Yeah. So one bad Apple could, it could be like a cancer, like you said. I mean that can feed people feed off of that. And so it just, it kind of spills on to everything else other, other employees will take notice of that. Clients would take notice. You’ve got to lead by example. Like I said, if our businesses, it’s energy, it’s enthusiasm, it’s having fun. Uh, it’s, you know, connecting and having relationships. Yeah. So for sure. Yeah. The biggest thing for us is we have sit down and we have conversations about Tulsa Personal Training.

Then we fix it really quick. You got to fix it though. Nope. But Jason, again, if we let it drift, what happens? It’s, um, it goes back to the garden metaphor. If you’re not pruning, taking those weeds out, those weeds spread and then they take over every single thing. Clinton, have you ever had ever had a moment in growing your businesses where you had to shut down a gym or the gym didn’t do well without Tulsa Personal Training?

I mean, if you ever had any, I mean you’ve had some success obviously, but if you ever had any moments where things did not go well, yes, I have for sure. So definitely it’s not all you owning a business or being an entrepreneur, it’s not all roses and like some people think everything’s great. So, yeah, for us, when I first started kind of going back a bit, I had one studio that was doing well and I’m out the gate since like, Oh, I got this figured out. You got it.

I was getting advice from, from some people that were pushing me to open up more locations and um, I, I wasn’t managing my numbers very well and really, obviously it’s new to new to the, you know, owning a business. And so we, what we did is I was in Norman in a, actually what it partners and opened up two studios in Arkansas, like Bentonville in Northwest Arkansas for all your Tulsa Personal Training needs.

Bentonville. By the way, if you’re out there today and you’re listening to this show in Arkansas, um, I know, I know there are stereotypes, stereotypes, stereotypes about your state and in large part are founded. Um, I’m just, I’m me and serious. Bentonville is a nice area. If you’ve ever been to Arkansas, Bentonville is a very nice area, but in those amazing, Rogers is very nice. If anybody out there just do a Google search right now for pinnacle drive and Arkansas or look at the embassy suites in Bettonville, Arkansas, the Rogers area. It’s nice. It’s nice. Now there are other, there are other parts of Bentonville that you worry about it or there are a lot of Confederate flags out there. We worry about that. There’s a lot of people that, uh, have collected an old bus. Jason, you’ve seen this before. I’ve seen it. They have route that to somehow, it’s like, well, I’ll tell you what Leroy, what, what are you doing with that?

I’ll bus. Well, I’ll tell you what, why don’t we put it in front of my house. I’m leaving for a decade and she would happen. Actually, I’m like a good idea. Are you going to do something with that refrigerator too, or what were you doing with that? I’m going to put that in front of my house too and let it grow where, I’ll tell you why. Why don’t we put a fridge and a Bush in front of our house and she wore hemorrhage after a decade. And you’ll see, you’ll drive by places in Arkansas where there are buses and refrigerators with trees growing out of them. Oh yeah Tulsa Personal Training is here to make you great choices today.

I mean that’s, they did require some serious neglect to get to a place where a tree is growing through a bus. It takes for a tree to grow. It’s unbelievable. Would you think we should trim it? Maybe we should cut back the trees starting to grow through the bus now. Just ready to go. Just cut it. I mean, there’s a certain, but you know, Arkansas nice areas in Arkansas. And what, what happened Clint? Ultimately what ended up happening, happening with those locations.

Yeah, long story short. So we had two locations there and then I was moving in the process moving to Tulsa and growing at Tulsa, opened up locations in Tulsa. So I basically, I was at one point within about a year and a half, I was owner or part owner of five different locations, which is almost unheard of. Um, and then it all back. It all kind of backfired and really just when it went off the rails, we, uh, the two locations in Arkansas, we ended up shutting both of them down. One of them we had some success and we just couldn’t keep good employees and get manager. One of them really never got going. And so, uh, yeah, it was tough. I was driving you over to Bentonville back and forth. Um, every week I was going back and forth. We moved to Tulsa and that was going back to Norman with amazing Tulsa Personal Training.

And so I was spread out. I really, I realized if I was in a location and running it, we were having success, but to manage people from afar, uh, is very challenging. Finding good people. And, uh, like you said, doing the marketing, doing lead generation, and then managing people. So it was tough. I mean, we, I had one location, Arkansas, we, we ended up shutting it down after probably about a year and our landlord wouldn’t, we were locked into a five year lease, so the landlord would not let us out of our lease for Tulsa Personal Training.

It at this time, Bentonville had overdeveloped, so they were strip centers and there was retail space everywhere. Then the economy kind of shifted. So there were two spaces available. So it was just a tough time as far as the economy going on. So basically, um, every four or almost four years, every month I was paying rent to, uh, to a space that was just sitting there.