Um, yeah. And just not breaking. I mean I used to be that person. They would come in and train anybody on a weekend or eight o’clock at night and cause they’ll ask you to, Oh yeah, for sure. And not that I won’t ever do that as a, as a rare occasion for somebody. But yeah, you just have to be real strict and firm on your, but you know, honestly if you be, people will respect you more for that. If you let them know and people what they want to work with you. Again, it’s creating value, um, your expertise and they’ll, they’ll accommodate your schedule as well. So I think don’t let people control your schedule. How do you deal with smartphone usage and also just the endless desire to check your sales totals. I mean, maybe that isn’t a problem for you, but how do you deal with that you would want Personal Training Tulsa?

Like what are your, your rules for cell phone usage and smart phone usage and for endlessly wanting to check your bank statement or your sales totals? Yeah, for sure. I think the thing with phones now, people are so addicted, again, I mentioned earlier about dopamine. People get hits off of dopamine. It’s like when they look at their phone for great Personal Training Tulsa, it’s like, you know, how many likes did I get? Or what, what’s, what’s going on and what I’m missing out on? And so you’ve got to control that.

So like a, for me, you know, I use social media some because it, we use it in our business, good marketing, but definitely it’s what I tell people is that, you know, just take your phone out of your pocket and don’t have it sitting beside you if you’re working, you know, if you’re needing to do something, if you’re with your family, certainly put your phone away and just don’t, then you’re not tempted.

If it’s in your pocket. It’s too easy to look at. Sad, sad situation. Took my kids to a birthday party months ago and I noticed that no kids were talking except for two kids out of a group of 10 and they were all on Snapchat or tick tock, not a single word was being said. Yeah, it was like as quiet as a funeral and I’m going, what is going on? We’re 16 year olds. Get together and don’t talk. It’s sad. It’s weird. Weird. It’s a weird, weird thing. Now, Jason, you can ask Clint any fitness questions that you have because you’re a guy who needs great Personal Training Tulsa, I know you’re, you’re, you’re a married guy or an entrepreneurial kind of guy. You’ve managed elephant in the room and you know, a $3 million business with the dozens of employees there. You’ve, you’ve had a lot of things you’ve done. You’ve started off at our call center.

Uh, you’ve got promoted to assistant manager and then a manager and then the super manager and now you coach clients. You’ve, you’ve had a lot of um, development and you have a striking resemblance to Obama when you talk. And so what questions would you have for a Clint Howard about, about fitness? Yeah, so I used to train like crazy back when I was a freshman in college, I decided I wanted to do like nutrition and my nutrition teacher really got me on the whole thing of like, you know, working out consistently.

So I do like long distance running. I go on to throw up weights, but I, it was because I had like eight hours a day free. So I’ll just hang out the school gym now. It’s a BS excuse and a lot of people use it. But if I’m that guy who’s like, I’m so busy, I’m busy from 4:00 AM until 5:00 PM then there’s family time for solid Personal Training Tulsa.

What’s the best way to cut through that excuse and just put those rocks in your schedule for training and how frequently should I be doing that? Yeah, the best way if you’re busy is really just doing like a, we call it metabolic training, so it’s, you know, it’s cranking up the intensity instead of going to the gym. Like you know, when I was in college too, we were doing an hour working on the back and the biceps for an hour doing like multiple sets. Really. Most research shows you can combine metabolic resistance training.

It’s combining like cardio and street training at the same time. So you’re just going really fast. Like you’re doing circuits, you’re doing super sets of multiple exercises and so your heart rate’s getting elevated. So you’re, you’re getting cardio conditioning and, and you know, fat loss from the same time you’re actually doing street training for amazing Personal Training Tulsa.

And if you go all out, again, it’s all about intensity. And certainly you know, if you have any injuries or anything like that. So it’s scalable but yeah, 20 or 30 minutes and you’re toast. I mean if you’re doing total body workouts, that’s the best thing to do is full body for amazing ways to get Personal Training Tulsa. So say if you’re doing one exercise for back one for chess, you know, legs, squats, deadlifts, whatever, and just mixing it up and just knock it out quick. I mean that’s the biggest thing I see people do. They go and they, you know, they go to the gym or they mess around, they’re looking at their phone, they’re just, you know, they’re just drinking mountain Dew on the treadmill.

Exactly. They’re wasting time. And so it’s not efficient and it actually is not as effective either. So doing just more of that fast pace, high, high intensity interval style, you can do, get a great workout, 2030 minutes total body strength training, cardio core and blast that, you know, three or four days a week. Gotcha. Is there a question you would have for, for Clint as it relates to low, you know, fitness. Now, this may be completely depending on like the person, but um, recommended time to work out early morning, late evening, mid day. Yeah, for sure.