J.Lo, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce,… everyone is starting to realize that having a nicely developed backside and some curves is nowadays considered sexy and attractive!

5 Minute Bikini Booty in Tulsa
And believe it or not the glutes (your butt muscles) play an active role in our overall health. They function in hip extension and help to make up our posterior core playing a major role in stability and support of the hips and low back. It’s very important for these muscles to be strong and developed… beyond just the vanity aspect which is also a nice added benefit!

Is your butt strong, tight and firm… or soft and saggy? Well with a little hard work and choosing the correct exercises, a strong, firm, sexy butt may not be that far off!

The answer to your quest for the best butt exercises isn’t in some fancy machine or butt blaster gizmos on late-night infomercials. In fact, most of your best butt exercises are simply done with bodyweight or free weights.

Here is my favorite 5-minute 5-exercise bikini booty workout

1. Sumo Squat- can be progressed to sumo jump squats

2. Deadlift- can be progressed into weighted swings

3. 3-Way Lunge Matrix-

4. Step Ups (stairs)-

5. Lying Hip Extension (Bridge)-

And if you missed my fitness segment this past Thursday morning on FOX23 DayBreak here is the link to the video clip where I explain and we go through my “5-minute bikini booty solution” exercises. Doing this fitness segment was a blast so you gotta check it out! Here is the link-


For these 5 exercises you could do a bodyweight complex circuit performing each exercise for 30 seconds then going immediately into the next exercise with no rest, completing 2 full rounds of all 5 exercises in about 5 minutes. This should be performed 3x per week and you’ll soon have a tighter, firmer butt you’ll be proud of!

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Clint Howard, MS is the Founder/Director of Tulsa Fitness Systems located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Clint has a Bachelors degree in Health & Exercise Science and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology, both from the University of Oklahoma. Clint is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength & Conditioning Association and American College of Sports Medicine and is also a Certified Boot Camp Instructor through the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association and a certified golf fitness expert through the Titleist Performance Institute.