If your goal is to increase your explosiveness and speed of movement, you need to train your body to better take advantage of this stretch reflex. This is accomplished via elasticity training or plyometrics consisting of explosive exercises like sprinting, jumping, hopping, leaping, bounding, etc. It also involves performing base exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges as fast as possible with the best Tulsa Personal Trainer.

The leaner you are and the stronger you are the more powerful you will be as you will have less mass to move around. If you look at me for example- I’m not a big guy but I’m very powerful for my size- I threw 90+ mph fastballs in high school while weighing only 160 lbs and can swing a golf club 130+ mph.

If you possess excellent absolute strength, but are overweight, your power output will be minimized. In other words, it’s in your best interests to get rid of unneeded body fat if you want to maximize your performance.

Power training is an awesome way to develop sports-specific explosiveness. It’s also a great way to do metabolic training for weight loss and getting lean and shredded with your Tulsa Personal Trainer!

This type of training combined with our high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts burn an insane amount of calories, build strength and power, greatly improve your cardiovascular conditioning, and super-charge your metabolism!!!

Whether you are a recreational basketball player, a weekend warrior, or a fitness enthusiast looking to improve your health and your body, our style of workouts and training will help take your performance and your physique to the next level!

Get ready this week as we add a little “basketball power training and conditioning” into the mix!

See you soon and bring your game face to get the best Tulsa Personal Trainer!


Clint Howard, your Tulsa Personal Trainer expert

Set your week up for success
Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Mine isn’t quite as eventful as doing the Conquer the Gauntlet event last week with our TFS staff and our group of rockstar clients who joined us!

But I’ve had a great weekend hanging out with my girls and also getting some productive work done at home and here at the TFS HQ.

One thing I do every Sunday evening is what I call the General’s Tent.

As I’m here at my office working on it, I wanted to send you an email discussing the process so that you can possibly apply some of it to your life.

I first look at the past week and reflect… what went well last week, what didn’t, lessons learned, and I commit to new things for the upcoming week.

Some of this I’ve been doing for years, and some of the strategies and systems I now use were taught to me more recently by my mentor Garrett J White through the Wake Up Warrior program and our Warrior mastermind group.

You want to have a gratitude journal of some sort and celebrate small wins. Where did you win this past week and what were the positives? Write those down and be proud of them, even if they seem like something small.
Return & Report

Here I get into the meat and potatoes of what I actually accomplished the past week.
For my private clients, they may grade themselves on fitness (workouts/training), nutrition, and lifestyle (sleep, recovery, etc) for the week.
We also share the biggest successes and biggest challenges and the lessons with both.

Essentially it’s a report card of yourself with a Tulsa Personal Trainer.

For me personally I grade myself on how productive I was and how I showed up in all areas of what I call CORE4 (Body, Being, Balance, Business)
Body (fitness/nutrition): My training/workouts- # of sessions I did, intensity of the sessions, how I feel, where I can improve, how was my nutrition, did I get my daily green smoothie drink, fish oil, probiotic, and any other supplements I’m taking, etc
Being (Relationships): Gratitude messages to wife, kids, and other loved ones, did I get in weekly date night, where am I holding judgement or negativity toward anyone and why, etc

Balance (Spirituality & Meditation): Report back on my meditation, my insights during it and results, what scripture I’m reading and journaling about, attending Life Church and what did I get from the sermon/message, what books am I reading related to connection to myself and how they apply to life, etc

Business: I review the prior week goals/targets and KEY4 objectives, see where my biggest successes and also where my biggest learning lessons occurred. What did I not get accomplished that I needed to and why not, etc.

You can customize all of this based on what you want in life and what your priorities are. For me the CORE4 is essential and part of my daily life. It gets way more in-depth than what I covered here but at least it gives you an overview and hopefully some things you can apply to your life for a Tulsa Personal Trainer.

The point of the Return & Report is to non-emotionally say: Yes, I did what I said I was going to do and here’s what I learned, or… no, I didn’t get this done and here’s my biggest lessons learned from it and what I can do moving forward.
Next, I set new targets for the upcoming week in all areas of life (CORE4) and also KEY4 business targets.
So for an example what might apply to you….
Fitness Targets
*4 training workouts this week at TFS
*Hit each workout session with intensity and foam roll before & after each session
*1 recovery/cardio session (hike, biking, tennis, mobility/foam rolling at home, etc)
Nutrition Targets
*80/20 in terms of nutrition compliance through the entire week
*Stay in check during weekend, no binge drinking from a Tulsa Personal Trainer.
*Green smoothie and fish oil every day and recovery protein shake after every session
Lifestyle Targets
*Shut down the iPhone at 7pm every night and be completely present with your family
*Get 7-8 hrs sleep every night (*my personal struggle here!)
*Meditate every day for 5-15 minutes
…and so on.