And I was hiring people that were my age or older than me and that was new to me. So it was learning really how to manage people, which is a, that’s very, very challenging. Um, so that was the hardest part. You said bigger levels, bigger devils. Yeah, never heard that before. I’m gonna start using, that’s pretty good here with Tulsa Personal Training.

Yeah. So as you grow, obviously, you know, you have to have a team. So leading people, you know, I’m a very nice person. Very, very, you know, I feel like a friendly person. I want to be everybody’s friend, everybody to like me. And so when you start managing people there, it obviously that changes the um, you know, the, the, the dialect as far as how you communicate with people and your employees is they have to respect you. Um, you know, that you want them to like you, but I’ll still not take advantage of you. So I’ve learned a lot of lessons as far as leadership along the way. Jason, can you, for the listeners out there that obviously not everybody out there listening has worked for me or will work for me. Can you explain, um, what my management style is like and just share the good and the bad because you worked with me now for how long have you been working with me about Tulsa Personal Training?

Uh, two and a half. Going on three years. And it’s four 48 in the morning on a Sunday. That’s true. And we’re recording this. Oh yeah. Okay. So talk to the listeners out there about what it’s like to work with me. You have the floor and you can share as long as much as you want. Because most people who start a business, there’s, there’s three struggle zones. All right? Struggle zone number one, marketing and generating leads. That’s struggles, struggles up.

Number one, struggle zone number two is then selling anything. I mean even if you have leads, a lot of people can’t sell anything. And that’s why we have so many people that reach out to us about buying an elephant in the room franchise. And I refuse to open another elephant in the room franchise until I find somebody else out there who is proven to me that they’re not afraid of sales.

Cause I get all these people who are school teachers where you can hide, you know, they’ve worked in a dental office where you can hide their second generation money. You know, where you can hide, who want to buy an elephant in the room franchise. You’ve seen these guys come and shadow and if they can’t sell something, they’re not going to be successful. So there’s these, there’s these three areas that most entrepreneurs struggle with is getting, it’s marketing, generating leads. People struggle with that too, is selling something to anybody ever. Most people are just horrible at sales. And then the third is managing people because in any event that you sell something, you have to deliver on what you sell. True. Talk to listeners out there about what it’s like to be managed and to work with me for these past three, almost four years. I can say that of the many jobs that I’ve had, I haven’t had a manager quite like you that offers Tulsa Personal Training.

And that is a compliment. It’s a compliment because in my previous jobs I didn’t have like there’s, there’s personal growth, right? You know, you set goals you aspire to, to hit those every month, year, quarter, whatever. But nobody that I had that was a supervisor, a manager, founder, owner, whatever the title is, has ever helped with that or given me an example. There’s they say, here are the policies. Follow them. There’s no follow up. They didn’t care. You’re, you’re a very caring person, but you’re also very intense person for all Tulsa Personal Training services.

And where you might, you may say, sorry again. That’s actually another compliment because you’re direct and you operate under, we just recorded a podcast about it yesterday, but it’s do you want to be liked to do and to be successful? So talk to the listeners out there, uh, give, give listeners examples of when I freaked out where you’ve seen me just go nuts when working with us at our Tulsa Personal Training gym.

And by the way, if you’re out there listening, I wake up every day and make it to do list of what I’m going to do today and every day. And so today I’m going to be finishing reading the book called profit first again, because the uh, the host of that show and the author of that book reached out to us to be on the show. I’m going to continue writing, finishing my article about DJ Casper. Oh yeah. Who was the inventor of the cha cha slide.

We just reviewed him yesterday and I got to finish doing that outline because I want to rank number one in the world, but you type in DJ Casper, DJ Casper, or the Cupid or the order or the Casper or the the, the cha-cha slide. I want to be number one, but it requires writing a lot of content. Drew. Then I’ve got to record the intro for the macro meals podcast that uses Tulsa Personal Training.

They do and I’ve got to finish watching the roads church sermon, pastor Chad Everett and auditing that sermon, and that is before noon today. I’m going to get that done today. I also write on my list though, some days, fire that person. Now, can you explain to the listeners moments where you’ve seen mere, maybe it’s weekly moments where you see the intensity? I call it the dragon energy, where it comes out. And by the way, this is why people get stuff done. I would rather be feared than to be loved. This is my worldview and we have people on our team who do love us, a great people. But when have you seen those films freak out moments or when do you see them or give us some examples.