I watched for 45 minutes as kids (and the parents) filed one after another loading up on all the sweets and treats they could eat. I’ll admit I was even tempted for just 1 second to have a bite myself, but then I thought about my purpose and asked myself “is this getting me closer to, or farther away form my goals that I hold myself accountable to”.
Then the choice was easy… no sweets or desserts for me. I’ll have you consider, when you have a purpose and true goals, when you find your “why” and have a code you live by, choices become easier and you listen to the voice.
Sometimes the simple things aren’t easy to do and implement. That’s why mindset, coaching, and accountability are so crucially important. Without them, you can fold like a house of cards in a hurricane.
And since we are smack in the thick of the holiday Christmas season, here are 4 quick tips to help keep you on track and doing the “simple yet sometimes hard to do things with your Tulsa Personal Trainer.”

#1: Keep it on the holiday

For some, the holidays become weeks of bad eating. Don’t let this happen. Eat (a few) of your favorite holiday foods (if you must) only on the actual holiday. Treat the other days like normal days and stick to healthy eating. When the holiday is over, get rid of the unhealthy leftovers. If it ain’t around- you can’t eat it when you have a Tulsa Personal Trainer!

#2: Eat first, party second

Yep. It’s best to eat before heading out the door. Have a healthy, well-rounded meal at home such as vegetables, some fruit, and healthy protein source. And drink lots of water. Then, when you get to the holiday party with cookies, cakes, candies, and lots of unhealthy calories that a Tulsa Personal Trainer will block your from eating… you’re not hungry for it.

#3: Don’t miss your workouts (duh)

One of the best excuses to gain weight during the holidays is “I’m too busy, I’m traveling, schedule is off, blah blah…” You can still get in workouts you just have to make it a priority and make time for it. Schedule it. Be held accountable. You can get a great workout when traveling with just your bodyweight. Let me know if you need help in this area and I’d be glad to help you out.

#4: Enjoy time with family & friends (Be Present)

Holidays are about family and friends and celebrating the season, not about the food. Don’t hang out by the food table. Ignore the desserts and go talk more to family and friends. Put the food down, the phone away, and listen to what they have to say, be present and engage in conversations with others and truly enjoy the season.

And wouldn’t you love to make 2016 your healthiest ever and accomplish all your fitness goals?

Don’t wait until the New Year’s rush to start with the best Tulsa Personal Trainer.

Call or email me back to discuss your next steps and let’s have a conversation about finding your “why” and talk about your specific goals and purpose.

I’d love to hear from you.

We’re taking things to epic levels at TFS in 2016. I’d love to have you come along for the ride!

Clint Howard, your Tulsa Personal Trainer expert

The #1 results accelerator, and why most fitness programs fail?

I talk to people everyday who are looking to get started on a fitness program
and get healthy.
One of the questions I sometimes get asked is; “what’s the difference in your programs
and the gyms and big box health clubs?”
“Why do big box gyms and health clubs fail to deliver results?”
There are a number of reasons, but the big one for me is there is no coaching. Great Coaching is the #1 results accelerator.
If you don’t have a true plan and system to achieve your goals and coaches who care about you and hold you accountable, odds aren’t very good you’ll get any results!
And most folks at these places usually give up before they have any success… especially at this time of year. We all already know that… it’s what gyms and health clubs are known for.
I got into this industry for a different reason, and a different outcome for our clients.
If you’re tired and frustrated with not getting the results you’re after and you’re ready to reclaim your health and fitness, I’ll have you consider there is a solution.

Along with our cutting-edge training programs and coaching, we’re adding a brand new custom designed nutrition/meal planning component this time as well that’s going to be a game-changer! You don’t want to miss out on it.

If you have any other specific questions- feel free to email me back or call our TFS office at 918-296-7418 and we can talk more and see if you’re a good fit for our program.

Clint Howard, your Tulsa personal training expert

3 common fat loss myths to avoid

Since we’re right in the thick (no pun intended) of our current 6-week fat loss challenge- I’ve been talking with lots of clients recently about science & principles of fat loss.
So today I want to take a minute and discuss 3 common fat loss myths to be aware of and not make these mistakes…
Do you want to lose some body fat?
Sure, everyone does! Let’s be honest here… we all want to look better. Losing fat, improving your fitness level and your overall health are usually all wrapped up into one.
But the problem is- there’s so much misinformation out there! Here are 3 of the most common fat loss myths and why you need to avoid them without a Tulsa Personal Trainer.

3 Common Fat Loss Myths
1. You need to do lots of traditional cardiovascular exercise to lose fat- FALSE
Jogging for an hour is pretty much a complete waste of time if you are looking to lose fat. So is any form of slow cardio that forces you to do the same repetitive movement over and over.