I chuckle as I guess it’s payback as I always joke about our new workout “torture toys” here at TFS… I do all those too and now being exposed to some other torture toys… the i rony! As I posted a few weeks ago on facebook about…. pain can be one of our greatest teachers if you extract lessons from it, and see it if for more than it’s current physical state with a new Tulsa Personal Trainer.

Enough on the lesson on pain and torture for today-
It’s a new month- new November training phase workouts here at TFS, we’ve unleashed our nice new colored elite kettlebells you get to lift and swing around, new 21-day fat loss challenge starting up,… lots of exciting new stuff happening here at TFS!

Do you have new health & fitness goals you’re working on as we head into the holiday season?! Make them now, and let’s stay accountable to them!!

Let’s see what you can accomplish these next couple months. And as the great baseball player/philosopher Yogi Berra who recently passed away, once said “It ain’t over till it’s over.” 2 months left of this year… you can accomplish some big things.

And since we’re right in the thick of football season, and the World Series just wrapping up with the Royals winning- I want to give you more words of wisdom again from the man Yogi Berra… “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up some place else.” And “90% of the game is half mental and having a good Tulsa Personal Trainer.”

Yogi had a way with words… but I relate and translate this as- have goals and know what you want to accomplish in health & fitness, life, etc. And set your mind to it, stay determined, and make it happen!

As I talk about a lot- MINDSET MATTERS! Do the Work, stay positive and focused, and make it happen!

Let’s have a great week!

Clint Howard, your Tulsa personal training expert

Teacher Becomes the student, how to eat healthy when eating out

Hope you had a great weekend!

I had a great time in Dallas helping teach a TPI fitness seminar to 130 medical professionals, fitness trainers, and golf professionals.

If you remember in my email last week I talked about pain being a great teacher.
Also I’ve found that many times, the teacher becomes the student. Meaning when I’m teaching a seminar, lecture, leading staff meetings, giving a presentation to a group,
etc. I learn more myself.

Part of my daily CORE4 in Business is to study every day and also teach, as application helps with deeper levels of comprehension.

So for some people, that could mean leading a Bible study or church small group, educating and leading your kids which for us that have kids we’re always doing, etc.

And speaking of my trip to Dallas- I posted on facebook a couple pics of me working out (which I’m finally able to ease back into after over a month of not able to) and pics of food I was eating without a Tulsa Personal Trainer directing me.

As you hopefully know- I practice what I preach and live the TFS fit lifestyle!

I always get questions on food and ironically had 2 clients the past 2 days email me about food choices when eating out. So I wanted to help everyone out and give you a quick “eating out guide”

Appetizers- Appetizers are a great way to start out a leisurely meal, but can also derail your good intentions with quickness. I don’t generally do appetizers but if you choose, read below.
Don’t Order-
-Anything fried- fried foods do damage that even the most intense workout won’t undo. -Creamy dips- these are filled with fat and usually come with something fried to dip in it. -Bread- comes smothered in cheese or seeped in butter, and even when it’s plain it fills you up with more simple carbs than your body needs, which then essentially turn to fat.
Do Order-
Green salad. Ask for very light dressing and no croutons.
Antipasto- A plate of thinly sliced meats, olives and cheese will start you off with some protein.
Lettuce wraps-These are delicious, protein-filled and low in carbs.
Calories in drinks are sneaky because they don’t fill you up. This means that you end up taking in far more calories than you bargained for the top Tulsa Personal Trainer.
Don’t Order-
Regular or diet soda- with one you’re drinking corn syrup through a straw, on the other you’re drinking chemicals that cause you to crave sweets, etc. It’s a no win situation.
Sweet cocktails- many restaurants are advertising sweet cocktails -resist the urge. Sugar plus alcohol equals loads of unneeded calories.
Sweetened tea- you may feel righteous for ordering iced tea, but if it’s sweetened then you may as well be drinking fully loaded soda.
Do Order-
Water. DUH!! Water is king!
Unsweetened iced tea. Don’t ruin it by adding that packet of sugar. Learn to enjoy the natural sweetness to the tea.
Red wine- (if you must have alcohol) Stick to one glass, and drink responsibly.
This is where the real damage can happen with the best Tulsa Personal Trainer.
Don’t Order
Pasta-if you’re trying to lose weight and maintain a lean body, stay away from pasta.
Pizza- another dish that has far more carbohydrates than you need. If you’re craving the pizza toppings then simply order those over a salad. The crust has virtually no nutritional value.
Burgers- if you really want a burger then ditch the bun and the fries, and have your patty wrapped in lettuce with tomatoes, pickles, mustard to get a good Tulsa Personal Trainer.
Do Order
Lean meat with vegetables- Fish (not fried), steak, chicken, take your pick and pair it with green vegetables.
Salad with protein- ask for very light dressing and make sure you have protein on it (chicken, eggs, salmon, shrimp, etc)
Soup and salad- stick with broth based soups that contain protein and pass on the breadsticks.

Hope this helps a little and I’m working on more nutrition guides, tips, hacks, etc as I know most everyone could always use more help in this area!

Always remember my mottos “you can’t out-train a bad diet!” and “your body is your temple”

Let’s have a great week!

Clint Howard, your Tulsa personal training expert

Master Yourself, “just do it”