If you’re out there today and you’re in the messy middle trying to build a business into something special, this is a show you need to hear because the founder of Tulsa fitness systems is here to share with us his journey from the bottom to the top right back down to the bottom. And then up to the top again. We got fitness tips, business tips. It’s a great show. Get ready. Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show, but this show does to may eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive I’m shocked. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. If you’re out there today and you’re having bring to listen to this show at any time in place, no matter where you are, uh, I hate to take the show down to a deep, deep, deep area there with great Tulsa Personal Training.

Jason, I hate to take the show down to a deep area. You, we hate to make the show super religious to start off. Is it okay if I ask for a prayer request for Tulsa Personal Training? Absolutely. I pray. Uh, I pray that all the listeners would pray that a gunner of Shefsky the receiver on the Patriots, I’m wearing his number 80 Jersey right now, that he’s somehow becomes taller and a little bit faster and is an early twenties because the Patriots are going to need got to know Shefsky to become a miracle man the rest of the rest of the season cause we keep having injuries. I’m not sure if this shit when then when the show will come out, the show might come out after the super bowl.

Who knows. Yeah. But I pray the gunner of Shefsky just gets a little bit taller and a little bit faster cause I love that God, that undrafted beautiful man. And number 80 from Bemidji state, the factory of NFL players, the division two division to Bemidji state gunner of Shefsky. If you just put your, if you just put it in your, put in your schedule, put it in your plan, put on your to do list, just pray for gunner, gunner Oh Shefsky take a little bit faster and a little bit taller. Do you do agree with that Jason on Tulsa Personal Training?

Yeah. And, uh, I’ll, I’ll want to be there on the drive home today just to, just to support the Patriots. I will pay, I will play a ski lows. I wish on repeat. Nice. That’s what we need. That, that is what we need. Jason, I haven’t thought about the song I wish for a long time cause that, was that a big part of your childhood?

I wish it was a song that I knew the first half of the chorus for quite some time, but had no idea who Skyla was or had even heard the rest of the song. No. Skyla, let’s, let’s cue it up real quick. Let’s cue this. It’s an honor of Gunnar, of Shefsky and a Steelo,

both of which are forgotten American, uh, Clinton. You remember the song? The song’s impressive. Let me queue it up. It’s a scale. Let’s give us 15 seconds of it. Here we go. Hello? Oh yeah. Gunner Olszewski. Come on now. Fan. A girl had a rapid general chefs keep you out there. We love you. We support you. You’re already doing a great job despite your lack of speed and height, but we just need another two inches of height and another 10th of a second off that 40 yard dash and we’re good.

All right, so on today’s show we have somebody though who is an overachiever, just like gunner Olszewski true. And he actually started from the bottom and now he’s here. Clint Howard, the founder of Tulsa fitness systems. How are you sir? Hey, fantastic clients. Excited to be here. Hey, I’m excited to have you here. Now what we had you on the show earlier to talk about, uh, your journey, uh, starting from the bottom and uh, building your company. And we talked, we had you come on the show and talk about practical fitness tips for Tulsa Personal Training.

But on today’s show we want to go a little bit deeper. We want to do a little bit more of a deep dive into the story. So share with the listeners out there that may be missed your earlier show or that want more detail. How did you start your first fitness business with great Tulsa Personal Training?

Yeah, for sure. So I was luck. A lot of people in my industry. I was training, uh, in health, in a health club. Wow. It’s going through college, uh, for exercise science and just started training clients. But really for me, I mean, it started with the vision. I knew I wanted to do something different as far as she’s working in a gym or a health club, uh, provide just to, you know, a different experience, a different service. Um, and just, I had an entrepreneur mind and I, I loved, you know, work, work ethic and all those things. So I, uh, it started with that. It’s like, okay, what do I do? What’s that gonna look like? And so for me, um, I worked, I worked about probably 65 to 75 hours a week, um, all through my, my last year of undergrad. Then I also have a master’s degree, so I went to college for three more years with Tulsa Personal Training.

But basically I worked and I was working, I was training, so I was doing what I enjoyed and what I was studying in school. But I worked, uh, early mornings. I worked nights, I worked all weekend in solvency. Basically saving, you know, you talk about delayed gratification. I was not partying, I wasn’t spending my money. I was working, uh, getting experience, but also saving up my money. And so then when I finished graduate school, I, uh, I started my, my first studio and I didn’t want to take out loans. And so we went in pretty cheap, um, you know, went in low, uh, with, with not a lot of overhead and it just grew from there.