Oh, and base pay will be washed out if you’re, uh, if you are, um, the commission you earn is higher than your base pay. So if you’re getting paid $17 per appointment or whatever, it’s like, and you weren’t, you, someone buys you something so low that it’s like 21 or you only like 21 bucks. That’s your pay. Okay. That’s your commission. That’s your pay. Right? Because you didn’t sell anything without Tulsa Personal Training.

It goes, starts with 10% after a thousand I was like 1520 you know, depending on whatever that range is, I think only made it to like 20% or something. You know, you mean they don’t just pay him just to show up. Interesting. They don’t just pay a guy just for being on the planet. Let’s continue

and, and here’s the thing about Cutco knives. Oh, here’s the thing. Much as you know, they’re really good knives. They are, and I’m going to quote mr dink from dog. Very expensive. Okay. They’re very overpriced. I mean, you know, they try, when your presentation, they try to have you compare Coke Kokoda like Henkels or Coke Koto Woostoff or whatever, you know, and you know, you can’t buy Cutco in a store. You order it online, you know, you can send it back, you could send it back for free, sharpening and so on. And so, you know, that’s pretty good. You know, at least you know, you’re set for life when it comes to, you know, if you’re nice get dollar or whatever. Okay, that’s neat. But the fact is the knives are overpriced. You know, they try to get into Tulsa Personal Training.

now Colin, how good is someone going to be at sales if they fundamentally believe that their product is overpriced? How good is somebody going to be at sales? A not very good. That’s the first part is you have to believe in your product. So let’s talk about this. You’re, you’re a personal trainer. You’re, your company trains group fitness, personal training, and uh, give us an example. Uh, not necessarily the person’s name, but just give us an example of somebody that you’ve helped over the years that you helped lose a ton of weight and get in great shape. Just give me, give us, give us a story, an example of somebody that you’ve helped to get in great shape throughout the years. Yeah, so we, we’ve helped hundreds. So that’s, that’s the biggest thing is we get people that a lot of times they come to us that have tried other things.

They got it, they’ve worked at other places, they’ve done yoyo diet and they’ve tried to go to a gym workout on their own. And so you’ve got to provide something that gets results, obviously, but you’ve helped people lose weight. Oh yes. How much weight? Let’s see. We’ve had several clients lose over a hundred pounds and a, you do a great job. And my wife actually was on a jury duty at the other day and she’s sitting there with a member of the the fitness Tulsa fitness systems and that person was going, yeah, you know Vanessa, I work out there too when Need Tulsa Personal Training.

And Vanessa says, well why do you work out there, this true story? She says, well it’s cause they have like a plan. There’s actually a plan. Jason, this Justin, there’s actually a plan. How dare you? She says there’s a plan. Now, the other place I used to work out, there’s a lot of hype with us and great Tulsa Personal Training.

There’s a lot of people yelling at you asking you if you, if you’d like to win all day, that kind of thing. Do you, do you want to be successful all day? Let me hear it. If you want to wait, you know, there’s a lot of that. There’s a lot of people were in really small shirts. There’s a lot of that, a lot of winning, a lot of uh, small shirting a lot of people asking a lot of hype, but there’s no written down plan. There’s not actually like a plan.

So you get there Jason and you could go the way. Jason, have you showed up to workout someplace in a group fitness class. What would be some of your tips, some of your keys where you would know that the person who’s leading the workout doesn’t have a plan? How would you know Jason as a layperson who’s not a fitness expert with the best Tulsa Personal Training?

How would you know if the person training you does not have a plan? Well, I actually went to, um, back when I was working out like a machine at TCC. They had a really good gym at their, uh, downtown, I think it’s the Metro campus, but they had a, like an aggressive spin class. And I thought I’ve never done that. I’m trying to up my cardio game. So I went and I could tell the instructor had no idea what he was doing. Cause it’s like, all right, what I want you to do is I want you to turn it up to max resistance and you’re going to get out of the saddle or whatever he was calling is, if you’re going to do this and you’re going to switch it up. And he didn’t have any linear plan and as we were doing it, we realized everybody’s getting hurt, we’re getting tired and not a good way with Tulsa Personal Training .

None of it makes any sense whatsoever. Yeah, I remember, I mean again, my wife is sitting next to a lady doing the jury duty thing and she’s going, it’s awesome and Vanessa, because you guys are building the property out there and jinx when you get moot, when you move, you should sign up. And Vanessa is the more she’s hearing about it this, this went on for about 30 minutes. She’s like, well I already worked. We already work in Jenks. I should probably just sign up. So I think my wife’s going to become a new member soon paying customers, but because she didn’t care for it.