Talk to me about that. Yeah, for sure. So there’s something called the law of thermodynamics. Got it. Okay. So that means if, say if I’m trying to lose weight and most people are, we know it’s a given that a pound of fat is 3,500 calories. Oh, this is why he’s the Tulsa fitness expert. Here we go. That’s, that’s a given. Okay. So say I’m trying to lose a pound of fat a week. Okay, so how can I get into a 3,500 calorie caloric deficit? Okay, so food, obviously we want to eat a little bit last, probably in exercise more, you move more, you burn calories and then you don’t eat overeat. So that goes back to what we’ve been talking about. The sugar or the suites, those are empty calories. So those add up really fast. And so if you’re eating a lot of that stuff, then your daily intake of calories is going to surplus what you’re burning off Personal Training Tulsa probably.

What’s your mindset when you go to these kids’ birthday parties? These princess parties, you get there and everyone’s like, Clint, do you want some cake? And then this is, this is the mom moved. By the way, I’ve found this to be the mom move. It’s because people who are not, who are not in shape want people who are in shape to cheat on their diet. It’s true. They feel less bad about not being in shape. So you’re going to have a guy who’s very over overweight or a woman is very overweight and this is what they’re going to say the best Personal Training Tulsa.

They’re going to say, well Clinton, you could stand to eat a cupcake instead of Personal Training Tulsa. I mean, it’s not going to hurt you. It’s just one cap cake. And you’re like, are you Eve from the Bible? Is this what’s going on right now? Is this where we reenacting the Bible scene? How do you process it when someone says, well Clinton, you can, I mean, could stand, eat some calories.

Why don’t you live a little? What, what do you think about that? Yeah. Misery, misery loves company right there. It is. Yeah, for sure. I mean, again, it’s, you know, moderation like me personally and I think people are different. Like I don’t, I’m not tempted by sweets. Like if I was going to overeat like myself, it’d be more of they say you’re more of a sweet or a salty person especially that we have Personal Training Tulsa.

I could eat a bag of potato chips, probably more than I would a donut or a, you know, like a cookie or something like that. So, but, but definitely most females, a lot of people, you know, they crave sweets. Um, but yeah, real quick, just count the side. No, no, no. This tire shows a side note basically. I mean, it’s, you, you, you’re keeping us on the guard rails. If you ever want to go on a side note, that’s fine.

My job is to focus on the side notes back to you, sir. Yeah. So, so when I was a kid, I actually was overweight. Lot of people don’t know, like me, my story, I actually got pretty, I mean, I was overweight. I was fat for only a couple of years when I was a kid and I played sports. I was a good athlete, but I just ate like crap. And I was eating a lot of sweets, a lot of junk food. And um, yeah, it was, I got overweight and then luckily I hit puberty and I kind of shot up and got taller and thinned out, but then also went the other extreme.

I got borderline anorexic. Um, so I got really just, um, emotionally attached to how, how I looked and what I was eating. So, you know, I, I didn’t get counseling or anything. I kind of worked my way out of it just by playing sports and, and my coaches and my parents.

But, um, you know, so I’ve dealt with that as a kid. Um, both extremes being overweight and being made fun of for a year or two and then be an actually be an actually almost anorexic, being super skinny. Um, but, um, so yes. So now like with my kids, for example, we’re at a party. Um, we make sure that our kids are active. Obviously they’re, they’re playing outside, they’re playing sports, so that burning off calories, not sitting around just watching TV or watching videos all day. And then like as far as me at a party, you know, it’s just, you know, it goes back to what my goals are in life and you know, my why, so I’m not going to get tempted to everything. Ever decision you make is you the words you say to reject people that act. Cause you know they’re pushing the cake for great Personal Training Tulsa.

People, it’s like foot. It’s like the, the, the intensity and the commitment level of a Cutco knives salesperson has been transmuted into the body of a soccer mom who’s like, click, come on, I just have a piece of cake. You see it all the time. What do you do to say no? How do you do it? So, I mean, pretty much now people know me so they don’t even ask me. But, but certainly, um, most people then they’re not what I do. If I go to a party or something, I don’t go hungry unless I use Personal Training Tulsa.

Just like when you go grocery shopping, you never want to go there hungry cause you’re going to just buy too much or be tempted to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. So if you’re going to a party, you know, drink some water, have some fullness in your stomach, eat before you go. So you’re not getting there before you go. Well is it a good strategy to just have like a, like a side pocket full of carrots. And so if somebody comes up, you just throw the carrots and screen be gone. Satan. Big, good idea. I carry food around in my car. People ever give you crap for the way the way you eat?