Quick timeout. I have audio of you and during your first sales training at vector marketing, let me stop bringing this up. Okay. Zero nine or you are cleared for takeoff. Roger. Huh? LA departure frequency. One two, three byte diner. Correct. First meeting was on an airplane by those. Very weird. Your first was they asked you to hop on the, I think you’re on an airplane during your first a vector marketing training. We continue. Gotcha. All right. Request vector over by like two zero nine or clear for our vector at three to four clearance. Roger, Roger, what’s our vector when it comes to Tulsa Personal Training.

He’s seen this movie before. Glenn over, can you see that movie? Oh yeah. It’s a great, it’s a beautiful movie. Okay. Okay. So, so you, you, you, you got over the fear of eventually, yeah. How long, how long did it take you before you felt like you were over the fear of rejection? It took me, it took me about a week only because I realized that it was crucial to my job to be able to do it for you when it comes to amazing Tulsa Personal Training.

So like the first week it was like, okay, you know, it’s got a couple at bats. I missed them, but we’ll have more. But, uh, my, my trainer at the time and going to our weekly meetings, seeing how important those sales were and then having you guys walk me through role playing, getting shutdown, constant rejection before I got in the shop that way when I was actually selling to people as like Clint said, it’s all about I didn’t, I didn’t realize the rapport factor.

I just thought, Hey, this is the thing you’re going to buy it. I didn’t realize I had to warm people up to me. I had to engage with them. I wish that a college had sales classes where you actually had to sell something as, as a class. Like if they had sales one-on-one and you actually had to go get a job for somebody like elephant in the room or vector marketing and go sell something because that’s the hardest part about business ownership for many, many people. Uh, once you can sell, then management becomes the hardest part with Tulsa Personal Training.

But I know like for elephant in the room, as an example, we have people every day that reach out to buy a franchise. Everyday people reach out, they want to buy a franchise and my job is to vet them and to find out who’s a good fit because if you buy an elephant in the room franchise today, let me just walk you through what happens.

First off, do you have to build out the space? You’ve got to build it out and have plans for that, but you’re going to be out $200,000 right away. Justin build out between shampoo bowls and decor and lighting and [inaudible] to build that out. Then you’ve got to give a haircut to at least 3000 people in your town for free. I’m serious because their first haircut’s a dollar and we donate that dollar to compassion international, which is an organization that provides food and shelter and education and and clothing for people in third world countries that can offer Tulsa Personal Training.

It’s a great organization but we give away that first dollar and half of the people that come in for their first haircut do not come back again and they do not sign up for a membership right now. An elephant in the room, a downtown South broken arrow with the experience is so good and so refined about six out of 10 people come back again and become a member.

But the business model hinges upon your ability to provide a great service and to sign up people for a membership 60% of the time and to provide people for a membership 60% of the time and to provide people for a great membership 60% of the time. Now if you do a great job, Jason, are they going to naturally on their own sign up for a membership unless you guide them through the process of signing up? No, no they’re not. So even if you do a $1 haircut, people are not going to sign up for a membership. And I think it’s no different probably Clinton, what you’re used to in the fitness industry. I mean when you offer a great service, do people naturally sign up for a membership or do you have to walk them through the experience? Explain to them the value and the benefits of Tulsa Personal Training that we can offer you now.

what you offer. Oh yeah, for sure in our industry. Cause we’re, we’re getting people to do something they’re really not excited about doing, doing it, don’t really want to do as far as working out. So you have to really provide, show them the benefits and what they’re going to get out of it in a great experience. Now we have another guy here who couldn’t be, he couldn’t be on the show, one one because I didn’t book him on the show, but two, he’s freely available on YouTube and his video videos called rant about vector marketing. I’m gonna play this and offer you amazing Tulsa Personal Training.

He let me, can we hit player? Let’s do it. He has to say good early morning. It is Thursday, June 6th, 2013 this is your Island bleeder speaking. Here’s what’s happening. So I’m here talking at about 1230 in the morning here and I’m actually not going to rent and rave about sports. Okay, that’s one big deal. Whatever. I’m excited about this. He’s going to rant. A friend of mine from my church actually has made a request to me to make a rant about concerning one vector marketing. Okay. Now remember back in the day, back in the day, if you wanted to vote, you had to own land and back in the day, if you wanted to have a platform, you had to have done something first. Yup. You know, usually didn’t get a talk show unless you had done something.