Define what you’re going to get done for the day. Don’t just, don’t just drift around. Don’t just drift around. Next action item, do not open up a business unless you are good at selling something. If you’re thinking about owning a business, go get a job working for somebody where you sell something because sales is a problem. Another action item. If you have people, don’t be afraid to flip the tables occasionally. If you need to fire somebody, do it. Don’t do it without Tulsa Personal Training.

Don’t be the only entrepreneur in the history of America. Don’t don’t make it your goal to be the only entrepreneur in the history of America who’s achieved success without firing somebody. You’ve got to fire somebody and I don’t think Jason, would you classify Jesus? Do you think most people classify Jesus as a meanie? He’s a meanie at Jesus. He’s a mean. The main man.

I wouldn’t say that they classify him as a meanie, but he flipped tables. He’s a table flipper. Sometimes you have to, he’s a flip. He’s a table clipper. He’s a flipping table flipper. That’s what he was. He was a table flip. If Jesus can get buck at some point. So can you, Oh wow. You that on a shirt. That’s impressive. And Clint, we have time for one more tip. What was one more tip you want to give our listeners out there? Maybe one more piece of advice, something that you’ve, if you could give all the listeners a tip, what would that tip be? Uh, one of my principles is just so called commitment alters everything. Stay committed and clarity is power. Really knowing what your long vision is. Um, so just as not getting, she’s not about the money. Uh, we have another quote that I say a lot, it’s called happiness is a true measure of wealth with Tulsa Personal Training.

And so just knowing what you want in life, a vision. And for me that’s, that’s not just business, it’s family. It’s my, it’s my wife, my kids, and just stay in true, stay committed to that, that vision that you’re in. You’re really your true. Why your purpose in life. Um, where do people get that wrong? I think people just, they chased it wrong things. They, they go after a quick fix or they don’t like you talked earlier, I mean as far as saying no to things, people are afraid to say no to certain things. You haven’t, you haven’t some standards that you live by. You don’t have the same values and know what’s important to you and just balancing out everything, balancing out family, balancing out work. It’s, it’s hard to do, but you’d have to really figure that part out the Tulsa Personal Training.

And if I’m out there listening today and I live in the Tulsa area and I want to sign up for your program, talk to me about it. How much does it cost? How much does it cost to get started? Where are you located? Just give us a little bit of, just for the listeners out there who do live in Tulsa, who would like to sign up, can do that. Yeah. So it’s Tulsa fitness systems. So someone can go to our website and get a lot more information. It’s just Tulsa fitness Uh, we’re a County North of jinx back behind Tulsa Hills and we have a no brainer offer right now. It’s a great deal. We’re doing this 2121 days for $49 and that includes an assessment, a consultation, really for us to sitting down and talking to people where they’re at right now, what their goals are in developing a specific plan to help them with great Tulsa Personal Training.

Okay, so if you’re out there again, how much is the first, how much is the first month? So 21 days for $49 and is there a, what’s the website you’d recommend all the listeners would go to to learn more? Yeah, it’s just Tulsa fitness Tulsa fitness there you have it folks. That’s Clint Howard. He has a, a Tulsa guru, a fitness expert. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from and hopefully you learn something valuable today. And Jason, we’d like to end each and every show with the boom. Are you psychologically prepared? Time’s so freaking ready. Are you metaphysically prepared in with a boat? I’m exoterically. Are you spiritually ready to end with a boat? Absolutely.

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