But seriously, she’s heard great things from this lady who was like a walking commercial about it. And what does it cost to work out at Tulsa fitness systems now? What do you, what do you charge per month on average? Yeah, so we do, we do private personal training, but we’re probably more known for our group training. It’s very affordable. It’s a hundred and something dollars a month. So let’s just say a hundred and something dollars a month. There are trainers I know in Tulsa who charge, you know, 50 bucks a month for their group class and it’s still too much without Tulsa Personal Training.

Right. And you go, why? Because they don’t have a freaking plan and there’s only so much hype you can have before you have to get down to having a plan. And there are other places that charge. I know of a guy, in particular, I was at a, I was deejaying back in the day, this would be about five years ago. Uh, it was a friend of mine where he had a party with a DJ and I was invited to attend. So it wasn’t my DJ career I really needed Tulsa Personal Training.

But this is a guy who I, I originally teach at his wedding reception and his 40th birthday party and I was invited to attend his kid’s party or something. They had a DJ there and I was there and I was talking to some of the guests and one guy who was there was checked and these guys checked and I’m talking to him about making small talk and I’m like, what are you, what do you do for living man? And he says, Oh, I’m a trainer. That’s what your training was. Yeah, it’s, I just can’t, I’m asking about his model. Where do you train? He goes, I come to people’s homes and I just have like 15 clients and I’m like, you have 15 clients? He goes, yeah. Now I talked to my friend who’s, who’s, he’s been a client, my friend has hired this guy for years.

Yeah. And apparently he just has like 15 clients and he charges people about a grand a month. Whoa. And he just works out with you and he just comes to your place and that’s his deal. So he has like 15 grand a month coming in. No overhead and I’m going to ask him, my buddy, like, dude, you pay a grand a month for fitness. He says, well, yeah, I mean, but this guy is like, I mean, he walks me through my diet. He comes to my house. He, I mean it’s, it’s awesome deal. And it’s like he’s my accountability partner. He walks me through my food with Tulsa Personal Training .

It’s like a nutritionist slash. Trainer. I’m Clint with the fitness together. Isn’t that, wasn’t that the model back in the day about was at 600 bucks a month or something for one on one training or, yeah, we did it. So back then we did actually package this and so it’s, I think now they do it more, probably different, but it was a, yeah, no, actually our average package, so it was about $2,800 20 a hundred dollars.

It was anywhere from like very rarely we would sell, somebody would buy a small, like a 10 pack or something for like 800 bucks, but it was more of two to $6,000 packages. Really? They were paying upfront for it and people bought that. Yeah, yeah. All-day. Okay, so let’s talk about this. So Tulsa fitness systems, do you also do one on one training for the listeners out there that want to know, did we do quite a bit that uses Tulsa Personal Training ?

We don’t really advertise it much, but we do a ton of it. We actually really do a lot. Does that cost? What does that cost? Yeah, it varies. I mean, it’s um, you know, it’s more per session or we’ll do packages, but it’s anywhere from 65 to $90 a session typically. And there are, again, you got people like this YouTube guy who’s talking about vector marketing.

He says the knives are overpriced, they’re overpriced. This is the problem. See, I grew up without any money. But when you’re a poor person and you’re trying to sell nice things, you can’t possibly sell it cheap enough in your mind to justify. So if you’re a poor person, you have usually what’s called a poverty mindset, which means that you believe that there’s a scarcity of money available and therefore you only focused on price. Right? This is why I don’t like going out to eat. I still have a poverty mindset about food and other Tulsa Personal Training services.

I’m serious. I still to this day, I don’t want, Vanessa wanted to go out to eat on a Friday. So we went to the melting pot. How was that by the way, see that you’re asking the wrong guy. This looks to happen. The lighting was dim, the decor was nice. I’m being objective about it with great Tulsa Personal Training.

The decor was nice. The waiter or waitress in this case, her name was Amy and the assistant she had was Amy and it was all nice presentation and they, they basically, um, in front of you, you make it like a fondue, like cheese dip kind of thing or the, they make a, it’s almost like a, um, some sort of heating sauce to heat your meat or whatever. Got it. And I don’t, I, I, it’s too much money. So what I do is I was go get the car to pick up Vanessa. I’m like, Hey, I’ll go pick up the car. I’m going to go. As soon as we were done eating, I said, I’ll go, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go pick up the car. Because no matter what the price is, it’s too much. Yeah. I don’t care what it is, it’s too much because I have a poverty mindset that I’m aware of as it relates to food. I do not like at all fine dining.