If you want to be an entrepreneur your freshman year, they should make you go door to door and try to sell something or cold call because that’s what it’s all about. I mean, you’ve got to learn how to overcome rejection and push through the pain. So then you had this idea to start your own company. So how did you first start your first company? Um, and how did you get the funding to start your first company about Personal Training Tulsa?

Yeah. Yes. So the Cutco knives is great. And then once I got into my degree, um, you know, I started working as a personal trainer, so I quit selling the Cutco knives mainly because I just, I didn’t really, I was a college kid so I wasn’t using the product and denies you don’t want to cut through a shoe with your knife, cut through a lot of leather and a lot of rope. But I’m not that it was unethical because they were great knives. It’s just I want to do something more in line with my values obviously. So when I got certified and started working, I worked about 70 to 80 hours a week all through college. So I just, you know, I had a strong work ethic, work ethic and um, you know, honestly like a quick story. I think there’s turning points in your lives with Personal Training Tulsa.

So I, I did an internship for my undergrad degree at the health club in Norman and a member when I did my internship was in a big box gym or it was, yeah, it was, it was nice. It was high end, like a hospital owned health club. Oh. So a lot of the hospital employees swanky a lot of cardiac rehab patients and things like that. But my, uh, the boss there, the, the manager of the club, he sent me down when I was in college and going to intern and he goes, you know, Clint said, um, you know, you’re going to intern here.

If you did a great job, you know, you, we may hire you. Um, and it’s, it’s a fun job, you know, personal training Tulsa and taking care of clients and, but it’s, you’re never going to make much money, you know, he said in this profession, you know, you can probably make know decent money and you know, have good, some good benefits if you work for us.

But unless you live on the West coast or East coast, you’re just not going to make much money. Timeout. This guy talking to you. I’m picturing a guy who says clean, you’ll never make that bunch of money in, in this way. You’re not going to do it. If for some reason, that’s how I pictured the guy. Was he an Oklahoma? Was he kind of an ugly is Guy, was he kind of a cause I didn’t never go into the mega buds in mind and like w w why do you talk with them?

I just something I do, you know, did he call you little Annie? They did. And he was just an older guy. You know, one of those guys that really told him I use probably 60 set that the Tasi jacked now he’s actually a locket runner and a cyclist. So very lean, but very skinny.

Um, just to Gabby, you know, one of those guys who really gets comfortable. He had a comfortable job and I think he had settled into that and that’s kind of just was his, his temperament, his personality, and he was just trying to kill your dream. Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I don’t think he meant to, Oh, why would he do that? What’s up. Very nice. No, so he was killing your dream. Um, do you believe that, that, that uh, he was trying to clear a dream just to be difficult or because maybe he just didn’t know that it was possible to make an income as a trainer guy? Well, yeah, I don’t think he knows that it’s possible just because he’s in his world of, you know, the employees there that he managed. Uh, and he certainly didn’t know me and my work ethic and my ambition at all, obviously Personal Training Tulsa.

And so, uh, not that I stood out to prove him wrong, but it’s just one of those conversations that I really took it to heart. It’s like, okay, I can, I can, I can prove him something different. What town were you working in at the time? Well, what town is this is in Norman. I was in college at, Oh, you, Oh, you okay. Yeah. And what year was this? 2003. Let’s see. Yeah, this was like 2000 and uh, about 2001 she doesn’t want, okay. Yeah. So then did you, at that point, did you move to Tulsa? So that was my last year of undergrad. So then I went to graduate school for three years and that’s when the hell club. So I did my internship there. He hired me. I did a great job. Um, and then I, I started training there and he hired me full time Personal Training Tulsa.

So I worked literally 70 to 80 hours a week all through graduate school. I’d go to class all day. I train all morning, I get up at three o’clock every morning. I would train at night, I would train all weekend. So I built a somewhat of a training business and I worked there full time as well. Here’s the deal. I want to make sure that the listeners get this. I, I’ve only spent probably 40 hours of my life in the same room as Clinton Howard, you know, but I’ve known of the guy for a long, long time, almost 20 years because I’ve been in Tulsa grown businesses. I started just a little bit before you did in 99. I started my first day. You started 2001. Um, but it’s interesting because you kind of hear rumors about the other person, good or bad. You hear like, Oh that could get guys to fitness wizard with top Personal Training Tulsa.