I agree with that home when you’re home, be at work when you’re at work and never be in the middle called social media. Exactly. There’ll be in the middle called watching TV. Yeah. Um, I think it’s really, Jason. I think it’s dangerous. I use the word dangerous. I think it’s dangerous for people to interact with social media most of the time. I agree 100%. Do you really? Yeah. Um, and I, I, Kanye West recently did an interview which I enjoyed great Personal Training Tulsa today.

Uh, it’s a, it’s a longer-form interview, um, where he’s talking about the dangers of social media and talking about how he is a guy who’s known as having shaped American culture and it won’t point, you know, when he was a definitely not a Christian. He’s talking about how he’s the God of culture. He’s creating culture. But he said he actually, he was like the slave to culture without Personal Training Tulsa.

He said, I always had to be up on Twitter. I had to be on Instagram. I had to respond to things. People were writing comments, people were writing bad reviews about his albums, writing great things about his albums, and he responded to it. Reacted to it. And so, um, I know for me as a business owner I need Personal Training Tulsa, I have three challenges and I want you to put some on the show notes, the three temptations as it relates to social media that I face on a daily basis. The three, I got three, I don’t have 75 I have three and maybe Clinton, you can respond to this or maybe, maybe it doesn’t relate to you, but I have three. One is people go Reddit and write bad things about me if I fire them. So when I fire somebody, they go on Reddit or Glassdoor and immediately write something bad about me or if I don’t hire them.

That’s very interesting. I had one guy years ago who applied for a [email protected] and I did not hire him and he showed up at my office and had him on camera and he stole about $20,000 of gear. He came in and got a tour of our facility. I told him no, it wouldn’t, wasn’t a good fit. And he stole my gear. I called the Tulsa police department. They found the equipment in his garage and they wouldn’t give it back to me cause they didn’t have proof that he stole it.

So that’s happened to me now the modern version of that where the trolls are in controls. When you tell somebody they’re not a good fit, they immediately store them on indeed and Glassdoor is that that’s a thing. It’s the, it’s the reviews. Reviews are a thing. The second is my cell phone. Now I will tell you, this is what happened yesterday with Personal Training Tulsa.

The only reason that you and I connected yesterday via a text is because I had to pick my daughter up from a birthday party. And so I turned my phone on now when I turned my phone on, if you said you turned my phone on effort’s been off before Jason. Yeah, a couple of Sundays ago and it was crazy. Dude, this is good. I think we need need, need, need. It’s text messages rolling in and it’s usually between maybe 50 and 300 text messages will come in over the weekend. I mean it’s, it’s wild and it’s going to be group texts. What time are you guys going to the cheer of it or who’s picking up who, what time am I coming over? Can you pick me up? Are they picking me up? It’s just endless. I mean, it’s just endless. It’s group text messages. It’s a client I had five years ago that I can’t log onto my website for Personal Training Tulsa.

Could you help me? And it just, you’re not responding. I need my passwords. I mean, this is five years ago, I’ve got somebody who’ll send me a text. Hey, I saw a bad review about you. Somebody who tells me, Hey, I noticed it’s your birthday. Or Hey, I forgot to tell you it’s your birthday. Or Hey, how come you didn’t wish me hello on my birthday? Or how come you didn’t say hi to me on my birthday? Or, or, um, Hey, my sister got fired from you and she wanted me to let you know that you’re an ass or there’s always something that’s just coming in, right?

So I’ve got the text messages coming in, I’ve got the online reviews, and the third is sales totals. Because for every business, I want to know my key performance indicators every day. And so I have a program called Zanotti that we use an elephant in the room and it sends me a text reminder of the total sales for the day with great Personal Training Tulsa.

I also get a sales report for make your life Epic or one-on-one coaching division. I also have a report on the number of daily downloads to our podcast. I have all these key performance indicators. So what I have found is I have to ordain my destiny and choose a specific time with which to turn on my phone. So what I did is I turned my phone off everyday approximately two 30 and I keep it off from 2:30 PM until the next morning and the next morning. Not kidding. It is hell every morning, every morning. It’s absolutely the worst part of my life when I turn my phone on. I hate it. I hate that phone. I hate the people that texted me on the phone who are not clients or people I care about. I just don’t like it when acquaintances texts me all the time with it. It’s, it’s complicated messages by the way for Personal Training Tulsa.

It’ll go, Hey, on my website, my, my PR, my permalink on my interior page, I’m not sure how to update it. And I think I might’ve crashed my site. And they’re not a client. There’s somebody who was a client five years ago. And the problem is everyone can reach everybody now. True. And so what I do is I just turn my phone off and I tap into my inner Aristotle.