It was perfect. And I listened to that every day. So yesterday I [inaudible] you become what the mind is fed. The mind is what the mind is fed. So if you read the book the magic of thinking big, he talks about this, the mind is what the mind is fed. So I listened to Timberlake yesterday. Explain his story, which basically to summarize his story is it’s whenever a door closes, a window opens. That’s the entertainment business. Whenever you get rejected, just keep going. Kind of sounds like Cutco knives for great Tulsa Personal Training.

Yeah. Um, you know, the summary of Lord Michaels is the preparation that goes into Saturday nights to into every Saturday night live show is what makes the show great, right? But they eventually have to record it every week at the same time live. So he talks about how every week they prep and they prep and they prep, but then they have to do it for Tulsa Personal Training.

And it’s never perfect, but they have to launch it. Yeah. And that’s part of the game. It’s kind of like launching a podcast, does it not? It is. It’s like it’s never going to be perfectly, we want it to be perfect, but we eventually just have to launch it. We could spend our entire day editing, could we not? We could. Now, yesterday I spent a lot of time editing the intro for the Casper slide. You and I did it. And uh, for the, for the, uh, the D, I’m sorry for the, uh, DJ Casper for the [inaudible]. Um, did you like the intro yesterday or did you not like it when I, uh, by the time that I left, I know that you’ve probably tweaked it after that, but I did enjoy it. Let me queue it up real quick. The listeners can hear the intro for this, for the show. Here we go. Let me hit play for Tulsa Personal Training.

1999 [inaudible] was a personal trader. It was called patrol trial squad, who, whose neighbors fluff talk . I feel pretty good about that. But you know what, I eventually we have to launch it cause I can spend all day editing that. I mean, I could never ever, I could spend Clint, you know, when you built Tulsa fitness systems, I mean eventually had to open. I mean, right. I mean eventually, you had to do it. Yeah, some point.

But I mean, couldn’t you have spent all day, I mean you’re, you’re probably never done perfecting it, but couldn’t you have just spent forever just infinitely making different revisions and not ever actually launching it? Yeah. I have a say in ready, fire, aim. So I think most people just hitting, they just think about and think about doing things and they never get around to doing anything. So yeah, at some point you just gotta you gotta make a decision, you’ve got to go. Now a lot of entrepreneurs out there are, you’re a source of wisdom for, for fitness and a lot of other things that offer Tulsa Personal Training.

You’re not just a fitness guy, but I want the listeners to always get practical fitness advice from you too on the show. If the listeners are out there and they say, you know what, I want to get in great shape and Clint just give me, I want to eat the same three things every day for the next month. What if you had to give people, again, we say we had three food weapons and we’re only allowed to eat three things this month. That’s all we could eat all month. Does that sound fair, Jason? It does. Someone says, I just want to know, just give, tell me three things and I’ll eat just the same three things all month. What are the three things the listeners can eat this month if they want to tone up and getting, you know, lose some weight. Yeah, to keep it simple. A protein, produce and water then contact us for Tulsa Personal Training.

Protein. Gimme a protein, protein, chicken breast, chicken breast all month. Okay. Next one. Produce. Uh, any kind of greens. Kale, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, spite chicken, kale. And then what was the next one? Pro water. Water. Water. What will happen if that’s what I do? Well, you’re going to probably lose some weight, probably feel better. Um, you know, Penn, so if you’re working out, you can build some muscle but certainly need to get rid of the sugar. Uh, you’re going to have sleep better Tulsa Personal Training.

There’s, there’s a lot of benefits. Most people are eating just junk all day long. They wonder why they feel like crap they want, they’re gaining weight. Jason, give, uh, feel free to ask any question that you have about fitness because you know, you’re a young guy or an entrepreneur guy and you’re around clients all the time that uh, you know, all of us have different things we struggle with.

Some people struggle with their faith, some people struggle with their family, some people struggle with fitness, friendships, fun. I mean it’s the F six faith, family, finance, fitness, friendship, fun, faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, fun. Some people struggle in one of those F six areas. Yeah. What fitness questions would you have for Clint? Um, I’m going to start off with a thank you to Mr. Clinton. So last week you were talking about, you know, the, the protein produce and water and then coffee being a really good natural stimulant for uses with Tulsa Personal Training.

If you can’t read or pronounce, like what was it? Like the first five words on an energy drink, you probably shouldn’t be drinking it. So I talked to you, I think it was a Tuesday or Wednesday and I was going two days without bangs and I thought, Oh this is going to kill me. But what I found was that whole week I perspired wait lists. I have been sleeping like a baby since I cut out like exogenous sugar and carbs. So, and that was just it. I mean I didn’t make any like crazy like weight loss goals yet, but my sleep schedule is awesome. I feel better.