I’m wondering how he has a girlfriend or he has a worry how he sold anything to anybody they bought. He said knives now make this very clear, make this very fancy, are not for chefs. They’re not for people who work in professional kitchen settings. These knives are for people that cook and like to cook and live at home. You’re this guy. The Jones’ really keeping you thinking of other chances. These knives are not for ships. People who like to cook that have thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to spend, you know on their career with Tulsa Personal Training.

These knives are not for red seal chefs. These knives are for people that like this guy does any point. It did get to a point. I don’t think I’m going to come in. Let’s get further and see if he has any points at all. Let me program the following are the steps in calculating the minimum incentive payout for Tulsa Personal Training.

So one you put in your pay rate per appointment in case my case, $20 and 25 cents. You then put in your number of appointments. Mine was five. I then would put in the times that, and you get 101. I know a lot of super, super broke insurance salespeople who do it for like three months and then quit. I know a ton of real estate agents. I bet you if you’re listening right now and you know our real estate agent, 95% of the people you know who are quote unquote full time real estate agents aren’t selling anything, right? We, cause we know there are certain people, Clint, that just, they get their certifications and fitness and they don’t actually have clients that want Tulsa Personal Training.

They get the real estate license and they don’t actually sell real estate. They become a Cutco salesperson. There are certain people that are never successful no matter what certifications they have. So Clint, um, uh, on behalf of the people out there who, uh, want to know what valuable things you learned at Cutco knives, uh, tell us what specific things did you learn from Cutco knives that was helpful for your career?

I mean, a lot of it was just how to build rapport with people, how to communicate that. That’s a big thing. They really taught us how when you walk into someone’s home, cause we were going to in houses, you know, people’s homes and selling them was how to just, um, look around, find things that you can make calm, you know, you can make comments about pictures on the wall, things like that. But actually just showing a genuine concern about the people and having a conversation if you’re about to ask them for a lot of money. Um, we had, you know, a presentation, but we actually wanted to build rapport and get to know these people, found out what their needs are. Uh, so that was a lot of it. And so then besides that, really just learning how to handle rejection. So yeah, that’s a big one with Tulsa Personal Training.

So, I mean, even though we were calling warm leads, you know, we’d start people you knew and then you’d get referrals from them. Um, you know, I, I had people hang up on me all the time. Would, you know, just just cuss you on the phone, calling them and hang up. I love it. Um, I would show up at people’s homes and they would not answer the door after I had scheduled appointments. Um, I would go into people’s houses and after we had an appointment, they’d be just, Oh, they’re on the phone.

I had one guy one time in Oklahoma city, a business guy that I came in his home and, um, he was out there, a business call and Lilly, his wife was there and, and uh, I was waiting and he was on a call, think he was just slow play me. And he was on the phone for Rob, wait for 45 minutes, just on a week, not, I was in college sitting there.

And uh, his wife felt terrible. She said, I’m so sorry you had this call. And yeah, I sit there, missed it before smartphones. So I’m just sitting there twiddling my thumbs for 45 minutes. Uh, finally I, I left, he was still on the phone. And just things like that that, um, sounds a lot like selling anything. Yeah, for sure. I mean, so most people would probably quit, you know, the first time that happened. Cause it is, it’s tough. I mean, we would roleplay in the office and our managers would just hang up on, Hey, that sucks, you know, do it again. And, and um, you know, just really got to practice, practice, practice. He’d get better and then you get comfortable. Um, in a lot of it is knowing your product. And I didn’t know anything about knobs really. So we did a lot of training to learn the why it was good with Tulsa Personal Training.

So I did believe in the product. Uh, but then besides that, it’s really just learning how to communicate with people and um, realize just, Hey, it’s, it’s, it’s tough out there. Jason, you’ve learned how to sell memberships. The elephant in the room. Yeah. Uh, what was the hardest part about learning how to sell memberships? The elephant in the room? Well, it’s like Clint said is you go in new to it because that was actually my first to it. Yes. Well that’s going nude. That did not help my cause. This isn’t, this is a family friendly show with Tulsa Personal Training.

St nude in EEW. Oh yes you are. You are green. You don’t have any experience. It was actually my first sales job and where I fell flat was for the same reason. This guy with his glasses who hates vector and everybody else because vector was massive. When I was in high school vector, my buddy a shout out to Ernesto was the one of the greatest Cutco salesman I have ever seen because all of these kids came in thinking, okay, we’re going to be given this massively expensive product and people are just going to buy it from us.