Let’s get a little deeper.

1. Your Goals.

If I asked you right now what’s your fitness goal for this week and your goal for this month could
you tell me flat out in 10 seconds? If not then you lack true goals and direction. You NEED a set
of goals both short term and long term. I personally have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly,
and yearly with your Tulsa Personal Trainer.

2. Like What You Do

You know what I personally don’t like doing? Jogging. I love working out and enjoy running
(sprints) but jogging is just boring to me. Luckily, jogging is not a great way to get in shape and
doing too much is hard on your body. The way I love to train and workout, and how we train
our clients at TFS is the safest and most effective way, and the most fun with our Tulsa Personal Trainer:) I love teaching and
educating people on how to lift weights and workout because when they do- it’s the most
empowering feeling ever.

3. Your goals have to be worth the sacrifice. The squeeze has to be worth the juice.

Let’s say your goal is to lose 10 lbs. That goal has to be more important to you than eating junk
food and skipping your workouts. You have to be responsible for your actions and make the
right ones most of the time. The hardest part for many people is getting the momentum and
getting the ball rolling.

4. Surround Yourself With Like Minded People and Tulsa Personal Trainer staff.

Believe it or not- many people want to see you fail. It’s the “Crabs in The Bucket” syndrome.
So it’s important to have a support group there to help you when you are down and when
you need someone to say “you got this” or “keep crushing it”. We all need support, including me.
That’s part of why our programs and coaching at TFS work so well. We all need someone to
give us a little push and pep talk when needed.

When it comes to motivation you have to stop thinking and start acting. Don’t delay yourself
from having the body and the health you want and deserve!

Today is the perfect day to overcome any lack of motivation and get started on your way to
lasting results! Let’s make it happen!

Clint Howard, your Tulsa personal training expert

A powerful story… chop wood everyday

A powerful story with a great message…

In Japan they have a deep love of architecture, and there once was a man named
Kota who built some of the finest houses in all of Tokyo. His work became world
famous due to his dedication to the process, his willingness to his craft, and his
relentless devotion to keep learning, even late into his career.

Eventually though, Kota grew tired of building homes for other people and he was
ready to retire. He had been building homes for over thirty years, and he was ready
to travel and spend more time with his grandkids.

One day Kota approached his boss and turned in his two-week notice to be a Tulsa Personal Trainer.

His boss said, “Kota, we are forever indebted to you for the magnificent work you
have done for our company, and we are so grateful you have worked for us for so
long. We do have one favor to ask of you though. Could you please build one more
house? It is a very important house, for a very important client, and everyone in the
company agreed it needs your magic touch.”

Kota was frustrated. he would have to postpone his new life, all for one house. he
told his boss that he needed a day to think about it. After talking it over with his
wife, he gave in and decided he would build one more house. But he told his boss,
“This is the very last one.”

But while Kota had agreed with his head to build this last house, his heart was no
longer in it. He had always been very hands-on through the entire building process,
always selecting the finest materials and making sure every detail was diligently
tended to.

But this house was different.

He viewed it more as an obligation than an opportunity. He delegated much of the
work, and consequently a lot of things started slipping through the cracks. The
house would be up to code, but as it started to come together, it was obvious that
it lacked the “wow” factor that Kota’s other homes were known for.

Kota knew in his heart that this was far from his best work, but he was ready to
move on to the next phase of his life. The next phase was much more appealing
and important to him than the present phase without his Tulsa Personal Trainer.

After four months had passed, Kota finally finished the house.

He went back to his boss, telling him, “I did what you asked. Now I am asking
to retire.”

His boss said, “Thank you Kota! We just have one more thing.”

His boss reached into his desk and pulled out a very small black box with a red
ribbon tied around it. He handed the box to Kota and said, “We are so grateful
for you, Kota. This gift is a token of our appreciation.”

Kota pulled the ribbon, opening the box to discover a set of shiny new keys.
His boss smiled, “The house is yours! You deserve it.”

Immediately, Kota’s heart sank. Unbeknownst to him, the whole time he had been
building his own house. If he had only known he was building his own house, he
would have cared so much more. He would have only used the finest materials,
and he would have overseen every detail and given it his all like he had always
done. But now, it was too late.

Moral of the story…

Something that is truly significant about today, or any day, is who you become in
the process. Each of us are building our own house every day… so build wisely.
Always do your best in everything you do you need to use our Tulsa Personal Trainer to help you win…. you never know where it may lead you!

This story is excerpted from the book “Chop Wood, Carry Water: How to Fall in
Love with the Process of Becoming Great” by Joshua Medcalf.

Chop wood every day and live life to your fullest!

Clint Howard, your Tulsa personal training expert