There are a lot of Tulsa gyms in town, but only one has consistently swept all categories in Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, and Best Personal Trainer nine years in a row! That honor goes to Tulsa Fitness Systems!


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At Tulsa Fitness Systems, our entire approach to training and business is very different from most other gyms in Tulsa. You’ll find that our coaches pay closer attention to detail, and work hard at building relationships with our clients so that we are able to bridge gaps between your goals, and your knowledge about how to get there.

Our team here at Tulsa Fitness Systems focused on helping you build your ladder to success for the long haul. This means that we’re not going to push some fad diet on you to lose weight fast! We’re not going to make you starve yourself so you meet your weight goal at a specific date and time. We are going to teach you the skills and give you the tools to create lasting habits to increase your health long term.


Many Tulsa gyms believe that fitness is a sport in and of itself, thus they train you as if you were on a sports team. This can result in YOU experiencing both minor and major injuries with everything from bloody hands to chronically aching joints being the norm. Many of these injuries will actually cause you to experience orthopedic injuries requiring surgical repair (with the mantra, “I’ll be back!”).

We believe the polar opposite. At Tulsa Fitness Systems we are a Tulsa gym that believes that fitness is not a sport; fitness prepares you for a sport — if you choose. People eventually retire from sports and intense physical labor. But no one has to retire from a well-designed fitness program. The longer you stay in a sport, the more likely you’ll suffer an injury. The longer you stay in a well-designed fitness program, the less likely you’ll ever suffer an injury. In fact, with a well thought out, specifically designed to your needs – fitness program, it can actually help alleviate some chronic pain you’ve been experiencing. Strength training can help relieve back pain, muscle soreness, poor posture etc. 

We don’t believe the body is a machine to be abused. It is designed to reward you with a lifetime of vibrant health and function for as long as you keep it active and injury free. That is why it’s important to think of your health and fitness journey more like a marathon rather than a sprint. When you keep in mind you are exercising to increase your health, and the functionality of your body, living a healthier lifestyle will because easier. You can learn to strengthen your body without overdoing it and hurting yourself


If you’ve ever personally been in group exercise class where an instructor barks out orders while exercising themselves and doesn’t constantly correct form, then you know what a hosted workout is all about. We believe you deserve better, which is why we actually coach our Tulsa Fitness Systems workouts. YOU deserve to have the trained eye of a qualified personal trainer watching over your form, making minute adjustments, and keeping you safe through every single exercise.

We believe it’s not enough to use motivational platitudes to hype up a class. It’s not enough to crank up the music, so people feel the beat. And it’s not enough to ‘high-five’ people who are investing their time and money in their health. At best, those tactics are complementary to a well-designed fitness program. At worse, they are lazy tricks cloaked as personal training.

Our coaching staff are highly trained, educated, and coach our private one on one training. Our personal trainers will take you step by step through the exercises and systems. This way not only will you understand how the exercise works, but how they help and aid your body and health. By training you with proper form, our team can help you avoid painful injuries, and help prevent them from happening from poor form in the future!

We believe people who invest in a Tulsa gym should have more than a hosted workout class. We believe you deserve to be coached every step of the way. Which is why you’ll find our interactive group personal training sessions and private fitness sessions to be more proactive, and helpful than your regular run of the mill, fitness bootcamp or gym class.


Remarkably, not every gym believes you should use reasonable intensity in your workouts. In some gyms, the phrase, “You can cry, you can crawl, you can ball … but you can’t quit!” is their mantra. We believe just the opposite. We train you differently because we believe in very different things at Tulsa Fitness Systems.

At Tulsa Fitness Systems, we believe your body has its own ‘kinesthetic intelligence.’ It knows when to push harder, and when to back off. We respect your body’s intelligence. Your body, individual to you alone, has its own optimal movement patterns. It has its own optimal strength level. And its own optimal fitness level. This ‘embodied intelligence’ is yours alone, and differs from mine and everyone else’s.

Attempting to force your body to exceed its limits by blindly following a given workout, or cultural standard is a recipe for injury. That’s why it’s vital you exercise at the intensity of your choice, well within your limits. You alone know when to turn up the heat, and when to back off. We use, throughout our workouts, myzone heart rate monitoring to help you track your heart rate and intensity.


The human body hates movement patterns that are abnormal to proper physiology. Forcing the body to move in ways it’s not designed to move leads to dysfunction and eventually injury no matter what Tulsa gym you are working out at. Unfortunately, most exercise machines do just that … they train you in ‘non-physiological’ movement patterns. When you continually repeat the same harsh, mundane tasks over and over again, instead of bringing your great results like you were hoping for, you’ll experience muscle and joint pain. As well as deterioration of your joints and cartilage. It is important to strengthen not only your body, but to train your body in the most effective way. In a way that will mend muscles, build bone density, and improve overall cardiac health.

That’s why at Tulsa Fitness Systems we’ve chosen to invest in PurMotion equipment. The genius of PurMotion is that it works in harmony with your body’s built-in, innate ‘movement intelligence.’ It’s designed to move around your body as you exercise, and not the other way around. It’s designed to move the way your body loves to move. As one of the only Tulsa gyms to invest heavily in this type of equipment we believe (based upon client feedback) that we are the gym that offers the best Tulsa fitness experience for people like YOU.

Most commercial gym equipment, however, tricks your body in forgetting its natural movement patterns. Traditional gym equipment either, (a) forces your body to move around it as you exercise, or (b) trains your muscles to adopt a dysfunctional movement pattern.

That’s because, with traditional Tulsa gym equipment, your body is forced to move in ‘machined patterns,’ and the result is tendonitis, joint pain, and muscular dysfunction. And what makes it even worse is that because the human body gets stronger as you work out … with consistent use of poorly designed (yet very expensive) equipment, you literally train your body to become dysfunctionally stronger.

PurMotion solves those problems because the equipment is designed to keep the human body moving in its natural, primal, and fundamental movement patterns. The result is a TULSA FITNESS BREAKTHROUGH.


When your body feels safe during exercise…when it doesn’t sense danger…when you’re not hurting during your workout…and when your joints don’t ache after your workout…that’s when you know you can pick up the intensity and test your limits without fear of injury. This ability to work harder over time results in transformations that can be quite dramatic, which is why we believe that after only a 14- day trial you will fall in love with the Tulsa Fitness Systems experience. We will teach you how to safely take care of your body, while still pushing your limits, and pushing your muscles to grow stronger, and stronger. You’ll soon fall in love with our gym because we keep it real. We understand how difficult this process can be when you first start out, especially if you don’t have an experienced fitness background. Tulsa Fitness Systems makes it easy to feel comfortable and welcomed in our gym no matter your fitness level of experience.


Envision cancer patients, victims of diabetes, men and woman with triglycerides off the charts, and people carrying 100 extra pounds of body weight. Then, visualize the doctors who treat them, the pharmacists who provide for them, and the physical therapists who rehab them. And finally, imagine the one fitness community where they all work out together, side-by-side. Tulsa Fitness Systems is that place.

Tulsa Fitness Systems is the place where the community experts you trust (like pharmacists  physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors, dentists, and optometrists — as well as lawyers, judges, bankers and business owners), trust Tulsa Fitness Systems to help them. Think of the members of your community, your friends, family members, and those you turn to whenever you need help. If the ones you trust to assist you, trust Tulsa’s greatest gym, you can too!


Tulsa Fitness Systems is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Clint and Kara Howard.

If you are looking for someone who has actually been in the situation as you, and worked hard towards their physical success, you will love the power couple who owns and runs Tulsa Fitness Systems. With many years of education, and experience, they are the professionals to help you to your health success! Though they make no claims of it themselves … some of their professional health and fitness peers believe they are the most overqualified training team in the country.

Here’s why:



Clint is one of the most highly sought after fitness trainers in the country. He’s been interviewed over 80 times on various TV shows and podcasts and for magazine and newspaper publications.


A Highly Educated Tulsa Fitness Expert:

Bachelor’s degree in Health & Exercise Science, University of Oklahoma

Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, University of Oklahoma

Respected teacher and coach:

University of Oklahoma Exercise Science instructor

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Multi-certified trainer and coach:

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM)

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA)

National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA)

Level I, II, III Golf Fitness Trainer, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

Serves on advisory boards:

Tulsa Community Care College

Founding member of the Association of Professional Personal Trainers (APPT)

National bestselling author:

The Fit Formula, 2011

Sweat Hardens Into Muscle, 2021

Featured writer and TV guest:

Fitness Expert Network

Local and National Publications

Featured health and fitness expert on Tulsa’s FOX23 News

Golf Network

Business owner and fat loss expert:

Tulsa Fitness Systems, Founder/Owner, Director of Fitness

Trained thousands of people to lose all the weight they need and want


Kara is one of the most highly educated Tulsa fitness trainers around. Her leadership skills, along with her in-depth knowledge of clinical nutrition and disease prevention, uniquely position her to help clients get the results they could not hope to get anywhere else.

Best Tulsa Fitness Kara Howard

Highly educated:

Bachelor’s degree in Health & Exercise Science, University of Oklahoma

Doctorate of Pharmacy, University of Oklahoma

Expertly certified:

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Certified Nutritional Coach (Precision Nutrition)

Community leader:

Junior League of Tulsa

Tulsa Executives Association

Community Pharmacist

Business owner, clinical nutritionist, and fat loss expert:

Tulsa Fitness Systems, Co-Owner, Director of Health & Wellness

Consults with hundreds on weight loss, nutrition, supplements and medications

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