So where can people learn more about you, Mr. Clinton Howard? Where can they learn more about Tulsa fitness systems? Uh, tell us where they can find out more about you. Yeah, sure. Our website, we have a lot of information on our website. It’s just Tulsa fitness Got it. Um, we’re on, we’re pretty active on social media. Our Instagram, it’s just Tulsa fitness systems. We do a lot of, uh, people like to see the stories and the videos and things like that with great Personal Training Tulsa today!

And then, uh, we’re all, you know, we’re on Facebook is Tulsa fitness systems. People want to see some things and we do a lot of motivation and tips that we share. Um, yes, that’s a, that’s the main areas. If somebody lives in the Tulsa area and they want to try out your facility for the first time, what does it cost them for their first month? Yes. So we, we have a no brainer. It’s 21 days for $49 21 days for $49.

Now, real quick, somebody out there, they say, well, mathematically speaking, I mean, here’s a deal. Okay, it’s $49. That’s 21 day. That’s $2 and 33 cents a workout. I cannot possibly do that because I, cause I go to Starbucks every day and spend $6 and I would point out, you should stop going to Starbucks as part of this. Uh, your new you, it’s 20, 20, 20. The new year, the new you, this is your chance to take the six bucks a day you spend at Starbucks and put that into the invest in yourself foundation. Uh, I mean, Clinton $2 and 30 cents a day isn’t that much. Not at all. And that includes an initial consultation to work with us in the long run for Personal Training Tulsa.

And I mentioned earlier about getting your body fat tested. We do a, we do an InBody assessment, so we sit down and talk to you about your goal, show you where you’re at, where you need to get to help, help with goal setting. I think that’s where a lot of people make the mistake with personal training Tulsa, is they have no idea where they should be. Um, you know, what that looks like. What are your goals and didn’t develop an a plan to, to accomplish that. Certainly our big thing is results.

You know, we want clients to get results and we’re there to help coach people and help them get results to encourage folks out there. And one of the music artists that I appreciate the most and a guy I’ve talked to on a few occasions is a Mike Posner, um, who, um, is a guy who was, uh, became a celebrity and a super overnight success while in college or going to Duke university.

He was mentored by big Sean the wrapper. And, uh, he released a song cooler than me. He’s written a Justin Bieber’s hit song, a boyfriend. He’s written maroon five, their songs, sugar. He’s written a lot of other pop songs. They’ve done very, very well. He just released a song about changing his entire life in the past year. And so I wanted to do is I encourage everybody to go to go check out the song. It’s called live before I die. And it’s a Mike Posner, uh, produced by naughty boy. This song is incredible live. Before I die, I’m gonna just, I’m gonna play, you know, 30 seconds of this song that everybody can kind of get, get a flavor of the song and to get a feel for it. And then I encourage you to go check this song out. It’s called live before I die. That’s the mindset you want to have Personal Training Tulsa.

If you want to get in great shape, you got to decide you’re going to do this thing while you’re still alive. Now is your time. There is no better time. The time will never be just right. You must act now the the the, the time will never be just right. There’s a lot of excuses. We’re busy. Sure. Turn off the TV, we’re busy. Shirt, get off the social media. I don’t have the money. Sure quit going to Starbucks. But we have a lot of excuses. And the problem is if we say enough excuses long enough, loud enough, eventually we begin to believe them. And that is a problem for Personal Training Tulsa.

So let me queue up this audio from Mike Posner who previously was, I’m addicted to pot who was previously addicted to alcohol and who’s really changed his life this year. So let me queue up the audio of Mike Posner who decided to walk across America and to produce two albums while doing so, to show that he could change his life and turn it around. So here we go. Let me cue him for great Personal Training Tulsa.

I stopped smoking weed. Are you, maybe I’m less school now out of know, but I’ve talked to a pretty girls now instead of sitting there all stone as does smoking meeting you. No. Stop drinking then see on our fans think God was tired. We’re still up in the nightclub on way too many nights. Stopped drinking Hennessy on night club futures. Just too fast. You don’t stop the no one. That’s no, please give me wisdom. Grant me before I live. Before that.

if you’re out there today and you’re going, gosh, I just feel stuck in a rut. Um, Warren buffet has a quote for you. Warren buffet. Not, not Warren buffet, like Warren Warren. He’s so BOF. He’s buffet Warren buffet. Uh, no, but he does a, this is a, this is a big, um, this is a big quote from Warren buffet and it relates to success. And I think that, uh, whether you’re talking about fitness or, or business or anything, Warren buffet writes, the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. The chains of habit are too light to be filled until they are too heavy to be broken.