Aristotle said to avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing to avoid criticism. Say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. So I turn it off and when I turn it off, um, I hear about it. I hear people say, you’re the only cheer dad who didn’t respond to that group texts. We’re trying to plan a party for yada yada. And I will say we, I usually don’t have to say at one time, Jason, but I’ll say something motivational like I don’t care for Personal Training Tulsa.

And usually when I communicate that I don’t care, then it gets better. But I have a little TD Jakes clip I want to cue up because I want to get Clints take on. How to deal with these cause as business owners, people don’t understand what it’s like when your business, it’s your lifeblood of your family’s income. And when you get a bad review it can impact sales. If people don’t understand what it’s like when you have clients and employees, hundreds of them who could text you at any given time and people don’t understand what it’s like.

As a general rule to have your sales totals, you have to know them. Every book would tell you you need to know your key performance indicators. And there’s all these programs now that can automate it and send you updates. So we have entrepreneurs who listen to this show and I just tell people usually directly right to their face, very awesome Personal Training Tulsa.

I try to look at him in the eye and I say, I just, I read the Metro game there to, I ran into a guy who was a former client I ran, I was getting a hot chocolate, which is a sugar, I shouldn’t have had that. So I go to get a hot chocolate at the game and he says, Hey dude, I have been texting you relentlessly about my website. What is your deal? I’m like, Oh, I blocked you because you’re not a client and I blocked you so I don’t get that. It’s like whatever. I love that cause I’ll never speak to him again and forget my time back. There you go. He can make more money. I can’t make more time. Let me keep this TD Jakes quote here for you. Let me queue it up here.

Any time you succeed, you will breathe haters. I remember years ago when Kirk Franklin did stall without Personal Training Tulsa. Do you remember when Kirk Franklin did star? It wasn’t controversial till he sold a million copies. If he’d only sold 10 copies, they wouldn’t have wrote any articles about. It would’ve been no issue when he sold a million copies. Now people’s hot talking about, look at him, I pressed shaking him. The hind Virginia haters go always talk about you. You’re when you have to decide who you want to be lacked or do you want to win?

Yeah. That’s a thought process. That’s coming from a minister from pastor TD Jakes, and the sermon is called, um, the dressmaker, Bishop TD Jakes, November 3rd, 2019. I’ll put a link to it on the show notes, the dressmaker, Bishop TD Jakes, November 3rd, 2019. Uh, Clint, how do you handle those following three? Um, I would call them nagging things, but they’re, they’re like, there are things you can’t avoid as an entrepreneur. How do you avoid, um, the responding to bad reviews and comments? 24, seven, um, endless cell phone calls and sales totals, or what are the biggest struggles you deal with those for great ways to win with Personal Training Tulsa?

Because I know there are listeners out there going through this. How do you handle bad reviews and negative posts online? Yeah, so I agree with everything that you said. I mean, if you’re going to be successful, if you’re doing big things up to big things, you’re going to create haters with Personal Training Tulsa.

And, um, I feel like I’m the most life person. I’m, you know, I, I’ll never want anyone to not like me. I agree. But again, if nothing else, you’re going to have competition. You know, even if you don’t have disgruntled employees or clients that maybe got mad about something, you’re going to have definitely someone that’s going to say something bad about you. So a lot of it’s just developing thick skin and I think just knowing within your own heart that you’re doing things the right way with morals and ethics and value and creating value and not personal trainers. I see this.

Tell me if, if, if you’ve ever run into this problem, it’s where a guy says, Clint, the only time I can work out at 4:00 AM on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday cause I’m busy. And you’re like, okay, I’ll adjust my schedule to accommodate the big fish and the big fish can’t make it on Monday, wants to know if he can move it back to five or wants to know if you can move it later and [inaudible] do you ever run into that where people constantly want to reschedule with you for amazing Personal Training Tulsa?

Because as a personal trainer, I have to imagine that would be probably the biggest challenge because most people struggle with consistency. And for your business model to work, people have to show up. Um, how do you handle the guy who wants to reschedule constantly? Yeah, for sure. That’s a great example cause I’ve had that happen and a lot of times and yeah, I think it’s just, it starts out with the condition of doing business. When you first sign on a new client, they need to understand that your schedule, um, when you’re available, when you’re not that, you know, like we have a 24 hour cancellation policy, you know, if you give someone an inch for Personal Training Tulsa, they’ll take a mile. So if you let people get away with stuff, then they’ll, they’ll do it. You know, sometimes people will take advantage of that. So I think a lot of it is accountability.