I was interviewed this week on a podcast called Fitness Business Mastery and one of the keys
to successes I talked about was continually working hard and doing whatever it takes, but
also having a gratitude journal and recognizing your accomplishments and what you can be
thankful for as well as the best Tulsa Personal Trainer in town.

Every 90 days I set big outcomes and goals. If I don’t step back and celebrate where I
started and where I am today I miss the gift of celebrating growth and expansion.

Your mind will automatically start comparing your worst to someone else’s best.

I watch people all the time commit to a lifestyle change, start working out and then right
away compare their results to someone else’s, or just compare themselves to others
in general with your Tulsa Personal Trainer.

If we stopped and focused on comparing who we were 3 months ago, 1 month ago, last
week or yesterday to who we are now- we could see the changes we’ve made and
celebrate our success. Then we’re motivated to continue on and keep the progress going.

So today focus on…

Giving yourself permission to recognize and celebrate your success.

Only comparing who you were yesterday to who you are today…That’s the real person
your competing with.

I recommend journaling this everyday in a gratitude journal along with what you have to
be thankful for.

Have a positive mindset, then you’re in a place to go out and accomplish more!

Clint Howard, your Tulsa personal training expert

Phelps, Usain Bolt, it takes more than just motivation for success….

There are always so many great stories from the Olympics that came from Tulsa Personal Trainer..

The Olympics are officially over but I want to share some great lessons from
this years Olympics (and doesn’t involve Ryan Lochte:)

Remember the photo meme all over social media of the swimmer looking over at
Michael Phelps during their race with the best Tulsa Personal Trainer?

14 billion people “liked” it. And 14 billion “comments” all said the same thing –


And yes obviously I get it. I was probably 1 of the 14 billion who “liked” the photo
somewhere on social media:)

It’s a fact that way too many people get stuck in life because they’re busy comparing
themselves to everyone else. We create our own limits when we focus too much
time on other people and what they’re doing.

No argument from me on that one.

But the image and the message is too simplistic. It’s easy to get caught up in the
motivation. The hype.

And not ever actually taking the practical steps needed to stop the comparing mindset
that keeps us stuck.

What about the photo that came out just a few days after Phelps of Usain Bolt….

He’s winning the race. But he’s looking back over his shoulder at his competitors.

Uh oh…


Truth is, it’s not hard to re-structure your mindset in order to stop comparing yourself
to other people and finally enjoy the success and happiness you deserve and get solid Tulsa Personal Trainer services..

It’s too simplistic to get fired up by a meme and excited, but doesn’t actually teach you
how to stop the bad habits and behaviors .

To have success in life in anything, we have to let go of limiting beliefs and take action.
It requires more than just thinking about it, or getting fired up and motivated. That’s
part of it but not the complete picture of creating lasting success.

Figure out what success looks like for you and what you truly want, and “why” you want it.
Then take action, be relentless, and do the work necessary!

If you want it bad enough it’s worth it. YOU are worth it!

Clint Howard, your Tulsa Personal Trainer expert

You only get one…..

I say it all the time… “you only get one body, so you best take good care of it”

The main reason we need to eat quality food and exercise properly is to be healthy.
Every other aspect of fitness is just a byproduct of being healthy.

-Being lean

-Being fit

-Being strong

-Feeling great and more energetic

-Feeling happy and less stressed

Sometimes I’m amazed at how we treat our bodies knowing full well that we only
get one! This is the one thing you cannot change. No matter what.

But so many people don’t treat it that way. The state of our health is declining at
an alarming rate. In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight.

The numbers are increasing daily. And also increasing is heart disease, cancer,
doctor visits, prescriptions filled, stress, depression, early death…..

So much of this is lifestyle. We have the power to do something about it.

I’ve committed my career and my livelihood to the health & fitness industry and do what
I do to help change lives! I love what I do and want to help change more lives!

We all must choose to cherish the one and only body we get. We should never deny
ourselves of becoming the person we truly want to be.

Don’t spend years of your life regretting the choices you made in regards to your health.
Make a decision today that you are worth it.

No one is perfect but get yourself fired up about being healthy and don’t fall for the lies,
including the ones we sometimes tell ourselves.
Please don’t wait until it is too late. Start now and transform your life starting today!

Clint Howard, your Tulsa personal training expert

Do you ever lack motivation?

I love talking to people about their fitness goals and why so many struggle to achieve them. It
allows me to see common trends of what people struggle with and how to help people push
past these struggles.

There’s one reason that comes up over and over again.

Motivation… or the lack thereof.

To me motivation comes down to a few things, and this is how I help coach people on this-

1. You need a specific goal (both short term and longer term)

2. For the most part you need to atleast somewhat like what you’re going to do to accomplish it:)
but not necessarily always

3. The “squeeze” has to be worth the “juice”

4. Surround Yourself With Positive Like Minded People On the Same Mission As you (Support)