4 fitness tips for Dad’s, quick & easy recipe

Happy Father’s Day weekend!

As a dad myself, I know how hard it sometimes can be to make health & fitness a priority. Even being a fitness professional and doing this for a living like I do… it’s still sometimes hard to juggle work, kids, responsibilities, and everything else and still find time to eat healthy and workout regularly with a good Tulsa Personal Trainer.

But it’s very doable and just needs to be a priority. If it’s truly important to us and our family, we’ll make time for it. Here are a few tips and to-do’s to help out-
4 Fitness Tips for Dad’s (and everyone)

1. Lay off the booze (I know… sorry:)
Alcohol absorption and breakdown in our body signals it to stop burning fat. Even worse, a waste product of alcohol, acetyl CoA, actually starts to make more body fat. The more you drink, the longer your body is inhibited from burning fat in addition to a greater fat build up from excess acetyl CoA. Even worse is mixing alcohol with sugary beverage which is a double whammy.

If you must drink: Limit alcohol consumption to 1-2 days per week with a 1-2 drink max

2. Workout regularly with a Tulsa Personal Trainer- Duh!
I think we all know the benefits of regular exercise and how it helps us in so may different areas of life- much more than just looking better with our shirt off and in our swimsuits. But hey, that’s not a bad reason either!

Doing full-body strength training workouts not only helps you burn more calories each workout, it also maximally depletes your body’s glycogen stores (the sugar in your muscles) to allow for more overall fat burning. Add in higher intensity training and a cardio component and you get even more fat burning benefits, along with all the other benefits of better overall health, less stress, more energy, feeling better, stronger, more confident, less risk of heart disease and cancer, longer life, and on and on …..

3. Ditch the “no pain-no gain” attitude
The “no pain, no gain” methodology seems to have gotten popular over the past few years and many people are now starting to pay the consequences.
When exercise burns your muscles that’s good and means you’re pushing past your comfort zone to create change. But when exercise hurts your joints or hurts in other ways- that’s a bad pain. It means you are quickly wearing down the structural integrity of your joints and your body and will soon be unable to do much of anything without pain or stiffness. This is most often caused by a combination of using too heavy of loads, poor exercise form and technique, strength imbalances, and lack of mobility and/or flexibility.

This leads to my next tip from a Tulsa Personal Trainer-

4. Hire a Professional Coach if needed
We all can be stubborn sometimes and think we know how to do everything!
Us guys especially! Albert Einstein said it perfectly, “you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result!” If it ain’t working, it’s time to ask a fitness professional. Or if you haven’t started yet- that’s also a great time to get help and get results quicker and guaranteed!

Let me know how these tips work for you, and as a bonus- I want to share with you one of my favorite types of recipes (quick, easy, and healthy!). This one takes about 3 minutes to make!

Turkey Avocado Wrap with a Side of Fruit
1 Serving
Serving size: 5oz Low Sodium Turkey Breast, 1 Low Carb Wrap, ½ Avocado, Unlimited Tomato & Lettuce, (and any other veggies you want to add)
Calories per serving: 400
Protein per serving: 30 grams
Carbohydrates per serving: 35 grams
Fat per serving: 14 grams
** If meal is too big for women or kids, simply divide the meal in half
5 oz high-quality low sodium Turkey Breast (preferably Boars Head Brand)
1 Low Carb Wrap
1/2 Avocado (can substitute 1 slice of cheese if don’t like avocado)
1 serving of fruit (preferably medium apple or berries)
Romaine Lettuce (optional)
1 Tomato (optional)
other veggies (optional)
mustard (optional)
Put 5 oz of Turkey on the wrap
Cut the avocado in half, spoon out the avocado and put on top of turkey
Cut tomato slices and put on top of avocado and turkey
Add as much romaine lettuce and other veggies as you prefer
add mustard if need more flavoring
Fold wrap
Wash off fruit

Hope these tips and recipe are helpful for you. And if I can be of any other help or service to you, or answer any questions, just reply back and let me know.

Clint Howard, your Tulsa Personal Trainer expert

The best investment you can make

Happy “hump day” Wednesday and hope your week is going great!

I just finished coaching the early TEAM training sessions and wanted to email
you real quick before I head up to the Patriot to see a bunch of my golf clients.

I made a post on facebook yesterday that got a lot of attention, talking about
investing in yourself. Here is what the post said-

Morning study insights from great Tulsa Personal Trainer….

As I’m sitting in my office this morning at TFS HQ looking at all the to-do lists and
projects I’m currently working on and other business projects coming soon, I take
a few deep breaths and always remind myself….

The most important project you’ll ever work on is YOU!!

YOU are worth it! Invest in yourself… daily with a Tulsa Personal Trainer.


We all know we need to be taking good care of ourselves- working out regularly,
eating healthy, getting enough sleep, good supplements, routine doctor visits as
neededfrom the better Tulsa Personal Trainer, etc….