Well, that’s got to feel good. Yeah. It’s, you know, two grand a month, five grand a month. My poor, I had partners in that location, so, you know, there was a lot of their, you know, I’d let, I’ll let my investment partners down. I felt like I had, you know, I had to let myself down the staff there. Um, so yeah, so I was paying, I think my part was about 800 something, $900 a month. After a month. Yeah. I’ve thrown in the trash basically. Oh, beautiful. So that’s tough to deal with. I mean, I could’ve focused on that. The fact that we had, you know, failed in both locations there, I was still paying rent to a place. It’s just basically just wasting money. Um, you know, and that I had to go up there and a couple of times I had to like, you’d going back to firing people for amazing Tulsa Personal Training.

I had to fire a guy one time and uh, it was terrible. I had this guy that was a manager and he’s wasn’t doing a good job and super nice guy. Basically. I knew I had to get rid of him and I probably didn’t sleep for a week, just getting prepared for it to go with there. And then, uh, when I did, uh, this guy and I had to tell him, and this guy, literally, he’s a grown man, older than me, he started crying and begging me for his job. Um, you know, it’s tough. I mean, I’m a nice person. So it was challenging, but he wasn’t getting the job done. And um, that’s what it comes down to it. That’s what I had to tell him. So those are stuff that do, you know, that you have to deal with. I mean those are not things that are comfortable.

Um, but anyway, back to, so, you know, really my thing was I focused on what I could control. The locations that I was managing, we still had opened the clients we had and it’s easy to dwell on the negative, um, especially when it comes to finances and money, but you can’t focus on those, you know, where your, where your attention goes, your focus goes. And so you got to focus on what you can’t control. And you know, it’s a learning experience. I say you either, you know, the old cliche, you either win or you learn, you don’t really lose Tulsa Personal Training.

So I learned a lot from those experiences and I, I took that with me. What advice would you give a younger version of yourself if you’d go back in time and mentor a younger Clint Howard at that time when you were on the precipice of opening up those other locations, what are some, what’s some advice or wisdom you would’ve given yourself?

Yeah, for sure. I think number one is having good mentors, having good coaches. Um, and I’ve had some great wounds, but also at one point there I’ve had, I have is getting advice to someone that I was trying to get me to expand quick to quickly, uh, when we were, we weren’t prepared, uh, to expand that fast. So that’s a big thing. Getting around successful people, make sure you’re getting advice from the right people. Um, that’s a big one there. Besides that, I think it’s just learning, like we talked about sales and leadership. Um, really understanding that and also knowing your numbers for great Tulsa Personal Training.

I think a lot of business owners have no idea what their numbers are true, their ROI, um, what, you know, what money’s going in, what’s going out. Just, I think people are afraid to look at their numbers and that’s how you should, that should dictate, dictate all of your moves that you make is based on your numbers. Well, let’s talk about this for a second. You’ve mentioned some terms and I want to make sure that all the listeners don’t, uh, I want to show all the listeners know these terms because I think Jason, if we’re not careful, um, I like the term ROI before working here with Tulsa Personal Training.

Would you have known what that meant? Nope. I would have confused it with the outdoor brand REI [inaudible], which I still don’t even know what you’re talking about Roy. I know who Roy, great friend of mine, he’s a great guy. He’s the one with the bus. [inaudible] amazing. If you look over there, you got that bus. It’s a trees growing through it. It’s amazing. Here’s Confederate flag collection and it’s truly impressive in braces. Here’s a love for the old child. No, he doesn’t wear a shirt often. No, but seriously. So Roy stands for return on investment.

All right. Um, you also mentioned earlier triple net lease. Well, a triple net lease is a lease agreement on a property. Um, where the tenant or lessee, the person who’s renting these these space promises to pay all the expenses of the property, including the real estate taxes, the building insurance and the maintenance needs for top Tulsa Personal Training.

People don’t realize that a lot of times they rent space and they go, Oh, I did not know these other fabulous things were included as a charge. Another fun fact, common area maintenance you mentioned earlier cam, uh, people call it cam. Common area maintenance is where you take the whole cost to maintain the property. Like to landscape the property to maintain the property, to fix the air conditioning unit for the strip center to fix all of the costs associated with maintaining the property for awesome Tulsa Personal Training.

And they are divided by the amount of space that you have pro rata. So as an example, I used to lease space at 5,800 East Skelly and I’m not bitter about it. I’m not, I’m not, not bitter about it. Um, but I am angry about it Jason, because I rented space and I was told that if I rent the space it would be 5,000 a monthish. Then one day I answer my phone, hello, this is clay and this is how the calling we’re going on behalf of the landlord.