Are you always on the go? It seems every time we turn around we are being invited to attend, host, or volunteer at something. Balancing family and social activities can seem overwhelming and then throw health and fitness into the mix and it just seems like there is not enough time for everything that needs to be done. How do you do it all? Where is the healthy balance that you long to find? The secret is that there is no secret to balancing it all. The key to getting more done is learning when to say no. You can either commit a little bit of your time to a lot of things or commit a lot of your time to fewer things. If you want to get more done and have time for yourself, fully committing more of your time to fewer things will make you more effective. So basically, saying no means saying yes to something else! Do you want to have time for yourself and put your health first? That might mean saying no to an extra project or saying no to sleeping in. That means saying yes to making time for a workout. Do you need to go grocery shopping and meal plan for the week but a friend asked you to go to dinner? Saying no to dinner with a friend means saying yes to healthy meals all week. You can’t look at like you are always saying no, you are just saying yes to yourself! You have the time but you need to make the choice how to use the time you have.

Saying NO to late night snacking means saying YES to a slimmer you!
Saying NO to sleeping in means saying YES to starting your day off with a great workout!
Saying NO to mindless munching means saying YES to personal willpower.
Saying NO watching too much TV means saying YES to more productivity at home.
Saying NO to eating out means saying YES to saving money and eating healthier at home!
Saying NO to extra obligations means saying YES to more personal time for your health!

There are two common excuses we often receive when people decide not to participate in our program at TFS, the first one we hear is, “I don’t have time” and it is simply not true. Everyone has time- it all comes down to how you choose to spend your time and what you say yes to and what you say no to. The second excuse we often hear is, “I don’t have the money” again most people do have the money. The average American spends $1000 annually on dining out at lunch time alone, which is money that could be well spent on your health. Your health is one of the most important things you have. If you lose your health you risk losing a lot more. Make time for yourself and learn what you need to say “NO” to in order to say “YES” to something more important, YOU!