And if there’s like more than six or eight, 10 ingredients and you can’t pronounce some of those, then you probably don’t need to be putting in your body. I just want to say this was here when I got here. I don’t know who it belongs to. We’re asking the tough questions because we have a, an expert here on satiety. True. We’re helping our listeners become intellectually full because we care about, we don’t want any emptiness out there. We don’t want, we don’t want any mental emptiness. Now, frequently asked question number six, what can I eat if I crave a snack for amazing Personal Training Tulsa?

You know, it’s like 2:00 AM 1:00 AM midnight, 10:00 PM somebody wants to eat Southern. What can they eat? Or is it just back to meat, vegetables and water? A lot of it is, you know, um, ah, apples. I mean, I eat a lot of apples. They’re, they’re very filling. Uh, most people enjoy apples or don’t think they taste terrible. And you know, vegetables, I tell people, eat raw vegetables. That doesn’t sound real tempting, but people are, seem to be more likely, you know, are more, you know, prone to eating fruit. Uh, beef jerky, trail mix nuts, handful of nuts, nut butters, uh, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese in your, if you look at those, those are protein, uh, or, or produce. You just get that meat, that bag of meat. Ready to go. Exactly. Just look around and meet the top Personal Training Tulsa. Okay. Now question number seven here.

Why do people like to eat when they’re pissed or bored or bored or pissed or pissed or bored? Because you see this all the time that when someone’s bored and, Oh, we’re in Oklahoma, so this is what happens at every Oklahoma family every single weekend. This is what happens. They go, you guys want to go to the beach? Uh, we don’t have a beach. You guys want to go to a concert? And we don’t really have a concert going. You guys want to do a sod farm tour? We don’t do some farm tours. You guys want to go out to eat? I’ll tell you what, I’ll go out to some,I’ll do it.

I’m not, normally I was doing Ramadan. I shouldn’t do it. I don’t normally, but okay. Now we go to the bread buffet called any restaurant. Outback is a great bread buffet if you’ve got any, I mean, he plays, there’s a great to, um, what’s the steak house in broken arrow over there by Atwood’s chase.

You’ve ever been to that one? Santa Fe. Oh, I’ve, I’m not from there. That’s a great bread buffet. All of gardens. This bread buffet that they won’t stop. And what happens? What happens? What happens when somebody, um, goes to the bread buffet? And then why do people tend to eat when they’re pissed in, in, in bored? Yeah. So that’s emotional eating, which that’s, you know, that’s a coping mechanism. Uh, people, you know, they’re like, if they’re bored, if you eat something and it just breaks the monotony of being bored with Personal Training Tulsa.

And so it just triggers a response, a dopamine response. So you’re getting the neurotransmitters, the chemicals, so it makes you feel better at the moment by eating something, you’re not bored. Same thing if you’re pissed, that’s just a sedation is what it is. So really not, not [inaudible] is this sedation it’s coping with, with, you know, if you’re in a bad mood, if so, you really need to get back to the root of what’s, what’s causing your, your issues.

Why aren’t you? But if you’re bored, go study, go read, go play, do some go work out, you know, do something to break the board. I’m don’t just sit around and if you have food beside you, you’re more likely to eat it. And same thing, if you’re mad, you know, work out, do something different, take your mind off of it. But I do some things to control that. But it’s, Jason, I’m reading through your list of things that you do when you’re bored from your personal journal here for your Personal Training Tulsa experiences.

I’ve got it available. I gotta stop leaving that thing around you. I’m just reading through it. And this could be yours. It might not be. We’ll see here. Dearest personal diary that I know no one will ever read when I am bored. I often throw eggs at cop cars. It’s true. Good day diary. Nobody got, a lot of people do teenagers do criminal activity when they’re bored, they get in trouble because of their Personal Training Tulsa.

Uh, they smoked pot. They, they toilet paper houses. They and adults eat. Yup. So what can they do if they’re bored? I mean, should they start getting into basket weaving? Should they write riddles? What should they be doing? Yeah, I mean certainly do something productive with your time. Um, I don’t, I stay so busy I don’t ever get bored, but I think a lot of times is people are watching television now. I don’t watch television ever watch TV in 20 years, but um, people, they’re sitting around, they’re doing nothing watching television and there’s food there so then they eat it. So one thing, I don’t understand what the human condition I don’t get. It is like, I like, I like doing things and I cannot stand downtime doing nothing. I cannot handle it. I hate it when I do not get to use my Personal Training Tulsa.

But I feel like that’s the vast majority of what people want to do, which is why cheer events make me crazy. This is why I load them. I cannot stand them. And I’m not speaking for you Colin. I know you loved your events. I know Jason, you love them too, but I don’t get it. Like I, I get there and I’m sitting and I, people just love it. I hear their conversations and then like, Oh this week I tell you what, it was overwhelming or my boss this week I worked like 50 hours. It’s just, Oh my gosh, just, Aw, my Monday was terrible.