I was still studied a ton today. So your most effective marketing at first was the direct mailers. It was, yeah, exactly. We did that. And then once we got some clients, like our biggest thing really my vision was retention, you know, and that was why I started my own business is I want to really help change lives. I’m not a business that’s a revolving door. If clients, um, I wanted really people to get results, they stick, they go tell people. And that’s how we even do it today. It’s never changed. And so once we would get someone in, we would try to get their spouse in. Um, and then just kind of build from there and just not lose, not lose clients. What was the, uh, worst forms of marketing that you tried that didn’t work? Cause there’s gotta be stuff where you go, no, no, no, don’t, don’t, don’t forget to use for Personal Training Tulsa.

Because there are so many kinds of marketing out there. What are someones looking back at it over the years, you might say, if you’re out there and you own a business, um, I’ve tried this kind of marketing and it does not work. Don’t do it. What are some, what are some forms of marketing? They just don’t, they just did not work. You have probably the biggest one that really was the most expensive. It was a billboard, a billboard, billboard, which, um, for, for my, my business, my industry that didn’t work at all and that was expensive Personal Training Tulsa.

Every kind of business I know whenever we sit down and audit, you know, where do your leads come from? Churches, specifically, uh, gyms, uh, any business at all. You say, uh, what kind of marketing are you doing? And if they say billboards, that’s one of the first things I recommend to cut. And so far it is yet to ever negatively impact at all a company’s growth. Billboards are just so expensive and you have to generate some, I mean those are like 1500 bucks a month to guy might think ours is like two grand a month.

Oh man, that’s hot. How many months were you roped into that bad boy? Oh wow. Six months. Oh yeah. Wow. And for six months you’re hoping for the golden lead? We got one lead is six months and she didn’t sign up. This is a $12,000 lead. Wow, that’s a hot deal for Personal Training Tulsa.

Now we have a lot of listeners who are listening to our show who are, um, well I guess if you’re a listener, you’re definitely listening to the show. We have people who listen to the show who are busy entrepreneurs. Um, Jason, your typical work day, what time do you start your workday? I walk into the office at five first meeting starts at six. Okay. So a lot of entrepreneurs out there who have the same schedule as Jason here. Guys would get up early. Women who get up early and I have found that there are little phrases like you can’t out-train a bad diet or you see certain personal training people going, you got to want it. You got a what you, the first 10 pounds is the most profound and you’re like, that rhymes. But how does that help? There’s a lot of that. Like you just got to need it to use Personal Training Tulsa.

You gotta want it. You gotta. There’s a lot of that and you’re going, that’s super cool. I love that. You as an adult man or woman wearing the smallest shirt possible. I love that you found an extra small shirt you’re putting, you’re putting on. I love that you Mr. trainer is jacked. I love that. I love your constant barrage of YouTube videos saying things that rhyme, but that doesn’t help. I get it. But I wanted to have a different conversation today. I wanted to get into, um, specific things that our listeners could do to, uh, get in great shape to 10 steps to getting in great shape now, and I’m not hung up on the number 10.

We could have 45 or 706, but I just want to get into a few of the questions that I hear. My clients. I have business owners who I work with who owned gyms. There’s Cavell fit, there’s colo fitness and all of them don’t compete with each other. So I work with a fitness company in Boise, Idaho, like Kvell or like a Charles Colaw with Colaw fitness in Bartlesville and Joplin, that kind of thing. Um, and so, but all of them get asked questions by your gym attendees or their clients or do we a lot of the same questions. So I decided to bottle up some of the most frequently asked questions and I’m going to ask them to you and then you can ask us.

You can add on anything you want. Clint, you can give us more personal training Tulsa tips. Um, it’s your show. I just want to ask a few questions here. So first off, if somebody out there says, I just am very simple, I just want to plan. I don’t want it very complicated. I’m pretty simple. I don’t want an audiobook to listen to. I don’t want a documentary series to watch. I don’t want a personal trainer guy.

I just want to know if I only eat meat, vegetables and water, will I lose weight and why? Yeah. I actually tell people protein produce and water is how I I protein produce and water, which is basically the same thing. Yeah. So that sounds pretty boring. Um, but it does work. Now, vegetables, most people, I, I, every time someone comes in I ask them about their nutrition. I ask them, they eat vegetables and most people say, no I don’t want great Personal Training Tulsa.

Oh, you didn’t eat vegetables. So we know the benefits. Um, vegetables, people don’t eat enough of them. They have satiety fullness. Most people eat too much-processed foods. And so, yeah. So the biggest thing with nutrition, really, we try to keep it simple. People want the new ladies graze diet or whatever’s out there. But really if you just keep it basic, like you just said, um, people can’t change a whole lot at once.