It was pretty, pretty basic as far as the equipment. And then it was just, uh, you know, more of the, um, boutique style and the one on one intimacy. It’s what we were really providing and just, uh, a different environment. What kind of people set up this gear? I’m looking at this life fitness equipment, you’re buying this, I mean it’s impressive. Who builds these things? Yeah. Yeah. So my first studios, we were part of a franchise. It at the time was getting popular with Tulsa Personal Training.

It was fitness together. Got it. So yeah, that was it. So they helped with a lot of those things. I mean definitely they had like area territory directors that um, helped us as far as getting set up and you know, how to get equipment and purchase equipment. So certainly we had, we had some help and that’s partly when, when I got out of college, um, you’ll get a new exercise science and you know, uh, physiology that uses Tulsa Personal Training.

I didn’t know business. I was studying business on my own. That’s probably why I did go with the franchise cause it helped me a ton. What kind of systems did you get at a fitness together that looking back on it were, were helpful? Yeah. You know, uh, the probably the biggest thing really is they send you off to a, to franchise school for a week and most of that week was spit rope playing was, was doing sales. And I had done a dough, some sales already selling Cutco knives. And so I love, I’d kind of cut my teeth doing that with Tulsa Personal Training.

So, um, you, I, I had some sales experience but just getting, just sitting down and getting grilled for five days roleplaying and getting through all the hiccups of asking for, you know, large, large sums of money for training. A lot of that is just um, you know, she’s getting through fear and stories in your head that how to, how to practice, how to ask it a certainty in your product.

So that was the biggest thing. Certainly they help with marketing and um, setting up, you know, setting up systems and different things like that. As far as pay structure, I’d never had an employee, I was hiring people that were my age older than me, so we had to, I had to learn a lot pretty quick about leadership and payroll and just things like that that people don’t think about when you go into a business.

A lot of people in my industry, they’re trainers and they think, Oh, I know how to train so I’m going to become a business owner. And it’s a, it’s a whole different world. You’ve got to do a lot of stuff. I wanna unpack there. First off you said that, um, if I give getting this right, you believe that your experience working at Cutco knives was a good experience for you with Tulsa Personal Training?

Was it was an, that was a great experience. Uh, it was great. Yeah. I just, um, and there’s people all over the internet who troll Cutco knives and say it’s a horrible experience. I’m going to cue up audio of someone who worked at Cutco knives who didn’t like it. I personally think anytime you can gain sales experience, it’s the best training possible. But there are people that think that working at Cutco knives is a bad thing. And so I’m going to cue up audio of somebody who was talking about how bad it was to work at Cutco knives. And then line by line you can refute, uh, why we disagree with this idea. Okay, we’ll go. We’ll, we’ll debate with somebody. This is a, I’m gonna Cuba’s audio real quick

and hit play here. Um, okay, let me record a lot of videos in this room. Okay. So it seemed oddly fitting to record this video. I’m not sure what’s going on with his background music here, but here we go. Here is a couple weeks ago I started with vector marketing as a Cutco representative. Now this guy does not strike me as the kind of man who could sell anything to anybody, any circumstance. Let me continue and I have to say, Oh that Cutco itself is a fine product. This cut right here, it might be able to see it. I don’t know if it was. Amen. That was from a steak knife that uses Tulsa Personal Training.

Okay. Table knife. Sorry. Get to the business holiday stickler. So what’s he doing with his penalty cut. Coby. Cause I can’t handle a knife. Make your jokes now is a crap ton of leather and rope. The knives themselves that they work. There’s nothing wrong with them. Vector themselves though. Um, okay. So I, I’d like to talk a few about a few things. I don’t want to hear you talking about a few things. I want you to get to them. Get to the business buddy. What does this be? If you’re doing vector marketing as a full time job? Yup. Tell us about it. Leave now you’re your, Oh, he says if you’re doing it as a full time job now Clinton, do you disagree with that strongly? I disagree. I mean I did it for in college, so it wasn’t going to be a career, but it was, it’s a great college job or a great getting started job for sure that we offer Tulsa Personal Training.

Okay, let me get, let me put some more here. We’re not going to make money. Um, this is the binder. I wouldn’t go higher than this Calgary this down. He’s rocking a certain, uh, Hey. It looks like he looks like he’s been in, been sleeping previous to recording this bridge recording and on his own, but he’s filming himself with that early morning. He looks like he just woke up from a terrible angle. I have managed to sell a few things here. Okay. Get to the business buddy. Give us your points. I have managed to sell. He’s got lights, coldness, central sets. I sold an essential set to all my girlfriends parents because they were in desperate need of knives.