Tony, welcome to the tribe time conference. I’m so nervous and um, I’m going to pass the mic to my good friend Jason, who’s been spoken puddle day because he’s also nervous. All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time show coppers all manner tend to my face. I mean, you could, you could Clint, it’s so easy to do that to say you have anxiety and not get anything done. Am I correct? I mean, you’ve seen, you’ve seen people who say that, right with top Tulsa Personal Training?

Oh yeah, no, I, I can speak from personal experience. I used to have severe anxiety and panic attacks and um, so I’ve dealt with it. I’ve gone to cardiologist and can tell you all about it. But I think the biggest thing is, like you said, it goes back to stress. That’s the thing. People are so stressed and they have fear and so it’s getting to the root of that. Like as far as public speaking, that’s something I used to be so afraid of. And now you also get nervous. I do. I do speaking events, it’s like anything, the more you practice, the more comfortable you get. But also as handling stress, I, I meditate, I pray, I’m trying to get enough sleep. Exercise is a great stress. ALIT so it’s finding the right ways to manage your stress just throughout that, your daily life for Tulsa Personal Training.

So if you’re out there today though, and you’re saying, I have anxiety, well listen, I always worry about my stuttering coming back and it usually comes back about once a week just to kill any sense of confidence. We’re right about the moment I start to go, Ooh, I’m 39 I no longer stutter. The other day I was at a Dave and Buster’s with my kids and the person asked me what I wanted to buy and I could not speak and I had to go the bathroom and seek out Tulsa Personal Training on your phone.

I’m like, I’ll write back and I just peace out cause I couldn’t say it. And it happens. Now the crazy thing is when you have a podcast, you go on, how do you do a podcast if you stuttered? Well, if you listened to the show enough, you’ll hear me stutter sometimes, but you just keep doing it. And then I eventually, I hope I get better.

But then it seems like once a week I can’t talk for about a two in a row just to kill my confidence. And so I’m just telling you, if you’re out there and you have anxiety, you have fear. That’s okay. Just means that you see false evidence appearing real. And so you have to just, fear means false evidence appearing real and you, you, you have to move on to you to push through it. Now, Clint, a lot of people out there are going, okay, you’re obviously having some success now.

Um, what’s your daily routine look like? I mean, what time do you wake up every day and how do you, uh, organize the first four hours of your day? Yeah, sure. I think it’s probably a lot like yours get up early. And what I do is, you know, everyone talks about kinda the, the morning routine and the miracle morning and that’s a big, big thing now for Tulsa Personal Training.

But really for me it starts the night before. So like the day before a plan out the next day, that pretty much the whole week. And then I plan out the day the next day and then I get up. So for me, I get up between four and four 30 in the morning. So I get up, I do look at my to do list, I review that and make sure what I’ve got to do the most high priority tasks for the day.

Uh, for me, partially, obviously health is a big thing for me. So I, I do a green streak, I take it probiotic. Um, first thing, the more drink a glass of water. And then for us to get in my industry, we start early. So I usually, um, go into the office. So on the way to the office, I’m listened to podcasts don’t tend to get me in a right frame of mood.

Um, something uplifting, some education if it’s an audio book or a podcast. And then we, we start early. So for what I do, uh, we go in and we start training clients and I’m out there talking to clients and meeting and greeting and training people. And then somewhere I’ll work out, uh, mid morning sometimes to work out in the evenings, but for a lot of people that working out in the morning. Uh, but I think the biggest thing is just having a plan for your day. Most people I talk to that say they don’t have time for anything true. They don’t know how to manage their time. They just, they just kind of live in reactive mode all day instead of being proactive. Jason, what did you do yesterday on your Saturday? Let’s see. I met with you from five until about 11. We, uh, did some coaching sessions in our Tulsa Personal Training.

I shadowed, we recorded some podcasts, uh, interviewed the amazing DJ Casper. Yup. And then after that I went to whole foods because I promised my wife I’d get her a pumpkin pie. And then after that I went home and I did, Aaron’s took the dogs out. Well, let me tell you what I did yesterday because I made a list. You and I got together at the office. We met at what time of the office? We met at five, 5:00 AM and what do we do at five? Five, we call a PMH OKC. Rady African. Yup. Who, by the way, it’s doing well over six figures of business a week. He’s killing great PMH, if you’re looking for a TV and closure, no matter where you live in this great country, if you have a flat screen TV and you want to outside, go to his website and buy one of those things for Tulsa Personal Training.