Even if somebody else is paying, I do not like it. Would you find it hard to, to own a restaurant or a food truck? Um, no. No, I don’t think I would because to me it’s a business exists to make money. So I would, I would, it wouldn’t be hard for me. I just, me personally, I’m just saying I do not enjoy going out to dinner and I don’t appreciate fine dining. But unlike this homey here, I am not using that as a reason for why I can’t sell haircuts. Right. Or personal coaching or marketing services or whatever. But Clint, you could, if you’re not careful, say yeah, I’m charging too much at Tulsa fitness systems and you know, it’s not cheap enough. And why do people think that way Clint about Tulsa Personal Training?

Yeah. Just like you were saying, I think, you know, we’re not our customer and realize there’s a market for everything. I mean, you look at the higher end people that have money and they will, they will spend money on things that they value it. It all comes to value. There’s a market for Rolex and Lamborghini and whatever, whatever product it is, just like a, you know, a steak or even Tulsa Personal Training.

Uh, like you were saying with food, um, it just, you know, it depends. I mean, you have to go up to this certain con, tell your, your avatar, your market, but also understand, Hey, I’ve got to provide a great value, but dollars follow value and people value different things differently. What’s a book that you’d recommend for everybody to read about sales? If you had to recommend a book, two books, a few books.

What is a book that you’d recommend about sales? You know, honestly, like this isn’t really sales, but one of the first books I read, going back to earlier, we were talking about building rapport is a, how to win friends and influence people. Um, just again, that’s just how to really just communicate with people and actually, you know, get along and build rapport and show value. But then as far as sales, uh, I’ve read a lot of sales books that offer Tulsa Personal Training .

Um, I think Chet Chet Holmes ultimate sales machine was great book. Jason put notes on that, on the show notes so listeners can go out there and just click a link and buy that book. The ultimate sales machine by Chet Holmes. Um, you just mentioned, uh, how to win friends and influence people. What other books would you recommend their syrup as it relates to sales? Let’s see. Trying to think. Um, other books. I’ve read a lot of, Oh, there’s a guy named Jeffrey Gitomer, a little, little red book of sales. He was on the first case, got a lot of books on sales. I read a lot of his books when I was first getting started. Let me keep this audio real quick. This is a Warren buffet.

Warren buffet, the famous investor. He said that the book that changed his life is the Dale Carnegie course. Let me cue up the audio here real quick. You guys can hear this. This is, this is powerful and we can make it up here. Persuasion. That’s the next remarkable skill of mr buffet handling people. My mom says when he was in his twenties he was reasonably socially, this is Warren Buffett’s son, Peter talking about a Warren buffet here. This is what I’m getting. Warren Buffett’s son, Peter talking about Warren reasonably socially hit out that uses Tulsa Personal Training.

I mean like in large crowds. He’d much rather not be there and you know, he just would rather be reading and working on us stuff. So Buffett learned how to deal with people from self help guru Dale Carnegie. I was terrified of public speaking when I was at Warren buffet talking high school and college I, I couldn’t do it. I made throw up and everything. So I took this Dale Carnegie course and as soon as I finished, I was 20 years old, I went off to university of Omaha and I said, I want to start teaching cause I wanted to get up in front of people and make sure I didn’t lapse back.

Carnegie promised anyone could win friends and influence people if they did things like giving people aspirations to live up to instead of nagging them and using their first name all the time. I actually had the diploma in the office and I don’t have my diploma from college that I could use for Tulsa Personal Training. I don’t have my diploma from graduate school, but I got my Dale Carnegie diploma there because it changed my life. Okay.

So that right there, it turns out to be a book that people should read. Now, uh, Clint, you had a lot of success there. You had a lot of success. Um, a lot of people don’t have a lot of success. We got mr Cutco knives here going on a rant talking about how vector marketing is not a good thing on Napoleon Hill who couldn’t be here today because he is a dead wrote. He said, opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon. Anyone who will accept them. If you are influenced by opinions, when you reach decisions, you will not succeed in any undertaking that offers Tulsa Personal Training.

Now, Clinton, 96% of businesses fail within the first 10 years according to inc magazine. I would also hammer home. I agree with that according to my own anecdotal experience, having met people who run companies into the ground. So talk to me about the, the, the challenges that you had. What were some of your biggest obstacles over the years as you’ve grown your fitness empire into Tulsa fitness systems? Yeah, for sure. There’s always going to be obstacles. What are the biggest things for me? You’ll starting young. Uh, like we talked about, once you get past sales and learn how to sale, the next step is you grow, you know, they say I’m bigger, higher levels, bigger, bigger levels, bigger devils a was actually hiring people you’ll have, it’s a big thing.