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Have you done Personal Trainers, Gyms, Boot Camps, Pilates, Yoga, Cross Fit, etc
and not stuck with it?


If you are ready for an intense fitness routine that gets you results then join Tulsa Fitness Systems. Try Tulsa Fitness Systems and get that firm body you’ve always wanted while you have some fun!

We won’t make you cry at Tulsa Fitness Systems. You will only sweat – sweat off the pounds. Our Tulsa boot camp style metabolic program provides workouts, nutritional advice and an overall healthy solution for your life. This will help you maintain your good health for many years to come.

Come on, Get Ready To Be Fit for Life

Our personal training staff is professional with the skills to help you throughout the program. Each camper will get the healthy results they need using a muscle confusion method. This interval workout plan will push you to your comfort level, but you’ll be able to do it. Each workout you will be able to do a little bit more because you are gaining strength and energy. The routines will vary at each session as a part of the program to keep you excited about your workouts.  We use a combination of cardio and resistance training to help you learn the techniques you need to exercise properly.

We input modern exercises as well and often modify them to fit the program and our campers. Two popular exercises are Yoga and Pilates. We often don’t include weights in the program, but there could be times when light weights are added if we feel our clients will benefit. Usually we use resistance bands or your own body weight as the best way to get results. When you commit to yourself and Tulsa Boot Camp we will help you stay committed to working out throughout the sessions and the program. Come on and get ready to work your whole body. You won’t regret having more energy, being more toned, losing fat and gaining muscle!!!

You are Accountable To Our Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Coaches

You are also accountable for your fitness and healthy lifestyle choices outside of Tulsa Fitness Systems. Results don’t just happen with proper exercise. You need to maintain your dedication during routine things throughout each day and night. This means keeping track of your activities, eating habits and water consumption. You will review your habits and actions each week. This will help us and help you know where you need to improve to bring you to effectively reaching your goals. We will stay in contact with you even outside of workouts. This will help you gain strength and energy then you’ll be amazed at what you will be able to do. It will happen for you and you’ll find you enjoy the work you are doing our boot camp style workouts and in your everyday life. It will lead you to your results.

We work with everyone at Tulsa Fitness Systems. This is not a boot camp just for the athletic or just calisthenics in the park . We have motivating fit clients and even novice exercisers are comfortable at Tulsa Fitness Systems . Our trained coaching staff looks forward to helping you reach your goals.

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