Tulsa resistance training and cardioI was a guest expert on FOX 23 News last week discussing how to stay cool and hydrated while running outside and how to properly cool down after your run.

Several training clients and other people who know me asked me “Clint I thought you were against running so why are you giving tips about running?”

To set the record straight I’m not totally anti-running. I just see lots of people who do too much of it… especially the long, slow stuff and it’s not the best way to get in shape and definitely not the best way to transform your body and burn fat.

But I’m not here to bash running as it does have its benefits and mixing it in along with your strength training program is a great way to get more cardiovascular benefits and burn some extra calories.

But don’t stop resistance training if you want to lose weight and get leaner!

I recently had a client mention they were thinking of getting outside more this summer to do more cardio and cutting back on their strength/resistance training.

Remember these benefits of strength training-

-Increases your metabolism
-Gives you a leaner, more defined appearance
-Builds muscles which will burn more calories, even while you are resting and sleeping
-Increases bone density and helps prevent osteoporosis
-Makes daily activities easier, from working in yard, re-arranging your furniture, climbing stairs, etc
-Improves balance and coordination
-Reduces blood pressure by making your heart stronger
-Decreases blood sugar, which helps prevent insulin resistance (the precursor to diabetes)
-Improves your aerobic capacity: the stronger your muscles, the better your endurance
-Gives you a general feeling of wellness and strength- If you are strong you feel strong
-Makes you a better athlete: there is no substitute for strength!
-Prevents the weak, frail “skinny-fat” look
-Raises your energy level. More muscle means less effort exerted and the more energy you have available
-Scientifically shown to create 22% more afterburn than steady-state aerobic exercise does. (Afterburn refers to the fat and calories that your body burns in the hours after you have finished your workout)

Still tempted to give up resistance training?

Why is just doing aerobic exercise not enough?

Running or other aerobic exercise is not a replacement for resistance training. There are lots of different resistance exercises that provide many benefits. Aerobic exercise does not deliver the proper force to your bones, muscles and tendons.

In order to build strength and get leaner, you have to properly contract and engage your muscles.

Going out for a run or putting in an hour on the treadmill will not do this sufficiently.

This is not to say that aerobic exercise is not important because it is! But just doesn’t take the place of resistance training. You need both and if you omit one, you do your body a great disservice.

And by the way, if you want the best of both worlds (combining a unique blend of resistance training and cardiovascular training together) that’s exactly what we do at Tulsa Fitness Systems with our cutting-edge training style known as Metabolic Resistance Training. It’s perfect for people who want to get high-energy, upbeat workouts and want to look and feel great!

P.S. Here is the link to where I was just recently a guest on FOX 23 News discussing how to stay cool and hydrated and how to properly cool down after your run. Check out the video clip here-