Um, like Oprah got her own talk show as a result of doing a good job, you know, but now everyone has a YouTube channel. Everyone can say whatever they want to say. So we’re going to make sure we’re getting this. Everybody now can say something, ah, what’s it, what’s it play and see what to see what this man has to say. They have been the subject of a lot of controversy. Okay? They’ve been, they’ve been at it for awhile. All right. But you know, here’s the whole sequence effect of marketing and you’re going to know my obvious take after I finish all of this. Surly you need great Tulsa Personal Training to get the job done as well.

I want you to finish all this. I want to hear it first. When you’re in about 11th or 12th grade or okay. Main role, like 12th grade, you’re about to graduate high school, get to the point buddy, you’d see things either come into your mailbox, you see flyers around school or whatever. You see a thing and it’s, it’s says work for students. You can make up to $16 an hour or, or a $16 based slash appointment, whatever. Okay. So you’re thinking, Ooh, $16 and appointment. Oh, that sounds awesome. That sounds really good with Tulsa Personal Training .

Doesn’t make some good money this summer, you know, interested in summer work. Well, you know, 16 bucks an hour you can make, Oh, okay. So naturally you look at the pay and you’re like, Oh, okay, yeah, I’m interested in the position, blah blah blah. Or you might see it online. Yeah. You know, you fill out your online app, you know, most, most places these days, especially chain stores, you know, want an online application. So you fill one out. You know, you don’t expect anything. But on this thing, this work per thing or even you see things itself or you call a number, whatever, hi.

Oh, we see your application online. Um, we were wondering, you know, blah blah blah. Are you really interested? Do you want to come in for an interview now mind you, I used to do vector except I wasn’t 18. Okay. You know how old I was when I did vector 23, three summers ago and it was not anything like Tulsa Personal Training.

Okay. And it’s like you fill out this application and like literally five, 10 minutes later they call you asking about, Oh, you want to come in for an interview? Blah blah blah. And you know, I should have seen the red flags right then you should have seen it. Oh, I got a job interview mom and dad, this would be awesome. And then so you’re like, Oh, like what’s it about? And I’m like, Hmm, I wonder it might be sad, you know, and you get, you mean a job? We’d have to actually, a lot of times, and I didn’t know this, cause obviously even at 26 I still have a lot to learn at all life, but here we go. Right. You know, you go there, you know, they will actually schedule it on the same day. Oh really? Like who does that? You know, usually you need at least like a few days with Tulsa Personal Training .

Like if you like, let’s say today’s Thursday, okay. Usually, Oh, I want to come in. How about next Tuesday when he probably is bad at selling, right? It’s part of the summer. Let’s keep watching, you know, the same day interview as you as you spoke on the phone for the first time. Now we do same day interviews are elephant in the room. Well those are the things that got musical. You know, typically people give you three days. What you start with me now, let’s hit bro. I want it to get deeper into it. I want, I want to hear this guy because again, so many people talk about, they just openly bitch about their first life insurance job that uses Tulsa Personal Training .

Um, I’ve got one guy now who, who was the, the CFO, he was the CFO of Helmerich and Payne, which is $1 billion business. The CFO Doug fears and Doug fears who has a, and, and he went to college at Harvard. He said perhaps his best education was selling life insurance, learning how to overcome objections, presenting. Um, but there’s a lot of people that stress out life insurance and complained about it. Jason, have you ever met somebody who got their real estate license and complained about their lack of income? Have you ever seen this happen? Um, I have not met any realtors. Personal voice. I’ve coached many and it’s funny, but I’ll have somebody who will reach out to me and say, could you help me grow my business?

And there’ll be a real estate agent at some big company like Keller Williams or you know, Chenowith or something. Yeah. And they’ll say, could you help me grow my business? And they’ll complain. They’re like, you know, the brand just doesn’t provide me the support I needed. You’re like, Oh. So you thought that by becoming a real estate licensed agent, you thought by getting your eight, you’re getting your license, you would then just get houses and leads that are sold for you simply because you have that license. Okay, let me hit, let me hit play. Let’s, let’s hear this guy from a Tulsa Personal Training center.

You know, and it also this, okay, you also realize this, come on buddy. If you don’t make a sale, not only you know, you, you keep a log of all your appointments that you’ve done, you know, your family, your friends, whomever you’ve sold to. That’s right with Tulsa Personal Training.

Okay, now it’s milk real quick. I used to make, when I built DJ and I built it, I made a rule that I would make a hundred outbound calls every day before noon. That was my rule and I got paid $0 million unless I sold something. Why? Because that’s how sales works. Interesting. Let’s hear this guy continue. It’s apparent. Apparently it’s not. You know, like I said with a certain appointments, you know, they say you get base pay confirmed appointments, that’s crap.