One of the biggest lessons any of us can learn is summarized in this quote from Walt Disney himself:
“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing with a Tulsa Personal Trainer.”
Doing is the foundation of success. No more dreaming…time to start doing.
Sure, most everyone is busy… that’s the oldest excuse in the book to say why you can’t workout, or whatever it is you know you need to do.

We’ve got less than 2 months left of 2015. Are you on track for your fitness goals for for this year? Goal-crushing starts with MINDSET and DOING THE WORK.

Attitude and mindset are so important and is something I’m starting to share and talk about more, besides just the sexy things such as rapid fat loss, body transformation, getting ripped, sports performance, healthy nutrition, etc.

But I am personally very big on the concept of positive mindset and “mastering yourself”
so I plan to start writing a lot more on this topic to help keep you inspired, driven, and motivated… in all aspects of life!

For today’s motivation I’ve got one of my favorite short video clips of a speech which I’ve shared before in the past… but honestly I could watch it everyday that you use a Tulsa Personal Trainer!

It’s from a man named Art Williams. I’ll admit when I first saw this video I loved it and got the message but didn’t know who Art Williams was. I just thought he was a funny southern redneck with an accent worse than mine that gave a good presentation. But I had to research to find out the rest of the story.

Art Williams grew up in the small town of Cairo for a Tulsa Personal Trainer, Georgia. He was a high school football coach turned businessman and was often made fun of for his thick Georgia accent and improper, “uneducated” sounding grammar. Even after he started having success in business he was often the butt of jokes and made fun of behind his back by fellow business people calling him Jed Clampett.

But Art didn’t care. Art just continued “doing it.” Art is now known as the guy who “did it”. Art started his company from nothing and built it to be worth fortunes and went on to own professional sports teams and become a famous speaker and author. Art is now one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of over 1.7 billion dollars.

It’s not the money and net worth that fascinates and inspires me most about Art Williams. It’s his attitude, work ethic, “mastery of self”, and driven personality to not settle for less.

Take a couple minutes to check out this short video clip from a speech Art once gave. It has a very powerful message which is pretty easy to pick up on and it’s really funny too with our Tulsa Personal Trainer!

Don’t settle for less… Level Up…. Do the Work… and make it happen. #BOOM

Clint Howard, your Tulsa personal training expert
3 life lessons from the Whip, Nae Nae song

Since it’s Friday fun day here at the TFS HQ I thought I’d share a fun story with some good life lessons.
So I’m sure you know the song Whip/Nae Nae which swept the nation this summer.
Well my 3-yr old daughter Campbell is singing it and dancing all the time now (she’s a little late to the party on the song but the cutest thing ever!:)
I read an article about the 17-yr old kid Silento who came up with the dance and is now famous and a millionaire resulting from the Whip/Nae Nae dance/song.
Silento was interviewed and they asked him how long it took him to come up with the dance that has taken over. Silento answered “35-40 minutes.”

Yeah the kid became famous and a millionaire off a dance that he created in under an hour.
And get this… Silento just took a couple dances that were already popular and combined them and added a couple things to it and now he’s sitting pretty.
Could it be that easy now that you use a Tulsa Personal Trainer?

Lesson Coming….

You see Silento did what a lot of people are afraid to do. He created his dance and turned it into a song.
There was lots of self-doubt in Silento’s head.
“You’re mocking and taking from other dances and other artists will come down on you”
“People will think you’re stupid and that the song is stupid” (it kind of is but….:)
“That’s not creative at all. Come up with your own song, dance…blah, blah, blah)
Silento didn’t listen to his thoughts and now look where he’s at.
What I really love more than anything is this… Silento didn’t try to recreate the wheel.
Too many times we try to make our dreams or aspirations impossible when they’re just a couple of action steps away.
So my top 3 lessons from the “Whip/Nae Nae dance”
1. Question your negative thoughts. Your thoughts will either imprison you or set you free.
2. Quit making everything so hard. One of the hardest things in life is to realize how easy something truly can be if you go All In.
3. Perfect doesn’t exist. There will be no “perfect” time. Take Action.


And if you haven’t heard the song or just want to give it a quick listen (it is a catchy song:) here’s a link to listen-

Have a great weekend and be undeniable with a Tulsa Personal Trainer!
Clint Howard, your Tulsa personal training expert

4 quick and simple healthy holiday tips

Hope you had a great weekend and you’re crushin’ this week so far!
I was in Laguna Beach all last week for Wake Up Warrior Convention and came back with a full week of experiences and entire War Map journal full of notes, lessons, insights, and more to share with you over the upcoming weeks.
To say it was a very powerful week would be the understatement of the year! Lots more to come so stay tuned.
But I got back home this weekend and we roll right into holiday season of parties, Santa visits with my kids, etc.
Sunday evening my neighborhood clubhouse had Santa Claus and hay rides around the neighborhood for the kids. There was also endless amount of cookies, candies, and suger-filled hot chocolate.