Trainer.

If you must have one of these high-calorie coffees, have it after your workout when your muscles will suck up the sugar and utilize it. Or have one of my fat-burning protein shakes… let me know if you want recipes!

And hey I’m not knocking Starbucks- I go there 4-5x/week and I’m a VIP Gold Card member… but I just know which things on the menu to avoid like Ebola!

Now if you want to lose some fat over the holidays, get your booty in to TFS to train and let us also help you with all your nutrition needs! No excuses this holiday season my friend… just results!

Much love and health!

Clint Howard, your Tulsa Personal Trainer expert

Power Training
Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Mine has been awesome with getting some work done and spending quality time with the family!

And I just had a big greens drink smoothie concoction so I’m energized and getting some work done here at TFS and wanted to get out a quick email.

For all our basketball lovers it’s an exciting time right now with college March Madness and also the race to the NBA playoffs!

I personally don’t watch much television or follow any of it too closely anymore… but I do study and follow how elite athletes like these train and workout! I even get the opportunity to train the Oklahoma State basketball team some when I’m at OSU.

So to celebrate March Madness and Transition week this coming week- we’ll be doing some “Game-Shape Ready” high performance workouts! Here’s a little science behind it all if you’re interested with a Tulsa Personal Trainer…

To excel at any sport or activity, you must be able to both effectively and efficiently store and release energy. Power is defined as the amount of work performed per unit of time. To become more powerful you must train to move faster (increase speed) in addition to being able to generate more muscular force (increase strength).

In basketball, examples of power activities are driving to the basket, jumping, hopping, leaping, bounding, shooting, rebounding, shuffling, etc. Power training effectively provides a training effect to your bigger and faster Type II fast-twitch muscle fibers. Maximum power involves max efforts of low repetition elasticity exercises that engage the stretch reflex. Power endurance involves the ability to produce repeated fast muscular contractions over an extended period of time.

To be the best basketball player (and the best athlete for that matter) that you can be, you must possess both maximum power and power endurance. After all being able to jump through the rafters is generally only valuable if it can be replicated through the duration of a contest.

What constitutes a power training exercise? Your muscles and tendons are just liked coiled springs. When you perform the lowering/eccentric portion of any exercise, your muscles and tendons build up stored elastic energy that allows you to quickly uncoil or bounce back to the starting position. So you when you sink your hips back quickly into a deep squatting position the muscles of your lower body are primed to explode you right back up the starting position just like a stretched rubber band would.

This rubber band quality is referred to as the stretch reflex, or the stretch shortening cycle. It describes the amount of time it takes for you to transition as fast as possible between the lowering/eccentric phase of an exercise and the lifting/concentric phase of a movement (also known as the Amortization Phase).