That’s a question we get a lot. And really, I mean we tell people just whatever time that you will do it obviously, you know, cause people’s schedules are different. There is research that shows some mornings are better. Um, for one thing they’re just more compliancy. Things aren’t going to come up, you know, at three or four in the morning, you see I get your butt out of bed but I get your butt out a book. You gotta move your body. It does increase your metabolism, metabolism and there are some other benefits. It’s just getting you woke up, you wake up in the morning and get it done and you don’t have to think about it Personal Training Tulsa.

It’s an accomplishment. But certainly we have a lot of clients that train with us in the evenings and they would never get up, you know, and work out in the mornings they would not have any energy. So you know, you can change your set point. When I was in college, I think I mentioned earlier, I got up and worked out at three o’clock in the morning and then I would start working in four or five and I did that for a few years cause the only time I could work out is before I started training and I was still in college.

But now I work out and bid mornings, afternoons so you can, you know, you can make personal training Tulsa fit your schedule. So the mornings I would say if you can, but just otherwise just make it a priority in whatever time works. Okay. Um, okay, so according to banner health, which I’m not sure how credible they are, banner health, so they have a massive list of, depending on your height and your gender, what your, um, what your weight range should be.

So I’m sure you’re familiar with that. If I am six foot, it says I need to be between 160 296 pounds. Is that lean muscle is a certain BMI, what would you recommend? Yeah, so the uh, so BMI is body mass index. The BMI is a little bit outdated because when that was developed nowadays people are more muscular and have more muscle mass. So it’s better to go somewhere and get your body composition measured. BMI, if anyone wants to check that below 25, it should be below 25. That’s just a number. This based off your height and your weight. But the best thing is to get your body composition. Like for males our age below 20%. Ideally in the mid teens if you’re trying to be shredded and like see abs, you need to be around 12% for uh, for a young male or middle male.

Uh, so there are, there’s better guidelines based on body fat percentage cause you can actually be skinny and be high body fat, not have much muscle mass. And that doesn’t mean that you’re healthy. I have, I have some, some issues here I want to bring up. I have some issues. I see people that tell my clients, I have clients that own gyms and fitness centers. I see people say this as an excuse for not doing Personal Training Tulsa.

It’s amazing. They’ll go, I just don’t want to work out cause I just don’t get bulky. And you’re like, well, you know, Tamra, if you get too bulky we’ll let you know. But you hear that a lot, don’t you? I used to a lot. I don’t hear as much anymore. But you, that’s a very big misconception and a misnomer. A, I wish it were that easy. Believe me, I’m not a huge guy that wants Personal Training Tulsa.

I would, I would love to gain a couple pounds of muscle. Um, yeah, that’s the thing with that is, I mean, especially for females that think that, uh, females don’t have as much testosterone as men. It’s very, very hard to gain muscle even for, for a male maybe, you know, when you’re 18, 20 years old, Jack saying the same thing. Like I just didn’t do it. Let’s do it. I don’t want to lose the flexibility. I want to be stoned to be strong, you know, but I don’t want it to be, I do want to, I don’t like doing like five pound curls. Yeah. Here’s the deal. That’s not a problem for you. Yeah. You need to have muscles. So we need to, people need to understand muscle is metabolically active. Okay. So fat is actually burned off inside the mitochondria are the muscle cells.

So the more muscle you have, the more lean you’re going to be. You’re going to your resting metabolism, it’s going to be higher. So fat is pretty much just dormant. We need some for insulation, for heat, for security, um, just, you know, protection. But, but certainly the more muscle, the leaner you are, the better cause your resting metabolism is higher. And certainly just for strength and other benefits as well. And obviously for appearance wise, if you’re leaner, more defined, it’s more attractive. I’m not trying to be bulky like any of our clients, they want to be lean and athletic, not, not body for Personal Training Tulsa.

We don’t train, you know, the bodybuilding top, um, you know, people that had those goals. So yeah, so that’s where straight training comes in. So you’re actually building lean muscle, you’re getting stronger and you get smaller. So it goes back to not just looking at weight, cause I’ve actually seen clients actually gain weight on a scale but getting smaller because they’re, you know, muscle is, takes up less space for Personal Training Tulsa.

It’s more, it’s leaner and it obviously it’s, you know, it doesn’t take as much space so you can build muscle and lose fat and get smaller. Jason, I think we’ve had more knowledge bombs on this show than almost any other show we’ve had in a long time. Oh, absolutely. I meant this is like a buffet. If you’re wanting to get into shape a Clinton, Howard, the Tulsa personal training expert, the Tulsa fitness expert here. He has got so many great tips and I’m sure you have thousands more because he only interviewed you for about 90 minutes.