When you’re thinking Tulsa personal training, we know that you want somebody that’s good core beliefs and values. We are not just about results of all, we are about an entire overhaul of life. In baby steps, we instill into you a system, not a theory. We put a lot of emphasis on this workout system developed which is built on science, not on theory. We truly believe that this should not hurt you, instead, this should bulletproof you. It should soothe your achy joints. Also, exercising should not make you so sorely you’re discouraged about going back. We wanted to feel alive and energized.

We realize that you have a tunnel office for Tulsa personal training, so why do our core values differentiate from others? We incorporate seven steps of optimum human performance into our rock-solid system. Number one, we do a functional movement screen. The second thing we implement is integrated motion. In the third is pillars. Coming in at number four we implement planes of motion, and number five is host to lines of force. Number six and seven are loads and power respectively.

Now, these may seem like a lot of different steps, but we can break it down for you in order to better choose a Tulsa personal training Jim, and also a personal trainer. Our integrated motion piggybacks off of our functional movement screen. The next step in the Tulsa fitness system is to get your body moving and integrated in a unified way. We believe that most personal trainers or personal training facilities do not do. Integrated motion is in your body is functioning properly during, and the most important things that is keeping you safe while increasing your abilities at the same time.

Are pillars we were in six movements to a better body. Six core patterns that we include in this. We have, pull, rotation, locomotion, elevation changes, and a combination of all of these above. From the very beginning, we do not play around, we take your personal health and fitness very seriously, it is our life. We believe a complete training program should cover all of these pillars. Why? Because this is how you live your real life. We believe that whatever movements your regular everyday life involves, should be movements that are included in your workout routine. If your life demands such movements, then why would most fitness programs ignore them and train you otherwise?

We are here to help you figure out each and every small way your body works in order to tou what it wants to achieve. If you are still unsure or have any questions for us whatsoever please call us at 918 – 296 – 7418. We would love to speak with you, we would love for you to just drop in and talk to us. Ask Gerard 21 day kickstart or crossover methodology. Ask us about our equipment or our core value beliefs. Asking your trust, and we can build this thing together! Let’s do this!

Tulsa Personal Training | How Does TFS Solve A Problem?

We believe that there are many Tulsa personal training centers that do not solve one on one or two of your problems? Sure, they made to you out of bed and help you to get motivated, but a lot of these places do not even go deeper than the surface. They do not sit down with you and figure your true needs in your true goals. The event is to our system is we literally try to solve all the problems that are expressed to us, as well as more than that.

We believe outsourced Tulsa personal training is something that nobody should take lightly. We have a lot of experience with physical fitness and personal training that we probably would rather leave out the door and not think about. We have been there, and we are sure that you probably have too. This is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes you must go through the hard and difficult opportunities in order to figure out what is truly the best way to do things. We solve so many problems for you here, and the reason is that we do not give up or quit. We will not quit on you ever, to move forward and to break down walls and to do what needs to be done to improve your health and your life.

Most Tulsa personal training does not improve your life on the many levels that we do. We wake up in the morning, and we think about you and how we can make you better on that particular day, and up for that matter, on the coming weeks, months, and years. There are so many things that we could do for you that other gyms would be upset with, because they take time, extra effort, and more money. The fact of the matter is we have a system, and we will not wait for my system because know what works. We know exactly where you want to be because we will sit down and talk with you and discuss it. We truly believe in helping you to achieve the goals that you have for yourself, not the goals that we have for you in the beginning.

We believe that by changing loads, this is how you become stronger. He will challenge you a plethora of different kinds of loads, including weights, friends, medicine balls, etc. for example, one using both arms and legs in a lift, while in the max you maybe just using one limb.

As stated earlier, please do not hesitate to give us a call at any time. Our number is 918 – 296 – 7418, and we literally cannot wait to hear from you. Any reservations that you may have about calling or contacting us, just know that the sooner you want to make a life change and start forward, then the sooner you should contact us. Do not be afraid and to not think to yourself, how will I be embarrassed or how will I figure out how to move through this for my life? His son to act, let’s get some stuff done!